Home remedies for vertigo and dizziness

If we talk in medical terms, Vertigo is a particular type of faintness.


One can chew on a piece of ginger root or simply drink ginger tea. Ginger capsules and candies can also be useful for getting relief from symptoms of dizziness.

Coriander seeds

Soak single tablespoon of coriander seeds and single tablespoon of Indian gooseberry powder at night. Rinse it in the morning and drink it immediately.

Watermelon seeds and almonds

Make a paste of soaked eight almonds, eight watermelon seeds, two tablespoons of wheat grain and one tablespoon of poppy seeds (Khaskhas) and consume with milk in morning.

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home remedies for vertigo

Vertigo is rather a particular sign, unrelated to heights, which has diverse medical causes. It is thus a set apart from presyncope.