How to stop snoring permanently and what causes snoring

Snoring is a very bad habit. It irritates the people around us and is also injurious to our health. But do not worry because you are not alone in this irritating habit. There are many people around the world who suffer from sleep disorders. In this article, we will talk about how to stop snoring permanently and what causes snoring.

How to stop snoring permanently and what causes snoring

What causes snoring?

Snoring is caused due to the flow of air through the throat when you are breathing during sleep. The relaxed soft tissue in the throat will vibrate releasing the irritating snoring sounds. Having a low, thick soft palate can narrow your airway.

Snoring will disturb your sleep. If not yours, it will certainly disturb your partner’s sleep or anyone sleeping in the same room as you are. If your snoring is not loud, do not ignore it. Snoring of any type must be treated immediately to avoid any further damages.

Snoring itself is a sign of many serious health conditions like:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea (blocked airways)
  • Posture of sleeping
  • Lifestyle
  • Eating habits
  • Drinking Habits
  • Obesity
  • Problem in the structure of your mouth, nose, or throat

How to stop snoring permanently using natural methods

While snoring must be treated by a doctor, here are some natural snoring remedies that will ease your snores:

1. Lifestyle changes to stop snoring permanently

Change sleeping position: The way you sleep may not be proper for your breathing. Try sleeping on one side to avoid the snores. When you sleep on your back, your tongue will move to the back of the throat. This will block the airflow through your throat. If you sleep on your side, air flows easily stopping the snoring.

Elevating the head while sleeping will also stop the snoring.  Elevation of up to four inches is enough to avoid snoring. Use pillows to prop yourself up while you are sleeping.

Anti snoring Exercise: Do some tongue and throat exercises to strengthen them. Stronger throat and tongue will avoid snoring. Try to bring your upper and lower molars together gently. Open your mouth, and try to press your molars wide apart, but don’t overstretch. Repeat the exercise for 10–15 times.

Lose weight: If you are overweight, you must consider losing weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary to avoid snoring. When you lose weight, the amount of tissue in your throat is reduced. If this tissue was responsible for the snoring, then automatically, your snoring will stop.

Sleep well: Sleep deprivation is one more cause of snoring. So, do not cheat yourself by sleeping less. Sleep for at least eight hours to remain fresh and healthy. The snores will reduce automatically.

Clean your room: The bedroom must be clean and neat. Dust it regularly and remove any molds and dust in the room. This will remove any nasal stuffiness. Change your bed sheets and pillowcases often.

2. Food habits to stop snoring naturally

Balanced diet: Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Include lots of fruits, vegetables, and greens in your diet. Eat smaller portions of healthy food. Avoid oily food. Also, avoid heavy meals at night just before you sleep. Keep a gap of at least two hours from your dinner time and your bedtime.

Avoid dairy products at night: Milk and other dairy products tend to leave a layer of mucus in your throat and mouth. This mucus blocks the airways leading to snores. So, avoid dairy products during the night.

Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is one more reason for you to snore. Avoid alcohol. If you cannot stop consuming alcohol, then you must limit the consumption. Make sure you do not consume alcohol two hours before your bedtime.

Avoid smoking: Smoking is a very bad habit. It causes ill effects on snoring people. It will increase the intensity of snoring. Quit smoking to avoid snoring.

Natural remedies for snoring

1. Gargle is anti snoring

Gargling with a mouthwash made of peppermint will be helpful. This will shrink the nose and throat lining. The gargling is helpful if the snoring is just temporary. It may be due to cold or allergy. You can prepare the herbal gargle by adding one drop of peppermint oil to one glass of cold water.

2. Herbal tea  – Best snoring remedies

If your snoring is not regular, then you can drink tea made of the herb stinging nettle. It will soothe inflammation due to pollen allergies. The tea is prepared using 1 cup boiling water with 1 tablespoon of the mentioned dried leaf. Strain and drink. Drink a cup just before your bedtime.

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3. Goldenseal

Goldenseal can be used to suppress snoring. It will help relieve the congestion in your chest and also the nasal passages. Drink herbal tea which contains goldenseal.

4. Fenugreek

Fenugreek will help you digest your food easily. Indigestion is one more reason for snoring. So, if you want to avoid it, consume fenugreek.

5. Spearmint

Spearmintis a remarkable herb to cure snoring caused by digestive issues, especially indigestion. It will clear any acid problem.

6. Vitamin C

Sinuses will also obstruct the airways, leading the mouth to open and the uvula to vibrate causing the snore. Vitamin C will strengthen the immune system. With greater immunity come cleared sinuses. Thus, the problem is solved. Consume lots of lemons, sweet lemons, papaya, pineapple, red bell pepper and broccoli to gain vitamin C.

7. Eucalyptus

It will help rid the chest colds. Apply the eucalyptus oil to your chest stop snoring. You can also add eucalyptus leaves in to a steam inhaler and breathe through it. This will clear your sinuses.


Snoring is a bad habit that can disrupt your sleep and create tension with your partner. It disturbs anyone who sleeps next to you. If you do not want to disturb your family and have a good night’s sleep, then treat your snoring problems when they are still minimal.

It is better to follow natural methods to prevent snoring. But, if the snoring is heavy, you must certainly consult a doctor to sole the inlaying problems causing the snoring.

Sometimes snoring is just a sign of many serious health issues that you are facing. If you contact an expert, they will find the reason behind your snoring and will try to treat it.

Before you take extreme steps, you can always follow the above home remedies to stop snoring naturally without any side effects. As the tips are all natural, they won’t harm your health.


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