Ziziphus vulgaris LAM health benefits, uses and images (Ber)

Ziziphus vulgaris LAM is a small deciduous tree grows to a height of 5-12 meters. It has thorny branches. The leaves are shiny, ovate, petiolate, alternate, acute, 2-7 cm long, 1-3 cm broad, and have three conspicuous veins.

The margin is finely toothed. The flowers are axillary cyme with five yellow-green petals and are 5 mm in size. The fruit is an oval drupe 1.5-3 cm, green when immature and turning to deep purple-black when ripe. When ripe, it wrinkles and looks like a small date.

Ziziphus vulgaris LAM health benefits, uses and images

Common name

The common names include Ber or desert apple. Other names include Indian plum, Indian jujube, Chinese date, Korean date, and red date.

Botanical name or family of ber plant

The botanical name is Ziziphus vulgaris LAM. It belongs to the Rhamnaceae family.

Geological places where Ziziphus vulgaris plant grows   

It is native to India, and you find it distributed throughout northern India. This plant is found in Lebanon, south-eastern Europe, southern and central China. It also grows in Antigua and Barbuda of the Caribbean Islands.

Indian jujube fruit flowers

Ziziphus vulgaris health benefits

Ber is a medicinal plant. All parts of the plant – root, seed, bark, and leaves- find their use in preparing medicines. People have used them since olden times for treating various ailments.

  • Plenty of nutrition: Ber fruit is rich in vitamin C and so helps fight many diseases. Vitamin C helps keep the gums, muscles, skin, bones, and teeth healthy. They also have vitamin A, vitamin B complex, and minerals. They are rich sources of iron, phosphorus, and calcium. The leaves contain crude protein, ascorbic acid, and carotenoids.
  • Stomachic: It is useful for treating indigestion and excessive bile. Mix the pulp of the fruit with salt and chilli and take orally.
  • Cooling: Ziziphus vulgaris produces a cooling effect on the body. So, you can have it during the summer months to have relief from the heat.
  • Healing nature: You can apply the pulp of the fruit on cuts and bruises to promote fast healing.
  • Eye disease: People with eye affliction can use the fruit for curing it. You can also use the paste of the leaves as they will also give a good effect.
  • Pain relieving: For pain in the muscles and joints, applying the paste of the leaves will improve the physical condition. It removes the pain and helps promote well-being.
  • Helps improve weight gain: If you want to gain weight fast, you must have the Ber fruit often. It helps you gain weight immediately.
  • Astringent: The Ziziphus vulgaris has astringent property meaning you can use it for diarrhea, haemorrhages, peptic ulcers, and sore throat natural treatment. It causes dryness in the body tissues which helps to cure the ailment.
  • Vomiting: You can relieve vomiting sensation by the use of the Ber fruit. It has a sour taste that helps you counteract the vomiting sensation.
  • Styptic: The Ziziphus vulgaris helps to stem blood flow by promoting coagulation.
  • Hair care: For beautiful hair, use the preparation of the Ziziphus vulgaris leaves, bark, or fruit on the scalp. Do this twice a week, and you will have a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. This is because Ber augments hair growth.
  • Good for the skin: If you have deformities in the skin such as acne or blackheads you can use the preparation made from the Ber plant to get rid of acne. It is easy to use and effective in keeping your skin blemish free.
  • Help diabetics: Since the Ber plant has blood sugar lowering property you can use it for controlling your diabetes problem.
  • Add muscular strength: The Ber increases the production of muscles in the body. So, if you are on an exercise regime, use the Ber fruit to add to the muscular strength.
  • Laxative: It shows mild laxative action. If you suffer from any constipation problem, you can use the Ziziphus vulgaris to get an immediate cure for constipation.
  • Expectorant: You use the paste of the bark for this purpose. You fry it in ghee and eat it with rock salt. You could also have one glass of tea made with the dried leaves of the Ber plant.
  • Improve stamina: It is an immune-stimulant that augments the physical stamina. Have Ber fruit morning and night, and you will soon have better stamina.
  • Cause sweating: The Ziziphus vulgaris fruit will make you sweat a lot. This opens up your pores and makes your skin healthy. It cools the body so you should have Ber during the summer months.
  • Antipyretic property: You can use the Ziziphus vulgaris to get relief from a fever. This is due to the antipyretic nature of Ziziphus vulgaris.
  • Cure for diarrhoea: The astringent property of Ber helps you get relief from diarrhea. Eat some Ber fruits to cure your diarrhoea fast.
  • Useful for treating swellings: Good for treating rheumatism, you crush the fruit and apply it to the joints of the hands and legs to get relief from pain and swelling due to gout or rheumatism.
  • Diuretic: Ber fruit is a diuretic. We call diuretics as water pills because we pass urine more and this increases our electrolyte excretion. This is useful for a variety of ailments such as oedema, fluid retention, high blood pressure, kidney stones, liver diseases, glaucoma, lymphatic swelling, and more.
  • Treats anorexia: Anorexia is a type of eating disorder where the person does not like to eat food. The most common cause is the person is trying to lose weight, but sometimes it becomes a fixation. You can use Ber fruit to cure the person of anorexia.
  • Good for curing excessive thirst: For getting relief from excessive thirst, you can use the Ber fruit.
  • Removes blood impurities: Use the pulp of the dried fruit for removing the impurities in the blood.
  • Relieve burning sensation: Again, you use the dried fruit for this. It helps combat the inflammation that causes the burning pain.
  • Sedative: Ber has a sedative action so that you fall asleep when you have many fruits. This helps the person relax so you should have the fruit before you go to bed.
  • Expectorant: The fruit shows expectorant action so you can remove the phlegm from the chest and throat with ease.
  • Emmenagogue: It stimulates the blood flow in the pelvic region. So, it finds a use for women who have poor menses.



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