Yoga asanas & exercises for beginners – Method & Benefits


Method: Sit on the floor, keeping the legs stretched forward. Fold the left leg at the knee and sit on the left foot with the help of hands, fold the right leg and place the right thigh on the left thigh. Bring heels of both the feet together so that they touch each other which can be done by lifting your buttocks a bit.

Now bend your right arm from the ear (right side) and bring the hand on the back side of your end. Fold the left hand behind your back and try to form a hook in which both the hands are clasped.

Care should be taken not to over exert your limbs. Gradually your will get to the desired position as your limbs attain flexibility.

Keep yourself in the position for about 30 seconds. Thereafter, give yourself some pause and reverse the position of hands and legs.

If a lady wishes to develop her breast on a particular side, she should perform this asana more with the hands of that side (on which she wishes to develop her breast).

gomukhasana (the cow face posture)
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Gomukhasana Benefits

This asana is equally beneficial for both the males and females, as it strengthens the muscle of shoulder, chest/breast and makes legs stronger. Muscles of relevant organs are also rendered elastic.

After completing the asana, whether on either or both sides, never strain your limbs. Initially, you may find it convenient to perform the asana on one side only, but regular practice will remove all the hesitancy and stiffness, thus making way for you to do the asana on the other side too.

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Method: On a hard surface, lie flat on your back. Later, raise the middle portion of your body upwards, fixing and keeping firmly both the feet and hands on the ground thus making a semi-circle, ensuring that your head eyes on something that lies in front of you.

chakrasana (the circle pose)
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Chakrasana Benefits

It enhance strength of head, throat, neck, abdomen, legs, hands and, in short, all parts of your body, eliminates pains in joints. It also removes extra fat from the abdominal area, activates digestive system, renders spinal column elastic and supple, imparts glow and agility to the body, normalizes posture and stance, and the body stays erect even during the advanced age.

Pregnant ladies should not practice this asana as it can adversely affect their pregnancy process, even leading to miscarriage and bleeding.

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This asana can be done 3 or more times in a day at the rate of 30 seconds per asana or more.

Method: Squat on the floor.  Keep the arms between your heels and legs, heels being raised on toes. Now, place both the palms flat on the ground (in front), while keeping arms in line and shoulders stretched out as much as possible.

Thereafter, raise your body on the toes and endeavor to put pressure on your already spread hands. Remain in this position from 30 seconds to 1 minute and then retrace to the original position and finally relax.

kagasana (the crow pose)
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Kagasana Benefits

This posture helps to diminish the unwanted arches on the spine by helping it to elongate, it strengthens muscles of arms and shoulders, helps to activates hormonal secretions.

Old, emaciated and pregnant ladies should resist from doing this asana. Those who have pains in arms, hands and fingers should also abstain, as weak limbs may not be able to withstand weight of the body. This asana should be practiced, like many others, on empty stomach only.


Method: Sit in the position of Padamasana. Insert the hands between the opening of thighs and calves. Now push down the hands and plant then firmly on the floor, keeping your fingers fully spread.

Now, after that, push the legs and thighs up your arms. In doing so, your hands turn full so that you could exert desired and sustainable force in lifting the body up.

Keep your torso in and upright position, as far as possible. Remain in the final position, as far as possible. Remain in the final position for a minute or so.

kukkutasana (the cock pose)
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Kukkutasana Benefits

Your chest and shoulder muscles become firm due to pressure on them. It also develops and hardens breast-line of females who have small breasts, provided they practice this posture for quite some time.

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Method: Stand erect, bringing forward one foot to a distance of 3 feet from the other. Clench fists of both the hands and raise them. Now, go on jumping alternatively on both the feet, changing the pressure on each foot alternatively.

Keep your lips to each other and breathe through nose only. When you are tired, take pause until you regain strength to resume the asana. Loosen your limbs and relax.

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Mahavirasana Benefits

It increases height, sheds extra weight from the waist, body is rendered stronger, chest expands, and legs, arms and feet gain strength. It increases sexual power, especially of man, restores normalchy to menstrual cycle.

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