Spinach incredible health benefits and nutrition facts

It is believed that Spinach is of Persian origin. Palak belongs to Chenopodiaceae family. Palak is a family of nutritional powerhouses containing chard, beets, and quinoa. There are mainly three variant kinds of spinach available: semi-savoy, savoy, and smooth leaf.

Spinach incredible health benefits and nutrition facts

This green vegetable, which is also known as ‘Paalak’, falls into the category of the healthiest plant-based foods. Apart from being rich in iron, it is one of the main resources of vitamins, pigments, minerals and phytonutrients. So, it makes it’s a promising food with a collection of health benefits.

Spinach nutrition facts

Yes, it is richly nutritious! And the good thing about spinach is that it is available throughout the year. It is immensely popular for its nutritional qualities and has always been appreciated as a plant with extraordinary abilities to re-establish energy, grow vitality and improve the quality of blood.

It is not just a conjecture rather there are proven reasons that spinach will generate such outcomes. The main factor about these nutritious leaves is that they are extremely rich in iron. Of course, everybody knows that Iron plays a dominant role in the function of red blood cells that help in conveying oxygen within the body, energy production and DNA blend.

Moreover, Spinach is also an outstanding source of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and folic acid and is a good source of manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2 and iron. Here, vitamin K is vital for maintaining bone health, and it is challenging to find vegetables wealthier in vitamin K than spinach. Indeed, spinach has the upper hand in these vitamins.

Health Benefits of Spinach

A Friend of Eye

Spinach possesses zeaxanthin and antioxidants lutein in a huge quantity. These ingredients protect an eye from cataracts and macular degeneration which is related to age. It is a vital dietary carotenoid that is absorbed into retinal macula lutea in eyes. These cater light filtering purposes. Spinach also possesses vitamin A that is needed for upholding healthy mucous membranes and is important for normal eyesight.


You know Spinach is very rich in flavonoid which is a phytonutrient with anti-cancer properties. So, it has been believed to be very effective in slowing down cell partition in skin cancer cells and human stomach. Moreover, this vegetable has also been proven to be effective in catering protection against the manifestation of aggressive prostate cancer.

Nervous Function and Brain

You would be surprised to know that spinach upkeeps proper brain functioning mainly during the times of old age. If a person consumes spinach on a regular basis, it will make his brain active and young. It enables you to think in a more intelligent manner.

Moreover, Palak includes vitamin K, folate and vitamin C that help in moderating hormone production of the nervous system. Vitamin K endorses healthy nervous system and also brain function by enabling the synthesis of sphingolipids which is the critical fat which makes up the Myelin sheath around the nerves. Thus, Spinach can indeed prove very effective for cognitive issues.

Any issues Related to Hypertension?

Well, high blood pressure or hypertension is responsible for causing kidney ailments, heart diseases and stroke. If you consume spinach, it will prove beneficial in lowering down hypertension because some of its elements help to diminish stress and anxiety. These nutrients play a crucial role in keeping the balance of ‘Na- K pump’ by dimming the K (potassium) in the body. Moreover, Vitamin C also has a great contribution in lowering hypertension.

Very Effective for Your Weight Loss

The leaves of Spinach are very helpful in weight reduction because it is little in calories and fat. The vegetable is extremely nutritious and possesses a good quality of fat soluble nutritional fibre. The fibre helps in digestion, prevents constipation, and controls low blood sugar and curbs overeating. Perhaps, it is the reason that this leafy vegetable is frequently recommended to dieters as in dieting, it is significant to evade repetitive eating.

Strong Bones

Spinach is very extensive in vitamin K that is important for handling bone health. A single cup of boiled spinach caters about one thousand percent of the RDA of vitamin K. it lowers and manages over activation of osteoclasts. Actually, these are cells which help in crushing down the bone structure over a small period of time.

Moreover, Vitamin K also endorses the fusion of osteocalcin which is a protein that is important for upholding the density and strength of bones. Palak is a wonderful alternative to dairy items because it caters proper substitute to calcium, thus averting the occurrence of osteoporosis. It is also a significant protein diet for vegans because it aids in constructing the muscle tissues and supports the growth of collagen.

Feel Relaxed with Spinach

Spinach retains the body relaxed and fully stress-free. It possesses marvelous quantities of magnesium and zinc which enable a person to sleep better at night. Thus, it makes way for a more effective and productive healing. Actually, Magnesium also helps in refilling the lost energy within a few seconds. If you have a good sleep, you can relish relaxed eyes and overall body.

Averts Anaemia

The consumption of spinach can avert anaemia because it is a brilliant source of iron. The mineral is specifically significant for growing children, menstruating women and also adolescents. Moreover, it is a lot better than red meat because it caters much fewer calories and is cholesterol and fat-free. Iron is also required for good energy because it is a constituent of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to all the cells of a body.

Improves Your Immunity

Vitamin A which is found in Palak  in a huge quantity guards and strengthens entry points into the body of humans like respiratory, mucous membranes, urinary and intestinal tracts. A single cup of Palak caters as much as three hundred thirty-seven percent of RDA of vitamin A.


In a nutshell, whether you talk of health ailments, skin issues, hair problems, cancers or various other deadly diseases, Spinach indeed plays an important role. So, if you don’t like spinach, you should now start consuming it after all it is about your health!

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