Ziziphus trinervia ROXB health benefits, uses and details

Ziziphus trinervia or Indian jujube is a small, deciduous tree having thorny branches. It grows 5-12 meters in height. It has shiny, green, ovate-acute leaves 2-7 cm long and 1-3 cm wide. The base of the leaf has three conspicuous veins and teeth on the margins. Flowers are small 5 mm in size and yellow-green in color. The edible fruit is a drupe 1.5-3 cm in size.

Ziziphus trinervia ROXB health benefits, uses and details

Common names

The common name is Badari, ilandhai, Ber, Ghonta, and Badar. In English, we call it Indian jujube.

Botanical name and family of Indian jujube plant

The botanical name is Ziziphus trinervia ROXB. It belongs to Rhamnaceae family.  Other names are Ziziphus mauritiana Lamk.

Geological places where Ziziphus trinervia grows

It grows wild in Bulgaria and the eastern Caribbean. It grows in the cooler regions of Asia. In India, you find it in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Assam.

Indian jujube fruit flowers

Ziziphus trinervia ROXB health benefits

All parts of the Ziziphus trinervia plant find use in medicinal therapy. This is due to the presence of saponins, phenolic compounds, and tannins. Ziziphus trinervia health benefits are:

  • Antidiabetic activity: Ziziphus trinervia has the nature of reducing the level of blood sugar. So, it is a favourite with diabetics who find it convenient to eat the fruit and reduce their blood sugar level.
  • Purgative nature: It stimulated bowel movement and so it helps people with the gas problem. If you have excess gas, take the decoction of the Indian jujube. Do this daily until the problem passes.
  • Treatment for gonorrhoea: Apply the paste of the seeds and leaves on the genital region of the person suffering from gonorrhoea. This gives much relief to the person.
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of a fever: The leaves of the Ziziphustrinervia have antipyretic property.
  • Helps treat indigestion: Being a stomachic, it helps improve the condition of the stomach. It makes the bowel movements regular and improves the appetite. You will begin to feel hungry when you have Ziziphus trinervia often.
  • Antioxidant activity: The significant antioxidant activity helps the body stop infections. The liver health improves, and this gives much health benefit.
  • Treat wounds: We macerate the leaves and make juice to help get relief for ulcers. This juice helps wounds heal faster.
  • Cure peptic ulcers: Ulcers form when you destroy the lining of the stomach. Ziziphus trinerviare stores the lining and improves the condition of the stomach.
  • Treatment for epilepsy: Indian jujube helps control spasms. When you have the preparation of the root and bark daily, you gain more control over your spasms.
  • Arrest gum disease: If you chew on the leaves of the Ziziphus trinervia, you will get a cure for gum diseases and prevent its occurrence.
  • Use as a sedative: The seeds of the Ziziphus trinervia find use as a sedative. Have the decoction of the leaves and powdered seeds before you go to bed. You will have a sound sleep.
  • Cure for infectious diseases: You can treat infectious diseases such as leprosy and scrofula. Use the preparation of the seeds to affect the cure.
  • Treatment for lumbago: To get relief for lumbago, they make the paste of the root of Ziziphus trinervia and applied to the back.
  • Prevent conjunctivitis: People use the juice of the leaves to cure or prevent conjunctivitis. They drop some juice into their eyes.
  • Get the cure for liver toxicity: Scientists studied the effect of alcohol on the liver. It showed that the extract from the leaves could prevent the toxicity in the liver caused by alcohol.
  • Promote menstruation: Many women suffer from painful periods or experience difficult periods. They will get good relief by having Ziziphus trinervia leaf juice.
  • Astringent nature: The leaves of the plant find a use for promoting removal of moisture from body tissues.
  • Treatment for liver complaint: Every part of the plant helps flush the toxins from the body. This improves the condition of the liver and makes the person healthy.
  • Good for constipation: You can make a drink with the paste of the roots to promote good bowel movement.
  • Used as a tonic: Indian jujube promotes good health. It makes you stronger by making your internal system work well.
  • Invigorating: It stimulates the person by improving the energy content in the body. When you have the juice of the Badari plant, you become energetic. All the tiredness in the body disappears.
  • Relief from diarrhoea: This is due to the astringent nature of the Ziziphus trinervia. Drink a glass of the tea made from the leaves of the Ziziphus trinervia to get immediate relief from diarrhea.
  • Anthelmintic nature: The Indian jujube plant has the property of removing worms. Have the paste of the Badari roots with your lunch. It will stun the worms and remove them from your body.
  • Cure for gastrointestinal disorder: You can use all parts of the Ziziphustrinervia plant – roots, leaves, bark, seeds, and fruit. You get relief from all kinds of gastrointestinal disorders due to the stomachic property of the plant.
  • Soporific effect: If you need relief from pain or stress, you can use the Badari seed preparation to get relief. This is because it induces sleep and relieves the tensions in mind.
  • Treatment for mouth ulcers: The astringent nature of the various parts of the Ziziphustrinervia helps one to cure ulcers in the mouth.
  • Pectoral relief: If you have problems related to the chest, you must have the Indian jujube decoction daily. This will relieve the problem immediately.
  • Styptic: The Badari will help stem the flow of blood from the blood vessels and improve the time of coagulation. This helps solve internal bleeding problems.
  • Depurative: The herb shows remarkable depurative properties. You can use it to detoxify your system and become healthier.
  • Diaphoretic property: You can induce sweating by giving the person a tea made with the dried leaves of the Indian jujube plant.
  • Promote tissue regeneration: The Badari promotes tissue regeneration. You can use this property to help improve the healing process, especially after surgery.
  • Relief from pain during pregnancy: They crush the seed and give the extract to women during their pregnancy. This gives good relief from pain.
  • Remove scars: We burn the seeds to ashes and mix it with coconut oil. You can apply this to the wound scars to help remove them.


Ziziphus trinervia ROXB health benefits are countless. You can use Indian jujube fruit, seeds and root to treat lot of health issues. Consult with an ayurvedic doctor for maximum benefits.



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