Top 10 superfoods for muscle growth and fat burn

High-Intensity workouts help build muscles fast. This exercise schedule needs good support by way of food supplements. Today, we will talk about top 10 superfoods for muscle growth and fat burn.

Top 10 superfoods for muscle growth and fat burn

Luckily, there is a wide range of superfoods that can give you energy before, during, and after your workout. To increase your muscle power, you must eat muscle gain diet that give you endurance and boost your energy levels.

The reason is that the stored energy in the tissues of the body gets depleted within two to three minutes of workout. Then, you will draw energy from the body tissues instead of building them.

So, be sure to have your muscle food along with your workout. During and after workout, you should eat healthy snacks for muscle gain and foods to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Top 10 superfoods for muscle growth and fat burn

1. Mango to build healthy muscle

One of the most energizing fruits, mango has a good amount of calories (201 per fruit) and fiber. It has 33 grams of carbs to keep you going throughout your workout. It also has good amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C.

We need Vitamin C for growth and repair of all tissues especially muscle tissue.

It helps make the collagen for the tissues. It has potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. The magnesium and calcium help with muscle contractions during training. Mango is a best fruit to build healthy muscle.

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2. Chia seeds for muscle gain

Chia seeds are the original “runner’s food” for the Aztec warriors and remain preferred by the modern day bodybuilder. One ounce contains good amounts of proteins, fats, and fiber besides calories (137).

They are high in antioxidants and so they give you continuous protection from infections. They also have good amounts of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Add chia seeds to your smoothie or muscle gain diet to give you the boost of energy you need for your workout. Buy True Elements Raw Chia Seeds, 250g.

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3. Sweet Potato is best muscle builder

Considered to have, sweet potato is one of the top sources of carbohydrates for muscle building. It remains packed with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, potassium, and B vitamins. Potassium helps to regulate the water content in the body cells.

Too much sodium will lead to water retention and cause problems. Potassium also supports lean muscle mass. When the body needs potassium, it breaks down the potassium in the muscles and uses them. Be sure to top up with sweet potatoes at least once a week.

4. Nuts are best superfoods for muscle growth

Among the protein-rich foods loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, one of the toppers is nuts. Cashew nuts and almond have 150-170 high-quality calories.

It has protein, fat, and fibre to help your metabolism thrive. It also supports brain health and thinking. Pop in some nuts or sprinkle some on your energy drink during the workout.

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5. Quinoa has protein to build muscle

One food that has all the essential amino acids is quinoa. It is high in lysine that helps build and repair tissues. It gives 8 grams of proteins per cup and so is one of the best muscle foods you can have. Buy NourishYou Organic White Quinoa Seeds, 500G.

6. Greek Yogurt

When you strain the yogurt to remove the whey, it becomes thick and we call it Greek yogurt. It has good amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and protein. Vitamin D is important because it sustains healthy bones and enhances the protein synthesis.

You avoid muscle wasting and have improved strength mainly because it has three times the nutrients of regular yogurt. The protein finds use in building tissues and in energy production. It also helps with your fluid balance, nerves, and immune system.

7. Flax Seeds gives best nutrition for muscle growth

One of the superfoods, flax seeds has loads of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. It also has natural plant chemicals called lignans that help prevent tumor formation. It also helps boost the production of a substance attached to estrogen.

They have good antioxidant properties and help in the preservation of muscle tissues during workout. Besides this, you also get vitamins and minerals such as carotene, vitamin E, copper, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and B group vitamins.

These are useful when you on a training regimen. Buy Sorich Organics flax Seeds, Fibre and Omega-3 Rich Superfood.

8. Berries

This food item has a low glycaemic index and high antioxidant content. It helps repair damaged muscle tissue and prevent the deterioration of the body tissues. They reduce the inflammation of the body tissues and help the body recover fast.

Almost all the berries have the ability to speed up recovery of the body – strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, blueberries, or raspberries. They help curb sugar crashes and regulate cravings.

Berries help delay the onset of muscle soreness and increase insulin sensitivity. This results in greater stamina and better absorption of sugars needed for energy needed for the workout.

9. Olive Oil for muscle growth

Olive oil has healthy fatty acids. This helps improve the blood flow and lower the levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Good blood flow helps with building the tissue during the muscle building process. It maintains the body’s testosterone.

This is important for the muscle building process.  The extra virgin olive oil has vitamin E. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep the immune system strong.

It also helps you in the recover fast every workout. Also, it preserves the healthy body system by preventing muscle degradation. It helps you lose fats and improve body health. Buy Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1L.

10. Spinach

Bodybuilders love spinach because of its high protein content. Also, it is high in glutamine, an amino acid that plays an important role in protein synthesis. It has calcium and iron that help the body turn the protein into body muscles.

It can make the muscles powerful that comes mostly from the iron content. The muscle building process takes time but it has been proven to be a scientific fact.

So, tucking in spinach (like Popeye) might be the right thing to do if you want muscles. This was noticed in a lab study using rats. They developed increased grip strength and better muscles.


The muscle food is a combination of two or more items. For instance, you could have Greek yogurt and dried fruit, whole grain bread, and sweet potato, or porridge and yogurt.

No workout is complete without superfoods for muscle growth and fat burn. Also, make sure you drink enough water as this help distribute the nutrients to your muscles. If you feel pain, stop the schedule and consult your physician.


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