How to do Vrikshasana (yoga tree pose), benefits and images

How to do Vrikshasana (yoga tree pose)

You have to stand up on one leg for practicing Vrikshasana. In case you have difficulty in standing on one leg, take the support of a wall or a pillar. Then do the following steps:

Stand up on the left leg and fold back the right leg at the knee. Bring the right foot on the thigh of the left leg so that the outer part of the heel and sole rest on the left leg. This will twist the right foot a little and press its side against the left thigh. Do not press the thigh with the heel itself but with its side. When the side of the heel has been firmly pressed against the left thigh, make the left leg and the whole body tight and straight.

Then raise both hands sideways towards the head. When the hands are stretched above the head, join the palms and the fingers together. Then bring the palms on the head so that the wrists rest on the head.

How to do Vrikshasana (yoga tree pose), benefits and images

When the palms have been jointly put on the head, you have to do several things at this stage. Try to give a backward pull on the folded elbows in order to bring them in one line. But do not exert too much. Look straight forward at the level of your eyes. Tighten the leg you are standing on. Now there is tightness all over the body. You are breathing normally, stay in that position you six to eight seconds. You are in Vriksha asana, as shown in fig.

After holding in that asana for the desired periods, loosen the pressure on the palms and stretch out the arms in order to bring them back tightly to their respective sides. When the hands are in position, grab the toes of the folded leg. Left it slightly upwards and then drop it on the floor. You are now back in the position of readiness. Rest for two normal breaths.

After resting for a few seconds, repeat the Vrikshasana a few more times alternating with leg position.
For example, in the second round you have to stand up on the right leg and fold the left leg. Then follow the various steps done in the first round for completing this tree pose.


Make four rounds daily during the first week. During the second week and afterwards make six rounds daily. Keep alternating the leg while making further rounds. Do not practice it more than six rounds in a single day.


Vriksh Asana (Tree Pose) activates all the joints of the body. All the major joints of the body are affected by this single asana. It tones up the muscles of the ankles, toes, knees, hip joints, shoulder joints, elbows, hands and fingers. As a result of this activation and conditioning of the joint muscles, blood circulation becomes normal in the joints and they regain strength.

For the general practitioners Vrikshasana has good conditioning and strengthening effect upon their bodily joints and bones. It brings flexibility in the legs and hands and enhances the measurement of the chest. It is an easy asana and hence every practitioner of Yoga can do it.

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