Shatavari benefits for females to enhance reproductive system

Shatavari benefits for females are limitless. This plant of the asparagus species has the botanical name of Asparagus racemosus. Shatavari plant has found use in Unani, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine since olden times.

People used it for promoting reproductive and hormonal functions in women. The root of the Shatavari plant is used for medicinal purposes. They crush the root and extract the juice to use for treatment. But you can purchase the pills, powder, or capsule of Shatavari and use it as a food supplement.

Shatavari benefits for females

How Shatavari benefits women (Shatavari benefits for females)?

Primary uterine tonic (Enhances females reproductive system and hormone level): As an aphrodisiac, it is renowned for its potent sexual effect on women as well as men.

It supports the reproductive and sexual health when taken regularly. Asparagus racemosus removes the stress that women feel during the copulation and makes them more energetic and outgoing.

It begins at the menarche and supports the health of the women up to the ovulation and fertility. This herb strengthens the uterine strength during childbirth and pregnancy.

It improves the lactation and gets rid of hot flashes, irregular memory, irritability, and dryness during menopause. This herb balances hormone level in body. This is one of the main Shatavari benefits for women.

Helps lactation: Improves breast milk secretion during pregnancy. Pregnant women must have 3-5 grams of Shatavari daily to get the best benefit.

Good for the liver: It augments the health of the liver and flushes the toxins from the body. Shatavari enhances the digestive system and improves the bowel movement. This makes the woman strong and improves the functioning of the metabolic system.

Removes stress: Women enhance the healing power of the body by having Shatavari. This healing power of Sattva balances the bacteria in the body that is good for the body and removes the harmful ones.

It balances the stress in the body of the women so that the flow of hormones and the energy through the body is smooth. In this way, it boosts the women’s immune system. This is one of the best Shatavari benefits for females.

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Shatavar fights stress and cancer in women

Good stress buster: Shatavari is useful for women to help to get rid of the stress build up in the body. The nervous system is strengthened and the stamina of the woman improves. Women who face too much stress at work must have the Shatavari juice to overcome the stress.

Helps regulate the immune system: Women can improve the ability of the body to modify the immune response by Shatavari. This way women can stimulate the production of the antibodies.

The unneeded side effects of the synthetic medicines will be avoided. They can check the activity of the white blood cells when you don’t want it.

Cooling effect of Shatavari

Cools the body: The herb has a cooling effect and this soothing effect helps balance the pitta and reduce the body heat. The herb is especially useful for women as it makes the skin soft and smooth. It balances the metabolism and improves the perceptive ability. The woman has a better sensual ability.

Keeps the metabolism ticking: Ojas is the continuity of functions between the sleep, virility and the immunity system in the woman’s body. The health improves when the ojas is good. Good health and strength results.

Calms the brain: Women who have nervous breakdowns or even problems with the brain function will get good benefit by having Shatavari regularly. Make sure that you have the juice of the Shatavari root in the morning. Mix it with honey if you want. Use this treatment for one or two months and see the progress.

Recover from dehydration and augment health

Helps relieve dehydration: Women who suffer from dehydration must drink the juice of the Shatavari root extract. This will remove all the symptoms of the dehydration fast.

It helps the body get replenished quickly. For women who work in the sun for long time, drinking 1 teaspoon of Shatavari juice helps to balance the water in the body.

Fights against herpes: If someone has herpes, the herb protects good healing action. It helps women reverse the symptoms and become healthy again.

How to take shatavari

This herb can be taken as a powder, in a tablet form, or as a liquid extract. Ayurveda prefers the powder form of herbs. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend 3-10 grams powder or ½ – 2 teaspoons liquid daily.

We advice you to take 2 tablespoonful powder of this herbal supplement twice a day with warm milk to get maximum results. The dosage for the concentrated extract is 250 mg twice a day. If you take capsules, take 2 capsules a day (1 in morning and 1 in evening).

Shatavari helps revitalize woman body and mind. It helps women lead a contended life. They can have this herb supplement without worries since this does not have any side-effects. Shatavari benefits for females are countless.


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