Sex during pregnancy: Benefits and side effects

Some of our readers are asking us daily that is it safe to have sex during pregnancy. Means in the pregnancy that sexual intercourse is safe for mother and child or not. Also what are benefits and side effects of sexual intercourse during pregnancy? They also want to know about when we should avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy: Benefits and side effects

Here we will know about all essential things related to sexual intercourse in pregnancy so that you can enjoy the marital life freely during that period. So let’s know that sex is safe during pregnancy or unsafe.

Quick tips for safe sexual intercourse

  • During pregnancy, husband should take special care during intercourse.
  • Avoid doing any new experiments in sexual intercourse during pregnancy.
  • It is important to take special care of certain positions while doing sexual intercourse.
  • Always remember that women should not have too much pressure on her body.
  • In some research, results have shown that if you have a healthy pregnancy and good growth of the child than its safe to intercourse even in the last week of pregnancy. But according to the same physicians, it is good to avoid sex in the first three months and the last three months, although in middle three months intercourse is safe.
  • Nonetheless, intercourse should never occur in pregnancy against women’s wishes, as well as caution should be taken care of.

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Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Yes, you can enjoy sexual intercourse in pregnancy, but only when your pregnancy is normal, that is, you do not have any problems associated with any kind of pregnancy.

You can take advice from doctor about this and if your doctor says that you are completely healthy then you can be sure to enjoy sex during pregnancy i.e. during the first and second quarter of pregnancy too.

Is sex during pregnancy harmful for child?

No, having sex in pregnancy does not cause any harm to the child in the stomach because your child is well protected in the womb. But you have to pay attention to the posture of the person so that the child does not have any pressure on the stomach.

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Can a miscarriage occur during sex in pregnancy?

No, if you are absolutely healthy and you do not have any kind of complication, then sex cannot cause abortion.

What is the best sex position in pregnancy?

Pregnant women become very cautious during pregnancy. She takes care of not only her children but also her health at all times. Due to vigilance in pregnancy, they try to make every possible physical distance from their husbands.

But if the doctors believe in a healthy pregnancy you can intercourse. But because of the condition of some pregnant women or because of their complexity, the doctors advise them not to intercourse.

Is it possible for every person to maintain restraint for nine months? In such a situation, the possibility of separation from his wife increases. To stop these situations, let’s learn how to intercourse in pregnancy.

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You should also know that the best position is that in which your husband’s weight or your own weight is not filled up on your stomach, and you are wise yourself. Some of the best positions are Side-by-side, at an angle, you on top, on a chair where you are on top, Side-by-side from behind, From behind doggy style etc.

best sex position in pregnancy

When do you need to go to the doctor?

Sex in pregnancy can lead to slight pain in the stomach, which is caused by the contraction of the uterus. But if this pain is very fast or you have blood after sexual intercourse then you should meet your doctor immediately.

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When should you stop having sex in pregnancy?

If you have problems related to pregnancy such as Placenta previa, when there is a danger of delivery before time, if there is excessive bleeding from the vagina, vaginal discharge from the vagina, in the condition of having narrowed herpes, or holes in the amniotic sac then you should stop having sexual intercourse.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

There are many benefits to having sex in pregnancy such as:

  • This gives women easy access to orgasm.
  • Extra Calories burn during intercourse.
  • Pregnant woman’s blood pressure remains normal, as you know that there is a major problem of high bp pregnancy.
  • During sex, the love hormones increase in the body of the woman, which can relieve the pain in pregnancy and increase the tolerance.
  • According to the doctors, after the sex, the mother and her baby in the stomach get good sleep.
  • By sexual intercourse both the husband and wife have less stress and the mood is good.
  • It has been found in the research that sexual intercourse during pregnancy increases the IgA antibodies in the body of the woman, which in turn leads to the increase in the immunity of the woman’s body, and it also prevents the risk of colds, grief or infection.
  • During sex in pregnancy, endorphins are free in the body due to which both the mother and the child feel some more relaxed.
  • Having sex makes your pelvic floor muscle stronger, so that you have less trouble during delivery.

Side effects of sex in pregnancy

As we mentioned in this article, sex in pregnancy is absolutely safe as long as you and your partner are healthy and when the doctor has told you that you can have sexual intercourse.

Sex losses in pregnancy occur only when there has been a problem in your previous pregnancy or there is a problem with your current pregnancy, as we have mentioned above that when sexual intercourse should not be done. You can get more information in contact with the doctor.


Sex is a very important subject during pregnancy and the most searched topic on the Internet. We will just ask you to take the advice of your doctor before doing sex during pregnancy so that you do not have any problems later and both the mother and the child is going to be safe.

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