Yoga poses to gain strength and improve digestion


Method: Stand erect alongside of a table. Place both the hands firmly on top of the table. Fold your both elbows in such a way that the elbows touch and remain firmly (touched) near navel.

Now, Exert whole weight on your hands, by lifting your body at 180 Degree and try to stay in this position for 40-50 seconds. Increasing the duration gradually of alternatively, spread some blanket or still better lie flat on ground.

Firmly affix your hands on ground, your elbows remaining affixed on either side of navel. Now lift your body and put entire weight of body on the hands.

Stay in that position for 40 seconds, gradually increasing the duration, depending on your capacity. After staying in that position, very slowly regain the original position and relax.

mayurasana (peacock-pose)

Mayurasana Benefits

Increases digestion and appetite. Intestines gain strength, constipation and indigestion are dispelled. Liver and kidney disorders get relieved. Above all, if anyone have taken poison and its effects.

It is well known that the snake is eaten by the peacock and its name justifies its utility, as it helps to strengthen the body, pregnant ladies must not do this asana.

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Note:  Maximum benefits from the said and other asanas can be derived only when performed properly without exceeding your physical capacity, keeping in view your state of health.

To derive optimum benefits, to cure a particular disease or disorder, precision and correctness with which an asana is performed and whether all the relevant procedures have been complied with, are the factors which can ensure utility of an asana.

To start with, proper guidance, or how, what and where of each asana intended to be performed should be guided by a yoga teacher and his guidance sought, if and when some problem is encountered.

Never exert undue strain on your body because all asanas cannot be performed by all persons and also all asanas are not required to be done by all.

Books on yoga, however precise and meticulous they may be, will only give you’re an initial motivation in the form of a launching pad only. Without a guru, knowledge gained remains half-baked, hence do not forget what you are expected to do and what not.


Method: Sit in Padmasana (that is by keeping left foot on the right thigh and right foot on the left thigh). Inhale breath and raise both the hands towards the sky, keeping all the fingers apart stretching both arms without bending either of them.

Stay in the said position as per your capacity and convenience, but do not overdo. Before you get suffocated, gradually bring down both the arms and place on both the knees and relax, but without binding your back.

Keep spinal column erect at 90 Degree. The process can be repeated a number of times. In normal conditions ladies can also perform this asana, but never during pregnancy.


Parvatasana Benefits

This asana imparts flexibility to the spine, strengthens arms, expands chest, and adds to strength of arms and fingers. Improve flexibility of shoulder blades. It improves upon asthmatic condition and tones up uterus.


While performing this asana, body assumes shape and form of a plane flying in the sky; here its nomeclation as such.

Method: Lie flat on the floor, while your abdomen touches the ground. Keep both the feet touching each other. First inhale and then raise your head, neck, hands, chest and feet above the ground, keeping all these organs tight and straight; only your abdomen touching the ground.

When you feel you cannot retain the inhaled breath. Relax and loosen your limbs. After sometime, it can be repeated 3-4 times or even more, if capacity permits. Even while maintaining normal breath, this asana can also be performed. Pregnant women must never perform this asana.

yanasana (the flying plane shape)

Yanasana Benefits

This asana helps to strengthen bones of arms, hands, shoulders and legs and also imparts flexibility to the spine. If performed regularly, it can add to inches also.

It removes extra fat, improves digestion, removes almost all uterine disorders, and keeps the body supple. This asana is not suitable for pregnant ladies.

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Method: Stand erect and keep the feet apart at a distance of 6” to lift. Now gradually bring down the hands and try to touch the ground in front of your toes. While doing so, exert no pressure nor strain unduly.

If initially you cannot touch the ground. It is advisable to bend only to the extent possible. As your back and spine become supple, process will look much easier.

Do not bend knees and elbows, keeping your neck straight at 180 degree while your eyes are affixed looking at the ground or at your hands.

forward bending asana

Forward Bending Asana Benefits

This asana elongates legs and arms, makes spine flexible and supple, improves eyesight, strengthens bones and muscles of legs and hands, and does away with trembling.

Persons with backache, hip-joint disease and pregnant ladies must not perform this asana. It also strengths heart, improves cardiac output and efficiency. Improve respiration.

Note : As a general rule any forward bending asana or any physical exercise should never be performed by persons having stiff back, backache and lumbar/spinal spondylisis/curvature. Backward bending asana/exercise may be performed if advised by the concerned experts.

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Method: Sit in Padmasana and thereafter lie down on your back. Catch hold of big toe of feet with hands and rise up your back portion in a gradual manner.

In this position your backside of head and knees should continue to touch the ground. Retain breath as long you can and stay in the final position and exhale while returning to the previous state.


Matsyasana Benefits

It strengthens chest and lungs, removes extra fat from hips, strengthens legs and hands, dispels asthma, and removes constipation. In normal health conditions ladies can perform this asana, but not during pregnancy.


Method: Sit on the floor and spread both legs in front of you and hold each of your big toes with both the hands, but do not let your knees bend.

In order to catch the toes you have to bend the back. Initially it may seem slightly difficult to do so, due to rigidity of muscles and limbs; hence do not exert but gradually posture.

In 4-5 sitting your body will get attuned to the final posture. Persons with back pain and stiff and muscles, pregnant ladies should not perform this asana unless and until advised by a doctor or yoga expert.


Paschimottanasana Benefits

It strengthens legs, arms and renders the spine flexible and supple, improve digestion, removes fat on and around abdomen, constipation fortifies and rejuvenates energy and nervous system, lengthens leg bones , purifies blood, improves liver, cardiac and respiratory processes, removes fat from hips and sideways.

Note: Those who get adept on this asana may try to touch their knees with the nose but in the changed position also knees shouldn’t be bent.

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