Supta vajrasana steps, benefits and images (Supine Thunderbolt Pose)

Supta vajrasana: Sit on the floor with your legs folded under you. Put the palms on the floor on both sides of the body and straighten your spine. Now look in front and breathe normally.

Note: This asana is a little difficult. Those whose body condition is not very flexible are advised to practice this asana in a gradual way without trying to do the complete asana all at once. It can be done without any strain in stages and soon one can perform it with easiness.

Supta vajrasana steps, benefits and images

Supta vajrasana steps

  • Kneel on the floor, keeping the body weight on both the knees. Put the palms on the floor on both sides of the folded knees to support part of the body weight. Keep the knees about four inches apart from one another. Let the ankles and toes of both the legs fall on the floor in such a way that the toes are brought close together but the heels are spread out. This will make a broad “V” curve with the toes, soles and the heels.
  • Now gradually and cautiously start lowering the hip and let it rest on the curve of the soles. Control the body weight by keeping both hands on the floor while lowering the hip. If you do not feel strained, put the whole body weight on the curve of the feet as shown in image. In case of difficulty in sitting in this position, further stages should not be tired till the body is prepared for it. Those who can sit comfortably on the toes and soles should proceed to the third stage.
  • Lift the right hand and place it on the floor behind the hips. Then move the left hand also behind the hip and bend a little backward.
  • Now put the right elbow on the floor by bending backwards. Then put the left elbow on the floor. By moving the elbows towards the hip gradually let the head touch the floor. When the head has come down on the ground, gradually put the shoulders and then the whole back of your body on the floor. Do not rush. Go slow in this process.
  • Now you stretch both the arms and hands on both sides of the body. Keep the palms on the floor and close to the body.
  • Then do a few deep breathing exercises by just inhaling and exhaling the air through both nostrils. Stay in that position for six to eight seconds or less. You are in Supta vajrasana.
  • Now you have to return with the following method: Grab the ankles with the hands and put the elbows on the floor. Now pull the ankles and by pulling the weight of the body on the elbows lift the head and back and return to the sitting position.
  • Then unwind the folded knee and be seated in the position of readiness for rest.
  • Rest for six to eight seconds and the repeat the asana with the same process.
  • Do it three to four times. Never do it more than five times.

Supta vajrasana steps

Supta vajrasana Benefits

This asana has some specific benefits for the people suffering from diabetes. Since this asana activates all the cells of pancreas and increases its blood supply, it begins to function in a normal way. This asana has several other benefits. It corrects the disorders of the stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, spleen and the organs of the abdominal area by activating and energizing them.

Supta vajrasana has medicinal value for people suffering from indigestion, wind trouble, constipation treatment and piles treatment. Then disorders of the spine and joints are effectively corrected by this asana. It has also good effect on sex glands. It enhances sexual potency.

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