How to stop nightfall permanently using natural remedies (wet dreams)

When you get the semen out of your body while sleeping at night, it is known as nightfall or wet dreams. It is common for the young boys to have the problem of nightfall. Some people also take allopathic medicines to stop the nightfall during the dream, but even with home remedies, Night-Falls can be stopped. Here, we will tell you how to stop nightfall permanently using natural remedies.

How to stop nightfall permanently using natural remedies (wet dreams)

Causes of nightfall or wet dreams

Nightfall is a kind of mental illness. One of the main reasons for nightfall is to watch porn movies, to think about pornography, and to think more about a woman. There may be other reasons for this problem like:

  • Over-thinking about sexual intercourse.
  • Dreaming about sexual intercourse with a lady.
  • Have dinner late at night.
  • Sleeping on your stomach.
  • Constipation and heat in your stomach.
  • Seeing yourself while having sexual intercourse in the dream stimulates the genital mutilation, resulting in night failure.

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Side effects of nightfall

  • You find weakness in your body.
  • You do not have interest in any work.
  • Lost stamina and get laziness in the body.
  • If the knight fall is high, then the secret organ starts to become nimble during sexual intercourse.

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How to stop nightfall permanently / Home remedies for nightfall

If the nightfall is done once or twice a month, one should not be frightened but it is necessary to treat it if it is more than two times. Because when it happens more than the limit, it’s bad effect falls on the body, resulting in mental stress. Let’s learn how to prevent nightfall from home remedies.

  1. Eat more things that help the body to cool down and prevent constipation in the stomach to stop this problem. This is the best natural ways to stop semen discharge during sleep.
  2. At night, wear loose and light clothes while sleeping.
  3. Do not allow the hair around the secret organ to grow too much.
  4. Keep the mind and heart clear in both ways to avoid wet dreams. Read a good book before sleeping so that there will be good ideas in the mind while sleeping.
  5. Wash your feet with cold water before sleeping to stop nightfall in men.
  6. Take dinner two to three hours before sleeping and take a light meal in the dinner. Make sure to urinate at night after meals.
  7. Sleep upside down instead of sleeping on the stomach. Apart from this, try to wake up early in the morning and do Yoga, Pranayama.
  8. Do not drink milk at night before sleeping. This gives heat to the body, which increases this issue more.
  9. Remove the skin of the secret organ daily and clean it thoroughly.
  10. To avoid nightfall, you can also masturbate once a week.
  11. Try to be active during the day.Perform light exercises to regulate stress levels.
  12. Take a bath with lukewarm water every night before going to bed. Add few drops of essential oil of your choice in the watre. It will also help in preventing nocturnal emissions.

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Ayurvedic remedies for night discharge

  • Mix candy sugar (mishri) and dry coriander and grind it well to make powder. This is the best homemade remedy for nightfall. Take 1/2 teaspoon powder with plain water every day. From this home remedy, you will get relief quickly from NightFalls.
  • Swallow two buds of garlic with water every day. This remedy helps in the treatment of nightfall.
  • Mix ginger juice five grams, ten grams of white onion, 3 grams of pure honey and 3 gram of pure butter and eat it before sleeping at night. This remedy is quite effective in removing the problem of night failure.
  • Have two bananas and lukewarm milk per day.
  • Grind the peel of pomegranate and take it five grams of normal water in the morning and evening.
  • One should eat marmalade of amla every day; it cures the disease of nightfall.
  • To make Ayurvedic medicine, take 3 black pepper, 3 neem leaves and 3 leaves of giloy. Now mix all these, grind it finely and make powder. Now take it with the water with an empty stomach daily. Follow this remedy for few days. When you feel that the problem has been solved, stop this remedy.
  • Grind the leaves of spinach, put in a clean cloth and squeeze it to collect the juice in one cup. Consume this juice with an empty stomach in the morning. Follow this treatment for at least one week.

Yoga for nightfall treatment

Like home remedies for nightfall, Yoga is also very useful in nightfall treatment. Like yoga and pranayama is beneficial in the treatment of many mental and physical ailments, it’s also a natural way to stop nightfall problem in men. Yoga poses to cure nightfall are:

  • Vajroli yoga
  • Ashwini Mudra Yoga

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If you want to treat nightfall without any medicines, then you should take care of two things for sure.

  1. Keep your mind clean.
  2. keep your stomach clean.

If these two things are done properly, then the problem of night fall can be stopped forever.
To keep the mind clean, keep your mind busy with good thoughts and good ideas so that there will be no dream about sex.

If the problem of nightfall is due to constipation, it is important to keep the stomach clean. Due to constipation, the stomach starts to decompose, causing heat in the stomach. Well, after marriage, there is not much of a problem of nightfall, but if the married person is also having this issue, then he should definitely do treatment. Follow all the remedies about to stop nightfall permanently and have a stress free life.

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