10 unexpected whey protein side effects you may face

The use of whey protein in bodybuilding is very common and it is also quite reasonable. In the beginning we can fulfill our needs with natural protein, but as we make muscle gains, our need increases. In this case, soya, egg or whey protein helps, but there are advantages and disadvantages of using them. Today we are telling you about whey protein side effects on human body if you overdose it.

10 dangerous whey protein side effects on kidney, stomach and body

With this information, you will be able to decide whether to use this product or not and if so, how much and how much time to do.Now everybody wants to make their body so they can look handsome and fit. The good body is not only a symbol of your health, but also the good piece of body helps you to look different from others.

It is not possible to get good muscles without whey protein diet because our muscles are made from proteins and muscles are badly cut and break at the time of exercise. Therefore it is important that you eat protein rich food so that your muscles can be repaired and developed.

To get enough proteins, protein supplements are must. When it comes to protein supplements, whey protein is at the top of the list and for this reason it is considered the best in the world of body building.

Although this protein is being made very long ago, its popularity has increased in the world of muscle building in recent years and today it has become a known protein brand in the world of athletes, sports and modeling.

It does not just make muscles but it also reduces obesity i.e. also helps in weight loss. Not only this, it also increases your immune system. Here we will know about the whey protein side effects. But before that, know what whey protein is and how many types are there.

What is whey protein? How is it made?

When the cheese is made from milk then the milk separates into the solid part and the liquid part. Solid part is the cheese and the liquid portion is called the whey. This whey contains high quantity and quality of protein. Protein is separated from this whey and it is dried and protein powder is made.

Whey protein types

The best whey protein are of 3 types. One is whey protein isolate (WPI) and second is whey protein concentrate (WPC) and third is whey protein hydrolysate. The whey protein isolate is better than WPC.

Because the quantity and quality of the protein are quite good and this isolate is very expensive. The whey protein isolate contains 90 to 98 percent proteins; the same concentrate contains 70 to 85 percent protein. Whey protein hydrolysate is pre-digested, allowing your body to absorb it faster.

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10 Common side effects of whey protein

The use of excessive powder overdose and for a longer time may cause many side effects such as:

1. Kidney stone can be a problem

Although there is still debate on whether the use of proteins makes the Kidney stone, but if anyone has the problem of stones, then it can increase due to this. Often, it is advisable that if it is being used then the water can be drunk or else it can be stone.

To avoid this situation, you need fiber in your diet and you should drink water according to your needs. If you are not exercising anymore, then protein powder should not be needed.

Even if you are exercising, you should not be completely dependent on it. It is also important to take a carb in a reasonable quantity with protein powder.

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2. Gout can be formed

Whey Protein can make Gout in the body. It is not that just because of this, Gout will be formed on the body, but if there is such a medical condition in your family then you too be careful. If you use more powder than you need, then you can make thick lumps or lumps anywhere in the body.

3. Increasing the acid in the blood; Ketones

This is also a side effect due to the use of protein. This is the condition when the ketone increases in the blood. If you take such a diet in which the whey protein is high and the carbohydrate is reduced, then the body fat is used to convert the protein into energy.

This is one of the most common whey protein side effects. Such diets are usually taken in Fat Loss or Cutting Period. But if the level of fat is too low in the body then the ketone increases in the blood.

It can be said in common language that acid is high in blood. More proteins mean more amino acids.

4. Wheezing in breath

Many people are reacted with protein powder, especially when they have lactose intolerance. Such people may feel difficulty to breathe because of this and wheezing in their breaths is possible. If such a thing is with you then immediately contact the doctor. However, this problem goes away after shutting down the usage.

5. Swelling on the throat, face and lips

Because of whey protein in diet, you can face swelling in neck, face, lips. This happens because of allergic reaction. In many cases, there is no pain in it, but it does bother. If this is the case then first turn it off and then talk to the doctor.

6. Nausea

This is the most common side effect of whey protein. In some cases, people also vomit. Its use gets spoiled and feels like mitlery. The best way to avoid is to stop using it. If you cannot stop it then at least reduce its quantity.

7. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is also one of whey protein side effects. Those who have weakened their stomach, their stomach are going to use it and many times go too much. Such condition becomes more common with milk.

Those people who have problems with milk, they have the potential to have diarrhea with protein powder, because if they are formed then it is also from the milk.

If your stomach is weak then it would be better if you use egg proteins. Or if you have to use the protein, do not mix it directly with milk. Add bananas, oats, and cashews and so on and make a thick shake.

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8. Digestive problems

If you take 40 grams of protein from any food like milk or eggs, then just think how much you will have to eat. But you can get so much protein in just one scoop of whey protein. Now think of how much more concentrated food it is. As we mentioned, liver has to put a lot of emphasis to digest this kind of food.

In such a case, using this for a long time makes your liver weak. Those who have problems with milk products, their condition gets worse. Therefore it is always said that after a two-month use, a gap of some days should be given. So that the liver can get a little rest. This is one of the most common whey protein side effects.

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9. Fat may increase

Whey Protein is filled with nutrition. It has enough calories in its small quantity. If your diet is fine with it then weight gain starts to happen. The people who have less weight are different, but not everyone wants to increase the weight.

Secondly, if your training is not good then instead of becoming muscles, fat starts to increase. There are more chances of having this happen with older people. Their metabolism decreases and the fat increases in the body due to whey proteins.

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10. Osteoporosis

This problem arises due to taking too much protein. This is especially when you use it for a long time. Minerals balance is broken by taking the protein in a very high quantity for a long time. Because of this, the mineral present in the bones decreases in density. Bones weakening means the invitation to osteoporosis


We have given you information about the 10 side effects of whey protein although this is not very common. Generally, people do not have any special problems with the use of this whey protein.

People with lactose intolerance or those who have increased uric acid should avoid having whey protein powder. Keep in mind that eating more protein than needed will not help because your body will use the same protein as it needs.



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