Arjuna medicinal uses, health benefits and properties

Terminalia Arjuna is a deciduous, evergreen tree which grows up to a height of 70-80 feet. It has long strong roots. The leaves are conical, and it has yellow flowers. It forms a wide canopy on the top. The bark is smooth and gray. Flowering is between March and June. The fruits appear in September and November. They are glabrous with five wings. It is fibrous, fruity, and 2-5 cm in size. Usually, you find it growing on the banks of rivers.

Terminalia arjuna tree uses, benefits, properties and how to use

Common names

The common name is Arjun tree or Arjuna. The English name is White Marudah.

Here is the List of all the names of this herb is different languages:

English name – Arjun tree, Arjunolis myrobalan.
Hindi name – Arjun plant.
Marathi Name – Sadaru
Tamil Name – Poomarudhu, Neelamarudhu.
Telugu Name – Tella Maddi
Kannada Name – Neer matti, Holemaththi, Holedaasaala.
Sanskrit name – Dhavala, Nadisarja, Indradru, Phalguna, Kakubha, Virarksha, Partha, Dhoorta, Bhuruha, Shvetavahaa, Veerantaka, Pandava, Veeravruksha.
Bengali Name – Arjun Gach
Gujrati Name – Sadado
Malyalam Name- Adamboe, Poomaruthu, Manimaruthu, Chola, Venmaruthu.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name is Terminalia Arjuna. It belongs to Combretaceae family.

Common geological areas where Arjuna tree grows

You find it abundantly in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. And, in India, it is primarily found on the banks of a river or dry riverbed in states of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

Arjuna health benefits and uses

Arjuna has found use in ancient medicine for treating heart ailments. We use the bark of the tree for the medical treatment. Other than this, it has a host of medical uses such as those given below. Vagbhata introduced it to Ayurveda in the 7th century.

The astringent effect helps in purifying the blood

It acts as a cardiac tonic. Arjun tree boosts the stamina and improves the energy levels. It strengthens the heart muscles and helps maintain proper heart functioning. Take the infusion of Arjuna in the morning and evening. Use one teaspoon of the powder in one cup of boiling water.

arjun tree fruit flower leaves and bark

It shows prostaglandin enhancing nature

The prostaglandin remains associated with pain response. The body produces them within the central nervous system and sensitizes it to painful substances. The prostaglandins increase blood flow. They are also involved in the chemotaxis, the process of summoning the white blood cells in the body.

They then bring about the dysfunction of the organ and tissues. In short, they are the response of the body to noxious substances and as long as these noxious substances persist in the body, there will be prostaglandins present.

It also modulates the coronary risks

It reduces the oxidative stress. This it does by increasing the amount of superoxide dismutase and catalase levels. The glutathione levels also increase. Prepare the infusion for daily use.

Take two teaspoons of the powdered bark in one cup of water. Boil the water and cool it. Strain and drink twice a day.

It helps in all types of heart afflictions except a heart attack

It is useful for treating conditions such as angina, myocardial infarction, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure, and coronary artery disease. Unlike streptokinase, it cannot act against a heart attack but it helps in the recovery and prevents another attack from taking place.

Arjuna helps reduce angina episode better than nitroglycerin. All the episodes became less than half intensity.  You can give one cup of the infusion twice a day for those who are recovering from a heart attack.

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Supports the hormonal cycle and promotes the flow of bile juice

For women, It supports the uterus. It works on the reproductive system and helps in inducing abortion. It is an abortifacient. If they take Arjuna preparation, they will benefit very much.

It promotes the flow of bile juice, The digestion of the person improves when one has the infusion of the bark of the Arjun tree. Find Superfood to improve digestion system.

The hypolipidemic effect helps in reducing cholesterol

It enhances the conversion of LDL cholesterol in the liver. White Marudah helps improve the recovery of HDL components in the case of hyperlipidemia.  It can lower cholesterol by as much as 62% with the LDL cholesterol dropping by 25% on an average.

In another study on animals, the blood fats dropped 64% in a 60 day period. In both the studies, the HDL cholesterol level increased. It helps reverse the hardening of arteries. Prepare and use the infusion of Arjun plant daily if you suffer from high cholesterol levels. It will help you bring the cholesterol level down and make you healthy again.

Arjun has a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system

It brings relief for those suffering from congestion and colds. Use the infusion of the powder of the bark and drink one cup of this in the morning and night. This will help open the airways and help you breathe normally again.

It shows a balancing effect on the kapha and pitta doshas. It helps relieve fevers. When you get a fever, drink the infusion of the powder of the Arjuna tree to get immediate relief.

It heals all wounds

Open wounds, ulcers in the mouth, or excessive bleeding through open wounds. Use the infusion as a mouthwash. It helps heal wounds and superficial bruises. Due to its pitta satisfying property, we use it for all types of bleeding, internal and external.

It has haemostatic nature which means that the blood stays in the ruptured blood vessel instead of flowing out. This helps in the healing of the wound. Apply the paste of the powder on the region of the skin that has the injury.

It is hypotensive by nature

That is, it acts against hypertension. This is due to its hypolipidemic property and its diuretic nature. Drink the infusion twice a day to get relief. It removes the stones from the urinary system. If you have stones, then use the infusion of the bark of the tree.

Prepare the infusion by boiling one teaspoon of the powder in one cup of boiling water. You should have it morning and evening regularly for two weeks.

It has antineoplastic, antibacterial & anti-mutagenic activity

It retards the growth of cancerous cells. Include Arjun in your daily meal by spicing the dishes with Arjuna. This will help to protect you against cancer. It shows anti-mutagenic activity against Salmonella Typhimurium a type of food poisoning caused mostly in raw or under-cooked eggs and meat. Have a glass of Arjuna tea after your meal to get protection against infections.

Its antibacterial activity helps to fight against immunodeficiency viruses. The antibacterial activity helps them to fight against several types of bacteria.

You can use Arjuna powder or bark for as long as you want without the fear that it will stop working. It does not have any nasty side-effects either. It makes your heart strong and keeps you protected from several pathogens.


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