Top 9 superfoods to improve digestion/digestive system function

Digestion/Digestive system: Figures and statistics say that IBS or irritable bowel syndrome can be spotted as one of the most common health issues on both the sides of the equator. From a sound sleep to a whole day’s work- proper digestion plays a key role in all of it.

Though stress comes to the forefront at times, yet easy to digest food habits definitely aid in dealing with it. Switching to a whole new oil-free diet is not always the feasible option.

Instead, we recommend a few inclusions to your daily diet, which can prove to be highly beneficial for a proper digestion and a healthy gut.

Top 9 superfoods to improve digestion/digestive system function

Top Superfoods for Improving Digestion

Here we list down a handful of superfoods, which improve digestion owing to their rich nutrient reserves.

Red Cabbage

Though green cabbage is a more common sight in kitchens, yet the red variety is counted as a richer reserve of nutrients. This veggie owes its rich red colour to higher concentrations of anthocyanins. It owes it nutritional value to the rich contents of antioxidant polyphenols, isothiocyanates, glutamine (an amino acid).

You may little know that this red leafy veggie piled up on your platters contains high concentrations of beneficial nutrients like glucosinolate and a lot of fiber. The isothiocyanates obtained by enzymatic activities on glucosinolates regulate the bacterial growth on stomach linings.

Low calorie and high fiber content make red cabbage a healer for your digestive tract and prevents irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, leaky gut. You get the best of results when it is consumed as juice or steamed.

Red Cabbage to improve digestion

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel often used in skin treatments generally to get rid of suntan is a rich reserve of the essential amino acids. The gel is enriched with vitamins A, C, B12, E, folic acid, and choline.

Consumption of Aloe Vera lets you do away with constipation by increasing the content of water in the intestine, stimulating secretion of mucus, and enzymes that aid in the faster breakdown of food particles.

aloe vera to improve digestion

A glass of Aloe Vera juice a day soothes the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, it acts as an anti-inflammatory for the digestive tract. Damage to the intestinal tract hints the risk of toxins entering the bloodstream. Aloe Vera gel heals the lining of the intestinal tract and prevents syndrome of leaky gut.

This plant acts as a prebiotic, thus promotes the growth of good bacteria or probiotics. The last but not the least mention goes to the antiviral and antibacterial properties of this plant. Thus, consumption of a glass of Aloe Vera juice a day aids in discarding toxins from the body.


This superfood has a soft and creamy texture and leaves behind its flavor. Apart from its yummy taste and flavor, yogurt is enriched with probiotics that lead to a healthy gastrointestinal tract thus improving digestive system.

Probiotics, the good bacteria, present in the lining of intestine play a significant role in digestion. Recommended consumption includes two units, eight ounces each a day. This also reduces constipation.

Chia Seeds

This little munch-on have proven to be a rich source of dietary fiber. Chia seeds add the essential omega-3, omega-6, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your diet as well.

Easy to serve, these can be consumed as raw and also as soaked. You can use it for garnish in other dishes and chew it raw, but soaked chia seeds make the nutrients available for assimilation and digestion.

Coming to the impact of these seeds on your digestive health, we must mention the high fiber content of Chia. Due to the high addition of fiber, it regulates bowel.

Also, the soluble fiber forms a gelatine-like coating in the stomach and aids in the growth of good gut bacteria, probiotics. As they have a high content of fiber, one serving of 11 ounces of Chia seeds absolutely does it for you.

chia seeds to improve digestion


Kefir, generally made from raw products, feeds our digestive tract with several vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. For those, who are lactose intolerant, though it improves the digestion of lactose, yet you can opt for coconut milk, coconut water and sweetened water for making Kefir.

Being a probiotic and enriched with protein, it aids in the growth of symbiotic bacteria in the linings of the intestine. It has useful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that protect the gastrointestinal tract from diseases.

This protein probiotic provides few good bacteria, due to the presence of which the intestinal inflammatory response is regulated. This relieves the inflammation due to colitis as well.

kefir to improve digestion


Another name in the list of superfoods for digestion is ‘Dates.’ Being an inevitable ingredient of fruit salads and many desserts, Dates also act as a laxative agent.

It enhances the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract and aids in faster digestion. A handful of dates provides the best when soaked overnight in water. Find date fruit health benefits.


Along with spicing up and adding color and flavor to your recipes turmeric has secured a place in the list of natural superfoods for digestion.

Turmeric plays a key role in stimulating bile production which aids in utilization and breaking down of fats. When paired with ginger, it makes vanishes off your digestion issues.

Turmeric stimulates nutrient absorption in the intestinal tracts and reduces inflammation of gastrointestinal tracts as well. Another impact of this herb is the stimulation of digestive juices and saliva and easing out digestion.

So, keep sprinkling the flavor of turmeric in your recipes and discard issues of gas and digestion. Find turmeric health benefits for digestive system.

Bone Broth

Booming in the list of nutritional foods ‘Bone Broth’ has obtained a lot of attention of late. An easy-to-make soupy base that also comes with a small pocket-pinch, bone broth is being known for its high nutritional values.

Cramp and boil bony stuff like soup bones, chicken neck, beef knuckles and the tender yet bony feet from the Asian meat market, along with water and your favorite veggies.

The very flavor and smell of this soup will drag you to the bowl. This cheap soupy base contains a nutritious gelatine that is present in the joint bones. This gelatine heals up the intestinal holes and has been proven to be miraculous for the leaky gut syndrome.

Recommendation from the research says that a cup of this soupy base a day heals constipation, intestinal intolerance, and chronic diarrhea.

bone broth to improve digestion

Apple cider vinegar

This rich reserve of enzymes and good bacteria has a soothing effect on your digestive tract. 3 out of every 10 people are found to be intolerant to wheat or flour food products. The cause roots down to their intolerance for gluten and leads to a number of digestive issues.

Apple cider vinegar reduces these effects of gluten sensitivity, reduces inflammation and keeps the pH balance regulated. It can be used a salad dressing or an ingredient for marinating meat. The best results are obtained when a tablespoon of this cloudy liquid is mixed with water, honey and consumed in the mornings before meals.

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A few inclusions of these superfoods to improve digestion in your daily diet can do wonders for your leaky gut and other digestive issues. So, start munching on one at least once a day and enjoy all the delicious dishes you had been curbing yourself from.

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