Siddhasana benefits and steps (The Accomplished Pose)

Siddhasana: Persons with moderate joint pain of any type can be completely cured if they practice the asanas of the series already described in old aritcles. The chronic cases, however, might take a little longer time for getting fully cured. Therefore, the arthritis patients with chronic trouble are advised to keep practicing all the asanas of this series regularly. By continuing the practice they should be fully cured in two to three months.

It needs to be emphasized that one must take a proper diet along with the regular practice of yoga in order to get a satisfactory result. It is expected that the arthritis take their meals according to recommendations. I wish only to remind them not to take curd (dehi) , bananas and to avoid taking tea and cigarettes on empty stomach.

Siddhasana benefits and steps (The Accomplished Pose)

Be seated on the carpeted floor. Stretch out both the legs in front. Keep your spine straight up and firm. Look in front keep the hands down on the floor. Breathe normally. This is the position of readiness.


To do Siddhasana, Fold the left leg back from the knee and bring the foot in front. Then stretch the toes and ankle of the left leg and try to bring them in a straight line. In case your find it difficult to bring them in a straight lines, stretch them only as much as possible. Bring the heel near the testicles without pressing against them. Now your left knee should be on the floor. In case the knee cannot touch the floor let it remain a little up and raised.

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Now fold the right leg at the knee and bring the right foot on the top of the left foot. Keep the right heel just above the left heel. Then stretch the ankle of the right leg while keeping the right knee also on the floor. Keep the legs in the same condition. Do not put any pressure on the testicles.

Stretch out both the hands. Make a circular shape with your thumb and the index finger in each hand. Then stretch out the remaining three fingers of each hand and keep them firmly together. Now put the right wrist on the right knee and the left wrist on the left knee. Make the arms and the hands tight. Keep the spine straight and firm. Fingers pointing downwards. Breathe normally.

Stay in this position for about one minute. After remaining in the same position for about one minute, loosen the fingers of both the hands. Then lift up the right leg by hand and put it down on the floor and stretch out the legs. After resting for a few seconds repeat once more by alternating the legs. This time your right foot will be underneath and the left foot will be on the top. Stay in this asana again for about a minute.

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Practice Siddhasana for a maximum of three minutes only. Begin with about two minutes and gradually increase the time to three minutes daily. During this period you will be doing Siddhasana only twice and the total time spent will be three minutes only. Do not practice it for more than three minutes in a single day.


Siddhasana has a curative effect on all the joints below the waist area. The hip joint, the knees and the ankles are very effectively activated doing this asana and, as a result, the circulation of blood in these areas becomes normalized, the supply of synovial fluid ( joint fluid) is restored, and the pains are removed.

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Siddhasana has a good effect on the nervous system all over the body. People suffering from any kind of nerve defects will find this asana very beneficial. It is regarded as a vitally important asana for gaining the power of concentration and for acquiring mental equilibrium. Though it might appear a little difficult asana for the beginners, but with regular practice, any person can do it properly.          

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