Best yogic exercises for development of life force

Jeevan Tatva Sadhana is a combination of nine practices. These exercises are very easy and all can learn them within a day or two. These have been found most effective in keeping the body in perfect health. All the joint are exercised and the glands are rejuvenated. It improves digestion. In short it develops the life force in the body.

Best yogic exercises for development of life force

Sarvottan (Stretching the body)

Lie down flat on your back on the carpet. Keep the heels and big toes of both the feet close together.  Interlock the fingers of hands and put them on your belly. Now inhaling, raise the arms straight above your head so that the hands touch the ground. Stretch pointing the feet forward and arms away form the body and tighten all the muscles of your body. Now inhaling, bring the interlocked hands back on the belly and relax for few seconds. Repeat this exercise three times. Relax in Shavasana for fifteen seconds.


For Shavasana remain lying on your back. Put your arms side-wise to your body, keeping them little away from your body with palms upwards. Drop the feet side-wise with the big toes pointing in the outward direction, keeping the heels a few inches apart from each other. Similarly rotate left shoulder bone. The rotation will be like right and left pedals of cycle move. When right shoulder bone goes upwards the left shoulder bone will be downward and when right is forward the left will be backward. Rotate 35 times. Now rotate shoulders in reverse position for 35 times. Lie down in Shavasana.

Benefits : This practice removes congestion in chest and shoulders. It has very good effect on liver, spleen, and eyes. Thyroid and Para-thyroid glands are rejuvenated.

Pag chalan (Moving the feet)

  1. Lie down on your back.
  2. Keep the arms by the sides.
  3. Place the palms on the ground.
  4. Lift your right leg and place it on the left leg so as the heel of the right foot touches the ankle of the left foot. Now turn the left foot both sides so that the big toe of the left foot touches the ground on right side and small toe of the left foot touches the ground on the left side. Turn 35 times each side.
  5. Repeat the above exercise by putting left leg on the right leg.
  6. Lie down in Shavasana for 15 seconds.

pag challan
Benefits : All kinds of the troubles of legs, knees and feet are removed. The functioning of the intestines is regulated.

Nabhi chalan (Rolling of the navel)

  1. Still lying on your back, place the palm of both hands on the ground by the side of your body.
  2. Press the heels and toes of the feet together.
  3. Roll your belly on left and right side in such a way that your head remains un-turned.
  4. Roll for 55 times on both the sides.
  5. Again relax your body in Shavasana for 15 seconds.

nabhi chalan
Benefits : This practice kindles Vrik Agni ( fire of appetite) and removes indigestion and gas troubles.

Antar Chalan (Expansion of thighs)

  1. Still lying on your back lift right foot and place the heel on your left thigh above the knee. Keep the right leg in this position upward.
  2. Lower the right knee so that the right knee touches the ground on right side.
  3. Rejoin for 7 to 8 seconds.
  4. Lift up the right knee. Repeat three times.
  5. Now do the same exercise on the left side for three times.
  6. Relax the body in Shavasana for 15 seconds.

antar chalan
Benefits : It removes constipation. Liver, spleen and intestines get proper exercise.

Bal machalan (child’s Exercise)

This is a natural exercise of a child. Every child while lying flat moves his leg and arms forward and backward.

bal machalan

  1. Remove the idea of relaxation from your mind and be alert.
  2. Move your right and left legs and arms like a child who is persisting for a particular object from his mother. When right let and arm go forward, the left leg and arm will come backward. Do not move your head to left and right but keep it straight. Forget your age and feel yourself a healthy child. While moving the legs and arms laugh like a child. Do this exercise for half minute.
  3. Stop and lie in Shavasana.

Nari Chalan (Exercise For The Nerves)

  1. Remove the idea of relaxation from your mind and be alert.
  2. Open your legs apart in front as far as possible with bending the knees. Bending a little forward, stretch your arms straight in front and move the left arm on left side as far as possible and touch the toe of the left foot with the fingers of right hand. Now reverse and touch the toe of the right foot with the fingers of left hand. Continue the movement 35 times each side.
  3. Stop and lie down in Shavasana, for 2 minutes.

nari challan
Benefits : With the twisting of the spine, the nerves are rejuvenated. All kinds of nervous troubles disappear with this practice.

Prakshchalan (Jerking Arms and Legs)

  1. Stand up and bring left hand on your chest on left side. Now with a jerk take the arms to left side so as it remains parallel to the chest. Do the same kind of jerking with the right arm on right side. Similarly, kick forward with the left and right leg three times.
  2. Lie down in Shavasana for 30 seconds.
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