What is sepsis: causes, symptoms and how to treat it naturally?

What is sepsis?

What is sepsis is a question in every mind. Blood poisoning that occurs due to disease or infection is sepsis. It is also known as septicemia. This has the potential to become life-threatening in an instant.

Chemicals get released into the bloodstream to fight the infection, and this causes an inflammation reaction. When this goes out of control, it threatens the life of the individual.

What is sepsis: causes, symptoms and how to treat it naturally?

As per the statistics, about 40% of the sepsis patients do not survive. It can impair blood flow and damage organs. It means that the infected blood might begin to clot inside very narrow blood vessels.

This will prevent the oxygen flow to vital organs like the heart or the brain. This results in a heart attack or a stroke.

Causes of sepsis

Any bacterial infection can lead to sepsis. This infection might attack the bone, brain, lungs, kidneys, or abdomen. At times, these infections might arise due to infections of the surgical wounds.

  • Severe burn or bruise wound left untreated.
  • Low immunity such as in children and elderly people.
  • Any other bacterial infection due to diseases.

Symptoms of sepsis

  1. Decreased urine output.
  2. Heartbeat remains elevated.
  3. Pain in the abdomen.
  4. Rapid change in body temperature.
  5. Respiratory rate increases.

Natural remedies for sepsis treatment

You need treatment at once when one has sepsis since it may prove fatal if left untreated. Most patients need hospitalization with many of them needing ICU treatment.

Usual treatment involves giving the patient intravenous antibiotics feed. If the exact cause is not verified, they will give broad-spectrum antibiotics. If they detect an exact bacterium, then they will choose a specific antibiotic. But, you have many home treatments that prove as effective for treating sepsis.

Mung bean for sepsis treatment

The technical name for mung bean is Vigna radiate. This helps cure the sepsis condition fast. This bean is native to India and also has the name green gram.

It helps eradicate the poison in the blood, and this stops the blood from clotting. It thus reduces the danger due to sepsis. You can find the people use the green gram as a sweet dish and a side dish with rice gruel.

Regular use of the mung bean helps protect the user from the poison due to infection. It brings down the chemicals released by the blood to fight the infection. Thereby, it keeps the swelling under control. You can have mung bean after boiling it with some salt.

Natural remedies for sepsis treatment

Vitamin C

In research done on mice, they found that injecting them with heavy doses of vitamin C improved their survival rates. The vitamin C fights the oxidative stresses and stops the blood from clotting in the blood vessels leading to the vital organs. This helps the organs to survive.

Drink fresh orange juice twice a day. Include many citrus fruits in your daily diet, and you will get relief from the symptoms.

But, that does not mean you must ignore the prescription your doctor gave you. That is important, the citrus fruits help enhance the effect.

Garlic and honey

Garlic is one of the mainstays of Ayurvedic medicine. It is because of the allicin in the garlic. Garlic has great anti-inflammatory properties. It fights infections, which is good for people with sepsis.

Another good thing about garlic is it makes the immune system of the person stronger. Honey also does the same, and so the combined action will bring down the sepsis fast.

Mix two to three cloves of crushed garlic with two teaspoons full of honey. Mix it well and have it twice a day for best results. To increase the healing effect, have it early in the morning on an empty stomach.


The active substance in turmeric is Curcumin. It is very useful for fighting infections and has good antimicrobial properties. The turmeric increases the protein levels in the blood that fight the infection and poison. The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric also helps. It also reduces the swelling and redness that happens due to sepsis.

It is simple to have the turmeric because all you need is a glass of water. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric in it and drink it twice a day. It will bring down and fight the sepsis well. For better effectiveness, use fresh turmeric root and grind it by hand.

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Lobelia and slippery elm

Both the herbs have good sepsis fighting properties, and so you can use them on external wounds. Using these herbs helps heal the bacterial infection of the wounds.

Shred the herbs and make a paste with water. Apply this paste to the cuts or wounds. Tie it with a bandage. Change the bandage daily and use clean bandage every time. Do this until the wound heals.

Keep a good supply of these herbs so you can use them as needed. It is better if it is in your garden, but you can ask your neighbor to give it to you if they have it in theirs.Sepsis is a life-threatening condition, go to the ICU and stay there until your condition becomes better.


Potato shows a wonderful protective action against sepsis. If the skin shows inflammation and bruises apply potato slices on these parts. You may also apply potato juice with small cotton balls.

Potato helps to bring down the infection and prevents further clotting action within the blood vessels. This is important since more clotting will shut down the blood vessels and the person will die.

Mix some potato juice with honey and have it twice a day before your meals. This will help you augment the protective action given by the medication that the doctor prescribed for you.

Keep the potato ready always and use it when you feel any of the signs such fatigue or pain in the abdomen. Do not use a potato slice for more than 15 minutes. Change the peel for another one.

Never try to do self-medication when you have sepsis. Use home remedies only to supplement what the doctor advises you to do. Prevention of infections is the best way to prevent sepsis. Practice cleanliness by washing your hands often, clean the scrapes and cuts, and bathe often.


We hope that you have got answer for what is sepsis, its causes, symptoms and how to treat it naturally. Follow these remedies and live a healthy life.



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