Shatavari powder medicinal uses and health benefits (Asparagus racemosus)

Shatavari or asparagus racemosus plant is the climbing plant that grows extensively in the low forest zones of India. It grows up to a height of 1-2 meters. It is a species of asparagus prefers to take root in rocky soil at 1300-1400 meters height.

The climbing plant has a uniform and shiny green photosynthetic branches. The photosynthetic branches of the Shatavari are the pine-needle type. These are dark green and uniform. In this article, we will talk about Shatavari benefits and medicinal uses.

It prefers rocky and gravelly soil at a high elevation of 1,300 to 1,400 meters. Flowering occurs in July. The flowers are minute and white on short spiky stems. It bears fruits in September. These are black to purplish in color globular berries.

Shatavari plant (asparagus racemosus)

The root system is adventitious. Each of the tuberous roots grows up to one meter in length and taper towards the ends. You find a hundred on each of the plants.

Chemicals got from the roots used for medicinal use: Apsaragamine A is a polycyclic alkaloid that helps construct analogs. It has two steroidal saponinsshatovaroside A and shatovaroside B along with the filiasparoside C.

Then, you have five steroidal saponinsshatavarins six to ten, and five saponins – asparoside B, asparanin B, Shatavari V, schidigerasaponin D5 (asparanin A), and immunoside.

Common name

The common name is Shatavari or the Indian Asparagus. People refer to it as the ‘Queen of herbs’ also. Other names include shatuli, shatamull, and satavar.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name is Asparagus racemosus. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family.

Geographical regions where Shatavari plant grows

This is found in the low altitudes. It grows well in Sri Lanka, Himalayas, India, and Nepal.

Shatavari flowers, fruit and leaves

Shatavari benefits and medicinal uses

Renowned for its use in treating female sexual problems, it rejuvenates the female reproductive system overnight. The name Shatavari translates to the “one with a hundred husbands” referring to the increased vitality of the women who take this medicine.

Used since the olden times in Ayurvedic, Unani, and Homeopathy medicine, Shatavar has found use in promoting reproductive and hormonal functions. You use the root of the Shatavar plant for medicinal purposes.

The root is crushed and made into a juice. You can purchase the Shatavari pills, powder, or capsule to use as a food supplement. Find Shatavari benefits for men and women below.

Cure Female related problems

It helps deal with these female-related problems:

  • Infertility
  • PMS syndrome
  • Reduced milk secretion
  • Decrease in libido
  • Irregularities in ovulation
  • Menopausal and related post-menopausal symptoms
  • Amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and pelvic inflammatory disease

You can use it to balance the hormonal system of women. The asparagus racemosus helps regulate the menstruation, menopause, treat infertility, inflammation of sexual organs, general sexual debility, leucorrhoea natural treatment, and morning sickness treatment.

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The restorative nature of this herb takes care of most of the regular complaints of women. It nourishes and tones up the reproductive organs of the females and helps regulate ovulation.

It is extremely effective in improving the fertility. You get relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. It makes up the low estrogen levels in women by producing estrogen. This is common in women who have undergone oophorectomy and hysterectomy. Shatavari controls the PMS symptoms by relieving pain and stopping blood loss.

It reduces the adhesion throughout the body. This is useful for women who have adhesion issues such as blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, damage from C-section, uterine fibroids, or ovarian cysts.

One a mental plane, it promotes love and devotion. In Ayurveda, they use it to treat somrogam, seet-veeryam, madhurvipikam, madhurrasam, internal heat, and chronic fever.

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Cure male sex problems and Reproductive tonic for men

Even men can use the Shatavari just like the women. It helps for those suffering from impotence, sexual debility, inflammation of the sexual organs, and Spermatorrhea.

It increases white blood count and stimulates the macrophages that combat candida. This herb has the name “100 spouses” due to its ability to its proven ability to sustain sexual vitality. If one takes it regularly, the effect is prolonged sexual arousal and erections.

It cures a variety of sexual dysfunctions. Men have shown positive results after taking the Shatavari for a month or more. It strengthens the sexual organs and so men will feel more energetic. Indian Asparagus increases the amount of testosterone in men and reduces the inflammation in the reproductive system.

It heightens the erotic sensations felt by men. Further, it improves the sperm count which aids in the reproductive efforts.

Natural antibiotic & Antipyretic

The powerful antibiotic properties of Shatavari shows fighting capabilities against Staphylococcus, E. coli, dysentery, and cholera bacteria. Due to the resistance to a variety of diseases, the Shatavar makes the person strong.

It brings down the fevers and helps rid of infections. Take a spoonful of the juice every day until the fever comes down. This is due to the ability of the body to tackle various bacteria and keep infections at bay.

Have a massage with the oil of Shatavari to keep the infection away. Read natural fever medicine for adults.

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Add vigour & vitality and promotes health

Regular use will help strengthen the nerves and augment your vigor and vitality. The people who take the Shatavari root or supplement have high energy levels and strength.

The vitality of the person is improved and they do not experience any stress. Their thinking becomes clear due to their predisposition to action.

Builds the ojas: This is the continuum in the body between the virility, immunity, and sleep. It helps maintain the health and promotes good strength.

Shatavari root

Digestive system demulcent and Prevents aging

Shatavari is good for your digestive health due to the high content of alkaloids, mucilage, and isoflavones. It helps soothe the digestive system and improve the appetite. By keeping your vitality up, the herb will offset the aging process and keep you youthful always.

Treat nervous disorders and imparts immunity

People who suffer from disorders of the brain or have nervous problems will benefit by having Shatavari. Take two teaspoons of the decoction of the root with honey, early in the morning.

Continue this treatment for a month or more. Shatavari improves the immunity of the body. Your ability to fight diseases increases and your body systems become more resilient. It improves your health overall, and this helps you live longer.

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Dyspepsia treatment

Use the powdered root of the asparagus racemosus powder to get relief from amla pitta or acid regurgitation. Though dyspepsia is not a disease, it can cause severe discomfort if one does not act.

By balancing out the acid in the stomach, the Shatavari helps to preserve the stability of the digestive system.

You can treat gastric ulcers also using this herb. It balances acid imbalance naturally while coating and soothing the mucus membrane. It gets rid of any unwanted inflammatory response in the intestines and promotes the active passage of food in the GI tract. This is due to its high fibre content.

Cooling nature and balances the pitta

This bitter herb is cooling in nature. It has good anti-inflammatory properties. People use it to treat infections such as dysentery and cystitis. You can counter fevers and rheumatism and help treat inflamed organs of the kidneys, lungs, stomach, and sexual organs.

The soothing and cooling effect of the herb helps balance the pitta. It softens the skin and relaxes tension. It augments the digestive system, metabolic activity, balancing the body heat, improvement in the perception of the sense, and the ability to understand.

Cure bladder infections and ulcers

Due to its mild diuretic nature, the Shatavari find use in treating bladder infections. Because of its demulcent and antacid nature, the herb finds use in treating hyper-acidity and ulcers. You can use it to cure tumors.

Immunomodulatory nature of asparagus racemosus

Immunomodulators help increase or decrease the immune response magnitude. You need the immune response at a certain level for treating each ailment. The Shatavari helps to keep the response at adequate levels.

This property of immunomodulation remains applicable for a range of biological activities such as anti-ageing, adaptogen, and anti-stress. The herb stimulate the production of antibodies.

This helps reduce the unnecessary side effects that comes from using synthetic medicines. It also helps in inhibiting white blood cell activity when not needed.

Antihepatotoxic property and Antilithiatic in nature

This property of the Shatavari herb helps protect the liver from damage due to the action of chemicals and other toxins. The herb helps prevent or relieves the symptoms of kidney stones.

By enhancing the digestive system, the Shatavari helps to improve the capacity of the body to enhance the bowel movement. This helps to flush out the toxins from the body and improve the stability of the metabolic system.

By augmenting the health of the liver, it helps make the person more strong and healthy. This medicinal herb is useful for preventing or relieving the formation of kidney stones. It flushes the excess food out and helps preserve the integrity of the digestive system.

Shatavari is immunoadjuvant and Powerful adaptogen

This acts as a nonspecific substance administered with the idea of enhancing the immune response within the body. This has a good range of applicability including immunoglobulin production, histamine release, and cellular co-receptor reception.

The herb improves the Sattva, or the healing power of the body. It balances the beneficial bacteria in the body and enhances the immune system of the body. Indian Asparagus removes the stress and balances the flow of hormones so the body is entirely stress-free.

It helps enhance the immune response to antigens. Taking Shatavari everyday will improve your immune response and make you strong in fighting diseases.

Cure external wounds and Relieves stress

One uses the asparagus racemosus for washing the external wounds. It proves useful for treating gastrointestinal disorders. You can treat bronchitis with this medicinal herb.

It refreshes the nervous system and boosts the capacity of the body to fight foreign bodies. This improves the stamina and capacity of the person to fight stress and overcome depression. Men who are overstressed at work must have the Shatavari juice to become stress-free again.

Help raise the spirits

This herb helps elevate the mood. You can use it to make your concentration better. The useful hormones in the body increases and the herb balance the pitta dosha. It raises the comfort level of the individual. In addition, it helps the body adapt to the environment.

Makes the person energetic and Improves mental functioning

Even when the body is weak, the asparagus racemosus increases the strength and energy of the person. It balances the dry membranes of the body. Asparagus racemosus is also useful for the health of animals.

It shows a protective action for the cells of the brain. You can treat the slow growth of children, nervousness, and insomnia by taking asparagus racemosus medication. The brain activity becomes sharper, and this adds to your youthfulness.

Prevents cancer

The herb shows remarkable free radical fighting property. By removing the free radicals, the Shatavari helps prevent damage to the healthy body cells. It inhibits the incidence of tumours in the body. It decreases the chances of prostate or other types of cancer.

Treat dryness and works as General health tonic

One of the beneficial effects of having the herb is that it serves to moisturise the heated respiratory system. It balances the temperatures and helps get rid of stress.

This plant helps people with infections in the respiratory tract. It helps relieve pain and reduces the intensity of headaches in men. The analgesic property of the Shatavari comes from the alkaloids, triterpene, and saponin content. People who have Shatavar regularly will not have headaches.

How to take shatavari

This herb can be taken as a powder, in a tablet form, or as a liquid extract. Ayurveda prefers the powder form of herbs. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend 3-10 grams powder or ½ – 2 teaspoons liquid daily.

We advice you to take 2 tablespoonful powder of this herbal supplement twice a day with milk to get maximum results. The dosage for the concentrated extract is 250 mg twice a day. If you take capsules, take 2 capsules a day (1 in morning and 1 in evening).

Shatavari side effects

Like every herbal supplement, this herb too comes with few pros and cons. Although this herb has many benefits, it too has some cons. Some of the side effects are:

  • Individuals who are experiencing respiratory problems and have pulmonary allergic reactions to herbs, should not take it. In few cases, it has been watched that this herb can cause skin allergies in individuals who are adversely affected by asparagus.
  • Patients experiencing cardiovascular diseases, kidney issue and edema should avoid this herb.
  • Too much use of this herb can make you heavier.
  • Woman suffering from fibrocystic breasts and estrogen induced disorders avoid this herb.


The Shatavari Rasayana increases the body resistance to diseases. It produces a nourishing and rejuvenating effect. You can revitalize both your mind and body with Shatavari.

People who have Shatavari regularly have a happy and contented life. Shatavari benefits and medicinal uses are unlimited but there is no side-effect from this herb. However, you should consult a practitioner of Ayurveda to get your Shatavar rasayana.

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