Top 5 pumpkin benefits and side effects for health

When you have a pumpkin in the kitchen the possibilities are endless – pumpkin recipes, pies, risotto, cakes, beer, tarts, purees, pasta, pumpkin pie and soups. Come fall and this squash will appear on the menu of many housewives. Here, we will talk about pumpkin benefits and side effects.

Their preparations involving this luscious yellow vegetable help one get through the fall season with a smile on the face. But, more than being just a lovely dish, the pumpkin has good health benefits. Let’s take a look at health benefits of pumpkin.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

Top 5 pumpkin benefits and side effects for health

1. Lose weight and improve your health

First, the vitamin A in the pumpkin helps augment the youthfulness of the skin. This occurs because of the renewal of the skin cells and the increase of collagen. The fibre in the pumpkin helps to augment the bowel movement and this makes the person lose weight.

The fibre makes the person feel full for a longer time and so they do not eat as much as they normally would. The health of the person improves as a result. One cup of pumpkin contains only 50 calories and no fat.

The other big benefit is to get relief from intestinal worms. Intestinal worms can make any person feel miserable. You can banish these worms by having pumpkin seeds. so, you can treat tapeworm infestations with pumpkin seeds. This cure is effective for both men and women.

Pumpkin may help prevent the storage of fat in the body. Have pumpkin as a vegetable dish or in the form of a juice to get the most benefit.

Pumpkin seeds also provide the nourishment to help the person lose weight. Make sure you have pumpkin at least twice or thrice a week so that it helps you lose weight in the natural way. This is one of the best pumpkin benefits for health.

2. Good nutritive content for sexual health

Pumpkin has a good content of zinc. Zinc is vital for the sexual health of men. It increases the potency, virility, and sexual health of men. If you have one cup of pumpkin seeds, you get 17% of the daily need of zinc.

It has phytosterols that helps treat enlarged prostate. Doctors recommend people with enlarged prostate eat one ounce of pumpkin seeds two to three times a week.

This gives them the crucial compounds that help their prostate remain healthy.The health of the prostate is important for the vitality of the person.

Manganese present in the pumpkin helps metabolize the fats and carbohydrates. It aids in sugar regulation and takes part in the blood clotting process. Calcium absorption is better in the presence of manganese. Manganese is needed for normal heart and brain processes.

It helps with the function of the sex hormones. Have pumpkin dishes – pumpkin pie, pumpkin hummus, pumpkin smoothie, pumpkin pancakes, and any other type of pumpkin preparation to get a boost to your sexual health. This is one of the effective pumpkin benefits for health.

3. Good antioxidant nature of yellow vegetables

Pumpkin (100 grams) provides us vitamin A (53% of our daily need) and provitamin beta-carotene (29%) along with vitamin C (11%) and minerals in small amounts. The carotenoids that give pumpkins its yellow color find use in the human body for making vitamin A.

This protects your body by boosting your immune system. It enhances the action of flu shots and prevents damage by free radicals. It also helps deter several autoimmune diseases such as diabetes type 1, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.

Often people add ginger and cinnamon to their pumpkin preparation. Ginger is good for pain relief and for soothing an upset tummy while cinnamon is good for controlling the blood sugar and relieving muscle soreness.

The ability of the body to fight and destroy cancer cells is enhanced by the carotenoids beta carotenoids from the pumpkin. By having pumpkin, you could reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

4. Get improved heart health

You get a boost for your heart health by eating pumpkin. The potassium, fiber, and vitamin C enhance the health of the heart. This is because decreasing the amount of sodium intake is good for the heart but increasing the potassium intake is more important.

It helps treat hypertension by balancing the cell pressure in our body. The fiber helps to flush out the cholesterol and makes the balance of the good cholesterol to bad cholesterol better.

Fibre removes gas and undigested food in the alimentary canal so that your metabolism is vitalized. This makes your heart healthier. Good amounts of vitamin E, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate make pumpkin good for supplementing heart health.

It also has the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, and iron apart from the potassium. Iron helps in the production of the red blood cells while magnesium helps maintain the health of the brain and heart.

Apart from these, it also has Riboflavin, manganese, and copper. Copper keeps your nervous system healthy and helps in the absorption of iron for making red blood cells. It also acts as an antioxidant to reduce damage due to the oxidative action of free radicals. This way it helps support the heart health.

5. Good for the eyes

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of eye diseases. Carotenoids help preserve the tissues of the eye from harm. The high content of vitamin A and vitamin C is also helpful.

The colorful fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of zinc, beta-carotene and vitamin C as is the case with pumpkin. It also helps prevent cataracts. The vitamin A protects the cornea, the protective layer on the surface of the eye. This allows us to see in low light conditions.

Adult blindness usually happens due to macular degeneration or cataract. If you take pumpkin habitually, then the chances are that you will have good eyesight, and you will remain protected from unwanted damage.

The antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases. They also help filter the harmful light wavelengths and protect your eyesight. Zinc is concentrated in the retina. This helps deliver the vitamin A for the production of melanin. This is one of the time-tested pumpkin benefits for health.

Side effects of eating pumpkin

Eating large amounts of pumpkin could cause bloating and formation of gas. Eating huge amounts of the pumpkin seeds might cause constipation. Some people might experience ejaculation problems.

Apart from the great taste, pumpkin benefits help you promote your healthy lifestyle. Do not overdo it as it may lead to some side effects.


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