Ziziphus xylopyrus WILLD medicinal uses, benefits and images

Ziziphus xylopyrus WILLD or Red Creeper plant is an evergreen shrub is thorny and grows to a height of 4 meters. The branches are tomentose rusty and have prickles in pairs. Here, we will talk about Ziziphus xylopyrus medicinal uses.

Ziziphus xylopyrus WILLD medicinal uses, benefits and images

Leaves are aromatic, green, alternate and entire with the glabrous surface. The base is symmetrical, obliquely rounded with an obtuse apex. They are 2-7 cm long with pinnate venation and serrulate margin.

The flowers are yellowish white, 4-6 cm in size with five stamens 10-60 lobed and 5 petals 1.5-2.0 mm long. The fruit is globular 1.2-1.8 cm in diameter with a hard pericarp.

Common name

The common names are kakor, gote, and ghont. In English, we call it the Red Creeper.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name of this plant is Ziziphus xylopyrus. It belongs to the Rhamnaceae family.

Geological places where Ziziphus xylopyrus plant grows

It grows in the north-western parts of India. You also find it in some places in South India, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. You also find it in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.

Ziziphus xylopyrus medicinal uses and benefits

Ziziphus xylopyrus is a medicinal plant used for curing diseases since the old times. It helps cure a range of disorders including those of the skin and intestine. The medicinal properties come from the chemicals such as Naphthoquinones, Anthraquinones, B-sitosterol, lupeol, and friedelin.

Treatment of diseases of skin

Kakor is skin loving, and so you can apply it to the skin and get beautiful skin. It helps preserve the skin health and removes pigmentation. Apply the paste to the skin before your bath to get the best effect.

Helps relieve diarrhea

It is stomachic and helps to settle the stomach. If you have diarrhea, take the tea prepared from the dried leaves of the ghont plant.

Red Creeper fruit flowers

Cures insomnia

Ziziphus xylopyrus has soporific effect in that it eases the tensions and puts one to sleep. So, if you suffer from insomnia, take a glass of the gote decoction, and you will soon have a wonderful sleep. Find home remedies for insomnia cure.

Has aphrodisiac property

Ziziphus xylopyrus has the ability to stir the sexual desires. It increases the blood flow to the genitals and improves the mood. This heightens the desires and stimulates the sexual appetite. Take a glass of the preparation of the gote plant to get better action in bed.

Good for digestive disorders

When you have unusual activity in your belly, it is time to take some gote decoction. It improves the movement of the food in the gastrointestinal tract and increases the appetite. So, you can use it to cure all kinds of disorders of the digestive system. Take a decoction of the dried leaves of ghont before each meal to get the best effect.

Helps fight obesity

The Ziziphus xylopyrus is one of the best options if you want to lose weight. It will help metabolize the fats and increase the speed of movement of food in the gut. This will stop the body from absorbing too much of sugar. Take the juice of gote daily to get good results.

Helps people suffering from diabetes

When the blood sugar levels rise high, it leads to complications. You can solve this by having the tea made with the dried leaves of the Red Creeper plant as it has a glycaemic effect. But, be careful if you take sugar control pills already.

Good cure for snakebite

People use the paste of the Ziziphus xylopyrus to counter the action of the poison of a snake bite. Prepare the paste of the leaves and bark of the gote plant and apply it at the place where the snake bit. Also, have some tea made with the leaves of the gote plant. This is a good antidote for the snake venom.

Treat urinary disorders

For people suffering from disorders of the bladder, the preparation of gote helps much. It will strengthen the bladder and improve the functioning. Moreover, it flushes the toxins, so you have a healthy bladder. People with urinary incontinence will benefit from having the preparation of the gote plant.

Diseases occurring due to vitiation of blood

Many people suffer from the ailments that come with the vitiation of the blood. The vitiation of the blood happens when you do not pay attention to the diet. The doshas will take over, and you will develop complications of the liver and kidney. Eat simple food and remove the doshas by having the tea prepared from the parts of the Red Creeper plant.

Medical properties of the Red Creeper plant

You see the following medicinal properties in the Ziziphus xylopyrus plant:

  • Antimicrobial action: The herb shows an effective action against the microbes. So, it proves useful as a hand-wash and mouthwash agent. Mix some of the powder of the Ziziphus xylopyrus tree in water and use this to gargle your mouth. Use the powder of the gote plant on the superficial cuts and bruises to get protection against infection.
  • Use to treat bronchial asthma: By drinking the decoction of the Red Creeper plant, you can remove the phlegm accumulated in the chest and nasal passage. Drink the tea prepared from the powder of the Ziziphus xylopyrus tree to clear all the blockages. Find home remedies for bronchial asthma.
  • Has a wonderful anti-inflammatory property: The paste of the Red Creeper plant will reduce inflammations in the tissues of the bone joints. This helps reduce the pain also. Apply the paste in the evenings and let it sit for half an hour. This will help reduce the swelling and give good sleep.
  • Useful antinociceptive nature: One of the properties of the Ziziphus xylopyrus plant is in reducing sensitivity to painful stimuli. So, if you have any injury, you can apply the paste made by mixing the powder of the bark of the ghont plant with water on the site where you experience pain. Leave this paste on for half-an-hour to get good relief.
  • Provides cure for jaundice: The Ziziphus xylopyrus has the ability to remove the toxins from the body. It enhances the health of the liver and improves the metabolic activity. People suffering from jaundice should have the decoction made using the powder of the gote plant to get relief immediately.
  • Helps control spasms: The plant extract helps prevent the onset of spasms. This anticonvulsant nature of the Ziziphus xylopyrus helps reduce the severity of epileptic fits and any other convulsions.



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