How Shatavari enhances male sexuality and decreases stress in men?

Shatavari benefits for men are countless. Shatavari is a species of asparagus that has other common names such as Queen of herbs, shatamull and satavar. The botanical name is Asparagus racemosus. It grows in high elevations in rocky soil. The roots of the plant find extensive use in medicine. Shatavari is known for its hormonal balance effects.

Shatavari benefits for men

Shatavari benefits for men to increase sexual health

Used since the olden times in Ayurvedic, Unani, and Homeopathy medicine, Shatavari powder has found use in promoting reproductive and hormonal functions of men. The root of the Shatavari plant is crushed and made into a juice. You can purchase the Shatavari pills, powder, or capsule to use as a food supplement.

Powerful adaptogen for men

The herb improves the Sattva or the healing power of men. It balances the beneficial bacteria in the body and enhances the immune system of the body. It removes the stress and balances the flow of hormones so the man is entirely stress-free.

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Reproductive tonic for men

This herb has the name “100 spouses” due to its ability to its proven ability to sustain sexual vitality. If one takes it regularly, the effect is prolonged sexual arousal and erections. It cures a variety of sexual dysfunctions. Shatavari fertility and shatavari hair growth are best effect of this herb.

Men have shown positive results after taking the Shatavari for a month or more. This herb strengthens the sexual organs and so men will feel more energetic.

It increases the amount of testosterone in men and reduces the inflammation in the reproductive system. Asparagus racemosus heightens the erotic sensations felt by men. Further, it improves the sperm count which aids in the reproductive efforts. This is one of the main benefit of shatavari for men.

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Shatavar help with stress and healing

External wash for men: Men can use the Shatavari root juice to wash the external wounds and bruises. This helps them to heal faster.

Anti-tumour: The consumption of Shatavari helps to fight tumour formation. This is due to the antioxidant property of the herb. Have 2 teaspoons of the decoction before meal daily.

Relieves stress: It refreshes the nervous system and boosts the capacity of the man to fight foreign bodies. This improves the stamina and capacity of the person to fight stress and overcome depression. Men who are over-stressed at work must have the Shatavari juice to become stress-free again.

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Helps liver health and augments immune system

Antilithiatic: This medicinal herb is useful for men for preventing the formation of kidney stones. It flushes the excess food out and helps preserve the integrity of the digestive system.

Treat gastric ulcers in men: In men, it balances acid imbalance naturally while coating and soothing the mucous membrane. It gets rid of any unwanted inflammatory response in the intestines and promotes the active passage of food in the GI tract. This is due to its high fiber content.

Promotes health: The men who take the Shatavari root or supplement have high energy levels and strength. The vitality of the man is improved and they do not experience any stress. Their thinking becomes clear due to their predisposition to action.

Balances the pitta in man: The soothing and cooling effect of the herb helps balance the pitta in a man. It softens the skin and relaxes tension. It augments the digestive system, metabolic activity, balancing the body heat, improvement in the perception of the sense, and the ability to understand.

Builds the ojas in a man: This is the continuum in the body between the virility, immunity, and sleep. For men, it helps maintain the health and promotes good strength. According to Ayurveda, this is the best Shatavari benefits for men.

Useful for treating nervous disorders in men: Men who suffer from disorders of the brain or have nervous problems will benefit by having Shatavari. Take two teaspoons of the decoction of the root with honey, early in the morning. Continue this treatment for a month or more.

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How to take shatavari

This herb can be taken as a powder, in a tablet form, or as a liquid extract. Ayurveda prefers the powder form of herbs. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend 3-10 grams powder or ½ – 2 teaspoons liquid daily.

We advise you to take 2 tablespoonful powder of this herbal supplement twice a day with milk to get maximum results. The dosage for the concentrated extract is 250 mg twice a day. If you take capsules, take 2 capsules a day (1 in morning and 1 in evening).

A man can revitalize both the mind and body with Shatavar. Men who have Shatavari regularly have a happy and contented life. Shatavari benefits for male are unlimited but there is no side-effect from this herb.


As Shatavari is of the asparagus family, don’t use by those with asparagus hypersensitivities or sensitivities. Further, asparagus (counting Shatavari) may have some diuretic impacts, so those on diuretic meds ought to maintain a strategic distance from this herb.

Because of its capacity to build moisture to the stomach related tract, it might cause free stool in a few. To the inverse impact, it might likewise ease constipation in others. Shatavari benefits for men unlimited but shatavari should not be utilized by those with a celiac ailment or other malabsorption issues.


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