Trikonasana Yoga – Steps, Health Benefits and images

Trikonasana: Stand up on the floor. Keep the legs at about two and a half feet distance from one another. Look in front. Let the hands hang loosely on the sides. Make the legs firm and tight. This is starting of this yoga pose.


  1. Inhale slowly and at the same time raise both the hands up to the level of the shoulders on their respective sides. Keep the hands tight while raising up. This will bring both the hands in one line. The palms should be facing downwards. By the time hands have come up in one line, inhaling should be completed. Stay there for two seconds.
  2.  Then start exhaling and simultaneously lower the left hand to touch the left foot and raise the right hand up towards the sky. By the time you have touched the foot you shall complete exhaling. When exhaling is over hold the breath. While going down bend forward, not side ways.  Keep looking at the toes you are going to touch. Try to touch the toes of the left foot. After touching the toes, turn your head right and raise it towards the toes, turn your head right and raise it towards the sky. Now try to see the palm of the right hand. Keep looking at the right palm for about two seconds. Do not bend your legs at the knees. Keep the legs quite tight.
  3. After looking at the right palm for a few seconds bring the upper hand tightly in front and then look at the floor beneath that palm during this stage. Your left hand remains on the toes of the left foot and your right hand is fully stretched out in front of you. Your body is bent right in front. Legs are quite tight. The right arm is closer to the right temple. You are still holding the breath and your posture is as shown in fig.
  4. Then move the right hand about forty-five degrees to the right side while keeping the arm and the hand quite stretched. At this stage the fingers of the right hand are together and the palm about one foot above the ground. Look at the ground where the fingers of the right hand are pointing as shown in fig. Stay in this position for two seconds. Keep holding the breath.
  5. Now bring the right hand on the right leg and start inhaling and standing up, your hands are dragged lightly on the legs till your are back in the standing position. After returning to the position of readiness your hands are again on the sides. You have completed one round of Trikonasana. Now rest for two normal breaths.

After resting for about five seconds repeat the asana by following the same process. In the second round you have to touch the right foot and raise the left hand towards the sky. Make further rounds alternately.

Trikonasana Yoga - Steps, Health Benefits and images


Make four alternate rounds daily during the first week. During the second week and afterwards make six rounds daily. Never make more than eight rounds in a single day.


Trikonasana has medicinal value for curing the pain or any disorder of the neck and the shoulder joints. People suffering from stiffness in the neck will find this asana very effective in correcting that disorder.

This asana has good effect upon the spine, the hip joints, the hands and the palms. All the major joints above the waist area are properly activated and their  muscles are duly toned up by this asana. The arthritis patients are advised to practice Santulan Asana first and then the Trikonasana. By doing them one after the other all the major and minor joints of the body are fully activated and their functioning is normalized.

For the general practitioners, Trikonasana has several benefits. It develops the visionary power of the eyes; brings flexibility to the spine; and provides the quality of mental attentiveness. It is easy asana and hence recommended to all practitioners of yoga.

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