Top 10 amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar and side effects

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a little apple cider vinegar taken regularly can keep you protected from diseases. In this article, we will talk about health benefits of apple cider vinegar. ACV is nothing but a kind of vinegar produced from apples, which has a typical amber shade. And it has been in use for centuries.

Top 10 amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar

People have been using acv to polish armor, dressing salads, cleaning ceramic utensils and preparing pickles. So, we all know how useful this item from the kitchen pantry is. But a very few people probably know that this variety of vinegar is good for human health too.

It contains minerals such as copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, and vitamins like E, C, A, B1, B2, B6 etc. Besides, it contains pectin and bioflavonoids.

10 Amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Since it also contains acetic acid, organic apple cider vinegar enables your gut to absorb essential elements from food and beverages more efficiently. Not just that, organic apple cider vinegar drink also offers a host of other health benefits. What benefits, you wonder? All apple cider vinegar benefits are:

1. ACV for blood sugar regulation

The amount of sugar present in your body is regulated by insulin, which is a hormone. Because raw apple cider vinegar has anti-glycaemic properties, your body’s sensitivity to insulin increases with its regular intake.

And that is why people having the problem of insulin resistance benefit from the consumption of apple cider vinegar. In fact, they should take it with every meal.

  • The ideal dose is one teaspoonful of it in one glass of filtered water.
  • Drinking this solution three times a day improves digestion, which indirectly keeps your blood sugar level steady.

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2. Apple cider vinegar is helpful in constipation

Apple cider vinegar is a source of pectin, which is a fibre and soluble in water. Pectin facilitates bowel movement. Hence, taking organic apple cider vinegar drink regularly can immensely help people with constipation.

Taking 1 teaspoonful of this vinegar in the same way as mentioned above will act as a natural constipation reliever for anyone with this problem. If you don’t like the taste of the solution, you can add apple or grape juice to it for taste. This is one of the best health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

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3. Raw apple cider vinegar for weight loss

A lot of people take apple cider vinegar to lose weight. However, taking the raw, unfiltered variety is ideal for this purpose.

Studies have proved that acetic acid causes weight loss. And since apple cider vinegar contains this acid in abundance, it can help you lose those extra pounds.

Certain studies have also revealed that regular consumption of this acid for around three months can trigger weight loss. What more? Acetic acid also prevents the build-up of fat in the liver. This is one of the effective health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

4. Boost your energy

Stress and responsibilities leave people fatigued. And people take tea and coffee to find relief, which may sometimes be addictive. And over time, taking such beverages might also backfire.

If you feel your energy levels are too low to let you engage in any kind of rigorous activity, then it would be wise of you to start taking apple cider vinegar drink. It contains amino acids, potassium and enzymes that might offer relief from chronic fatigue and boost your energy levels.

5. Might help prevent or cure cancer

Certain research shows that apple cider vinegar can be greatly beneficial for cancer patients too. It can damage cancer cells and reduce the size of tumors. A few observational studies done in China revealed that taking apple cider vinegar reduced the risks of oesophageal cancer in many of the subjects.

6. Protection from acid reflux and heartburn

Apple cider vinegar has amazing antibiotic features because of which it proves to be extremely beneficial for people with the lower amount of stomach acid. GERD or Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is a digestive problem in which acid comes out of the stomach into the esophagus and causes belching, nausea, heartburn and other symptoms.

Acid reflux is often caused due to lower acid levels in the stomach. If you too are suffering from this problem, then taking apple cider vinegar can be a great solution.

Because it is acidic, it increases the level of acid in the stomach and prevents its backflow. Besides taking this vinegar, you must also take a diet that involves food items and beverages conducive for GERD patients. This is one of the best benefits of vinegar.

7. Detoxification

Detoxification is important to free the body of toxin loads. And that is why a lot of people opt for various detoxification techniques. Although there is no dearth of detox agents in the market, the best one which causes no side effects is apple cider vinegar.

It doesn’t just detoxify the liver but also boosts the circulatory system. Some also believe that the acid present in apple cider vinegar combines with toxins and help in their excretion from the body.

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8. Striking a balance in the pH balance

If you want to boost the strength of your bones and improve your overall health, then it’s important to maintain an alkaline pH balance in the body. Although acv contains acid, it doesn’t remain so when ingested.

Upon ingestion, the acid turns the pH level of the body basic, which creates a favorable internal environment for it. This is one of the time tested health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

9. Apple cider vinegar heart health and BP regulation

High BP is a serious problem in itself. Besides, it makes a person prone to heart diseases. Because high BP makes the heart’s work more stressful, heart muscles weaken over time and get damaged.

Intake of apple cider vinegar regulates blood pressure levels, because of which the health of the heart remains intact for long. In Japan, an animal study was conducted in which it was found that rats that were given acetic acid had reduced levels of blood pressure.

In another study, it came out that apple cider vinegar inactivates an enzyme responsible for increasing blood sugar. There are other natural ways of lowering blood pressure too such as upping your magnesium and potassium intake, increasing the portion of the fiber in your diet, and taking whole foods instead of processed foods. But the easiest way to achieve this is by taking apple cider vinegar. This is one of the best health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

10. Fights fungus

Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat a variety of fungal infections including jock itch, toenail fungus, and athlete’s foot. So, if you are suffering from any such infection then using apple cider vinegar in the form of a spray would be the best solution. When coupled with other treatment options, acv benefits offers really fast results. This is one of the effective health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Other ACV benefits

  • Eating apple’s vinegar prevents cancer cells from growing.
  • It contains antibacterial elements that remove the red spot from the skin.
  • Eating a small spoon of vinegar daily causes the stench of the mouth to run away.
  • If you consume it daily, the chance of getting cancer will be reduced.
  • It works like a toner on your skin, which prevents acne.
  • If you do gargle with acv in the morning, it removes yellowness from your teeth and teeth gets white.

Side effects of apple cider vinegar

Acv is so popular because benefits of drinking organic apple cider vinegar are unlimited. But in some cases it may be harmful to the body. The use of apple vinegar is also used to control diseases such as obesity and diabetes. But more use can also lead to many dangerous problems.

  1. Excessive use of apple vinegar can cause problems of esophagus, tooth enamel and stomach problems because of its acid content. If it is used directly on the skin, it can cause skin irritation, burning and rashage. Therefore it is recommended to use it with water, honey, juice, baking soda etc. instead of using it directly.
  2. Due to acids present in apple vinegar it reduces the level of potassium in the blood present in the body.
  3. Using apple vinegar directly on the teeth can damage the teeth. Apart from this, it also increases the problem of yellowing in tooth. Acid in it increases the sensitivity of teeth, which can cause problems in eating and drinking. Immediately after the use of apple vinegar, do gargle, after that, take other things.
  4. Apart from this, it also reduces the bone mineral density present in the bones. Those who have bone disease, especially osteoporosis, are not advised to take apple vinegar.

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar are unlimited. Start from today to get all acv benefits for healthy living.


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  1. Apple cider vinegar is a constant in my kitchen. It’s always a part of my meals. It’s also part of my skin care routine. There are so many things that you can do with it.

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