Foods to improve fertility in male and female

Food is the source of all the energy the body has. Eating nutrient rich food gives us more energy for all activities. Women who are trying to conceive need special foods that boost the fertility. Here are some of these food items along with their benefits to increase fertility in men and women.

Fertility foods to increase chances of pregnancy

Best Superfoods to Boost Fertility in Women and Men

1. Citrus fruits

Eating citrus fruits at least once a day is a must for those who are trying to get pregnant. Citrus fruits have calcium, folate, and potassium, along with loads and loads of Vitamin C.

Folate along with iron plays a significant role in DNA synthesis. Folates play a role in ovulation and create a healthy environment for the development of the eggs. The Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron which helps in the production of blood.

Potassium helps maintain the water balance in the body. It helps in transmitting the nerve signals to the muscles. The proper amount of potassium is needed for maintaining a good erection. Increased amounts of sodium could lead to disease and insufficiency.

They are a reliable source of fibre and flavonoids. Regular intake of citrus fruits will help the person develop a good ratio of healthy cholesterol which in turn leads to a strong erection.

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2. Banana

Banana is more than a phallic symbol; it is a reliable source of energy. Banana provides prolonged erections by increasing the blood flow in the genital region.

It improves sperm production due to the zinc content and improves the sperm taste. For instance, if the person eats meat, the sperm will taste bitter, and if he eats bananas, the sperm will taste sweet.

By increasing the energy store, bananas help the person indulge in physical activity for a long duration. The fruit also increases the level of testosterone in the body. There is a belief that putting the banana paste on your penis will make it longer.

Another is that the bromelain in the banana will help increase the libido. But, there is no bromelain in banana; papaya has bromelain.

3. Almonds

Nutrient wise, the Almond is loaded and takes the top spot among nuts for fertility treatment. It has a cholesterol lowering effect and helps prevent atherosclerosis. Almond improves the blood flow and makes the erection harder.

It provides good energy and helps stabilize blood sugar. In addition, almonds have antioxidants that remove free radicals.

Eating almonds after a meal will help keep the blood sugar low and prevent any attack by free radicals. They contain the reproductive system nutrients L-arginine, Vitamin E, and zinc.

The Vitamin E helps boost the quality of the sperm. It helps regulate the sex hormones and regulates the production of mucus in the cervix. This is needed to sustain the sperm for two to three days in during the conception stage.

The unsaturated fats in almonds help boost the heart health. The healthy body produces healthier erections that last for longer periods.

4. Carrot

High in Vitamin A, carrot helps in making high quality sperm. This is also due to the carotenoids and the folates. In addition, they have fibre, potassium, biotin, and thiamine.

These nutrients help improve the vision and maintain good heart health. They boost the sexual prowess of the person by prolonging the period of the erection.

The potassium in the carrot helps to keep sodium levels under control. Harmful germs in the mouth are killed, and the blood sugar levels are kept under control.

They act as a powerful antiseptic that prevents infections on cuts and wounds. They are very good at providing self-corrective action and provides the solution to many ailments such as appendicitis, ulcers, and tonsillitis. It helps kindle the interest in sex and so is a good stimulant.

5. Chicken

You need a good supply of iron for fertility. This includes both the heme iron and the non-heme iron. Chicken, with fat trimmed off, is a healthy way to get proteins, zinc, and iron.

These are the basic ingredients needed for a healthy pregnancy. Eating the fatty portion of the meat disrupts the oestrogen levels. In addition, these portions have the pollutants that lead to delay in conception.

Liver of the chicken is especially nutrient rich and helps with the fertility immensely. They are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, and minerals.

You can grate chicken liver on to other dishes, so you get the richness without the excessive flavor. Chicken contains selenium, one of the key ingredients in sperm formation. Of course, the zinc too helps. The antioxidant L-carnitine protects the baby sperm from the action of the free radicals.

6. Oysters

Oysters are great for both the libido for men and women and for improving the fertility status. The zinc helps ensure that the eggs are of superior quality.

Certainly, women should try oysters if they have fertility problems before the try any IVF or related medical treatment.

Oyster will boost the semen levels and the testosterone levels. The zinc and the Vitamin E helps sperm motility and quality. Cutting back on coffee and alcoholic drinks will help you with your libido immensely.

Eating a platter-full of oysters will give you a good erection and the woman too will benefit because of the increased mood.

Oysters are low in calories and low in fat but rich in protein. It has 73.5 micrograms of Vitamin B12 along with potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. The selenium is especially useful to produce sperm along with manganese, copper, iron and Vitamin D.

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7. Asparagus (Shatavari)

Used to treat infertility since the ancient times, Asparagus (shatavari) helps nourish and strengthen the female reproductive organs. It balances the female hormonal system and supplies oestrogen. It is a galactagogue.

You can use it to treat impotency and low sperm count. It soothes the respiratory tract membranes and improves sexual performance. You can improve the libido by having the powder with milk daily.

It will give relief for the sexual debility in men. When you have it regularly, the sperm becomes thicker. It improves the strength of erections.

By decreasing the sensitivity of the penis, it helps the person to perform longer. Women can get relief from premenstrual syndrome. It is a good post-partum tonic.

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Include more superfood items in your menu. They provide nourishment and improve the chances of becoming pregnant. And do not forget to exercise daily.

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