Top 10 superfoods for new mothers for good health

If you are a new mother, then it would be valuable for you to know that whatever nutrition you baby gets is directly from you. Here, we will talk about Top 10 superfoods for new mothers and best foods to increase breast milk.

Top 10 superfoods for new mothers for good health

Your baby is not going to eat or drink anything other than your milk. And that is why it’s important to keep yourself healthy, so that your baby gets only nutritious milk from you.

Here are some super foods that you must take after the delivery of your baby, so that your baby gets the most nutritive milk and you can stay fit, healthy and protected from diseases. Check out these amazing edibles to consume post-delivery.

Top 10 superfoods for new mothers

best foods to increase breast milk

1. Whole grains for nursing mom

Grains are important for you. But you should only consume whole grains. Bread, rice, oatmeal or pasta, whatever you choose to you eat; make sure it is the whole version of the grain. Whole grains are a rich source of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

These vitamins and minerals are going to help you stay protected from diseases. Fiber will enable you to feel full for longer, keeping your blood sugar at a steady level. Besides, whole grains will also aid your digestion.

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2. Walnut is best best food for feeding mother

Walnut is a nutritious nut variety that is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids and Magnesium. Other than that, it also contains a lot of protein. Walnut also contains a good amount of vitamin B6. Since a lot of new mothers suffer from nutrition deficiency, consumption of walnuts would be the best bet.

With Vitamin B6, calcium, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids in high amounts in walnuts, you will also be able to shoo away postpartum depression.

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3. Tofu

Zinc is an important mineral for breastfeeding mothers. And for the right supply of zinc, you should take a lot of tofu. Tofu is loaded with calcium, iron and zinc. Since you are a new mother, you will have to stay up late at night.

After all, your baby will need your care round the clock. In such a scenario, it is very natural for you to feel tired. To maintain the energy levels of your body, you must take nutritious food items like tofu.

4. Add oats in breastfeeding diet plan

If you are looking for food that is rich in fiber, carbs, protein and traces of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, then oat is the source you should rely upon. Oatmeal is easy to cook and it can be a great breakfast option for any busy new mom.

For maximum nutrition, you should take it with milk.

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5. Green leafy vegetables are best diet for breastfeeding

Leafy green vegetables are loaded with minerals, antioxidants, fibre and vitamins like K, C and A. They are also a great source of calcium. And guess what! They are so low in calories that you can eat them in all of your meals without really having to worry about an increase in your weight.

Try to have at least one serving of green leafy vegetables per day. If you don’t like taking greens, then try to be a little creative in how you use them. For example, you can use them in your breakfast omelettes, smoothies, casseroles and salads.

6. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are such a rich source of vitamin A that you can meet your daily requirement of this vitamin with only one sweet potato. The reason why Vitamin A is so important for a new mum is because it has amazing properties that can improve vision, increase immunity, cell specialization and bone growth.

Remember, your baby’s daily dose of Vitamin A comes from you, so, don’t avoid this food item at any cost. Interestingly, there is also a lot of potassium in sweet potatoes.

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7. Beans and legumes

If you want fibre, iron and protein from one particular source of food, then go for beans and legumes. And not just that, they also contain a lot of phytochemicals and minerals.

Phytochemicals are non-nutritive chemicals produced by plants. Phytochemicals are extremely important for our body because they better our immune system and prevent certain substances that we consume from turning into carcinogens.

With the intake of phytochemicals, the chances of inflammation reduce, which in turn reduces the likelihood of getting diseases like cancer. Phytochemicals also help with DNA repair. Besides preventing DNA damage, they also lower the amount of oxidative damage caused to cells.

What else? They trigger the regulation of hormones. So, consume as much bean-containing food as possible. If you love taking salads, then add chickpeas to them. Yes, you might get a little bloated with heavy consumption of beans and legumes, but that is not going to bother your baby, unless and until the quantities taken are too high.

8. Nuts and seeds

For a good dose of healthy poly-saturated and mono-saturated fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals vitamins and fiber, you need to consume seeds and nuts. Besides, they also contain a lot of protein. And that is probably the reason why they are extremely good for your skin.

They don’t just keep you looking younger but also shields you from heart problems. One of the best nuts for breastfeeding mums is almond, as it contains a lot of calcium. Hence, if you are lactose intolerant, then you can get your daily dose of Calcium from almonds.

9. Dates and apricots to increase breast milk

The hormone that triggers milk production is known as prolactin. Consumption of dates and apricots triggers an increase in the production of prolactin. Starting from potassium and Vitamin C to dietary fiber and Vitamin A, you can get a lot from apricots.

Dates, on the other hand, can make your bones and in turn your child’s bones strong, as they contain a lot of calcium. And because they are sweet, they will keep your sweet cravings satisfied.

10. Yogurt

Calcium is not just important for your body, it is also important for the growth and development of your child. And you can get your daily dose of Calcium from yogurt. The best yogurt is the Greek yogurt, but you can also take other forms as per preference and availability.

So, these are some of the best superfoods for new mothers that you should take if you are a breastfeeding mum. But don’t forget to consume plenty of water- it will not just keep you hydrated but also improve your overall health.


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