Top 10 superfoods for strong and healthy teeth

A pair of strong, healthy, and pearly white teeth not only defines the structure of an individual’s face but also speak a lot about the overall health. Here, we will talk about top 10 superfoods for strong and healthy teeth.

A healthy set of teeth demands care and attention. Other than brushing the teeth twice a day, flossing, cleaning the tongue and regular use of mouthwash, we need to have a well-balanced diet, a diet consisting of foods, which are beneficial for teeth health.

According to the American Dental Association, oral health is the first one to get affected when the diet of a person is not balanced and healthy.

Top 10 superfoods for strong and healthy teeth

superfoods for strong and healthy teeth

Foods which are rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals and those foods which are helpful in neutralizing the acidic levels of the mouth cavity are considered superfoods for teeth. Here is a list of super foods, which will not only strengthen your teeth but also prevent problems like tooth decay, plaque, and gum diseases.

1. Milk for strong teeth

Think milk and you imagine a picture of glowing white teeth. Milk and dairy products provide abundant nourishment for teeth. Packed with the right amount of calcium and protein to strengthen tooth enamel and fortify bones, dairy products must be present in some form or the other in your diet. Milk also helps to lower acidic levels of the mouth cavity and maintains the pH balance.

Milk tastes great as it is or drink it as a milkshake, or add to smoothies, or you can also make it into curd and have it.

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2. Cheese for healthy teeth

Cheese lovers can rejoice because research findings published in the General Dentistry Journal say that chewing on cheddar cheese promotes saliva production in the mouth which in turn swishes out bad bacteria. It also lowers acidic content in the oral cavity.

There are umpteen ways to include cheese in your diet: chew on hard cheese, have it with bread or simply use as toppings.

3. Crunchy carrot

When you chew on carrots, it promotes saliva production. Saliva acts as a neutralizer for cavity-causing bacteria. In addition to this, when you chew on hard vegetables like carrots, it has an abrasive effect on the teeth which removes food particles stuck in between teeth, thereby cleaning them. That’s why it is called “nature’s toothbrush.”

The best way to eat carrots is to chew them raw, that way it will clean up the mouth. You can also add to soups, make carrot juice, add in rice preparations or use as garnish. Carrot cake is also a great way to make kids eat this wonderful vegetable.

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4. Cucumber

With its high water content, cucumber not cleans up the oral activity but also hydrates the mouth. This rinses away unwanted food particles from the oral cavity and keeps bad breath away.

Snack on raw cucumbers, make a smoothie, or you can also add to soups.

5. Apples for healthy teeth and gums

Nature’s immunity boosters, fruits like apples are full of antioxidants, water, and fiber. The combined effect of these three keeps bacteria away and helps fight against cavities.

Eating apples raw is the best way to get maximum benefits out of it.

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6. Kiwi to strengthen teeth

Fruits are a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition to this, the high amount of vitamin C present in kiwis helps in collagen formation. Collagen prevents the gums from breaking down and helps in preventing periodontal diseases.

Kiwi can be eaten as a fruit or blended with other fruits to make a smoothie.

7. Spinach

Abundant in iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C, spinach is a power food is a real sense. These vitamins and minerals form a protective layer on the teeth which protects against tooth decay.

Most leafy vegetables like spinach also contain folic acid, which preserves gum tissues. Strong gums mean no dental problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease. Some of the folic acid is lost while cooking the vegetables.

So, to get maximum benefit out of leafy vegetables, either add them to salad, or you can make a smoothie out of them and drink.

8. Almonds

Snacking on nuts like almonds is extremely healthy due to their high calcium and low carbohydrate content. Plus, their good fatty acid content makes them the go-to-snack for in-between hunger pangs. Their crunchy nature promotes saliva production, which helps in rinsing the mouth off of the bad bacteria.

9. Garlic for dental care

Eating garlic is highly beneficial to the body in more than one way. It not only adds great taste and flavor to food, garlic is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is known to have antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

These superpowers of garlic are due to the chemical called allicin present in it. Allicin is responsible for the strong smell of garlic. It also maintains oral flora balance, which means it eliminates bad bacteria which cause cavities and tooth decay. Garlic contains prebiotic fiber which keeps the gut healthy, which, in turn, is responsible for a healthy oral cavity.

You can add garlic to soups, curries, salad dressings and pasta.

10. Sweet potatoes

Great in taste, sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which helps in forming the outer membrane of the tooth enamel. Having a strong outer membrane helps the tooth defend against bacteria attacking it.

Sweet potatoes can be eaten in different ways like: can be baked, mashed and added into various preparations, boiled or steamed.


Not to forget, a special superhero of the teeth which is found abundantly in nature – the humble and zero calorie drink called water. Water has amazing hydrating properties and is loaded with minerals.

It is a natural tonic for the teeth and washes the mouth, increases saliva production, dislodges food particles from the crevices of teeth and maintains the pH balance of the oral cavity. Water also drives bad breath away. Rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water after every meal is a great discipline to follow.

Drink plenty of water and incorporate these ten superfoods for strong teeth in your diet to stay away from painful teeth problems, flaunt a glorious set of teeth and flash that brilliant smile.

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