Setu bandhasana yoga (bridge pose) benefits, precautions and photos

Setu bandhasana yoga (bridge pose)

Rests on your back on the floor. Overlap the legs at the knees and bring the heels close to the hip. Keep the heels at around a few inches separated from each other. Let the knees likewise be separated from each other around three inches. Convey your hands nearer to the body on both sides. Put the palms on the floor. Look straight up. Breathe normally. This is a position of readiness.

Setu bandhasana yoga (bridge pose) benefits, precautions and photos

How to do Setu bandhasana yoga (bridge pose)

  • Lift the hip and the waist upwards while keeping the shoulders and the feet on the floor. When the hip has been raised upwards. Support in with the palms on both sides.
  • Step by step continue rising the hip upwards while pushing the palms towards the waist area. Give the hands a chance to help in raising the midsection upwards as high as it can be raised without strain. Now support the body weight on the thumbs and the pointers and the palms on sides. Let the shoulders, neck and the head be strongly on the floor. Attempt to watch that the thighs are parallel to each other with a gap of around three inches. Continue breathing ordinarily. Remain in this position for six to eight seconds, as appeared in fig.
  • After remaining in the raised up position of six to eight seconds, begin bringing down the hip towards the floor while as yet supporting the body weight on the palms, however don’t give the body a chance to drop on the floor. Bring it down gradually. At the point when the hip, the midsection and the back are on the floor put your palms on the floor on both sides of the body. Extend the legs on the floor and rest for a few normal breaths.
  • After taking rest for a few moments do the Setu bandhasana by following the same procedure like you did in the first round.

Daily Practice

Make four rounds daily during the first week. During the second week and afterwards make a maximum of six round. Do not ever make more than six rounds in a day.

Setu bandhasana (bridge pose) benefits

The principle effect of Setu bandhasana is on the spine and the hip joints. The individuals who have pain either in any part of the spine or in the hip joints are strongly encouraged to practice this asana. This asana likewise cures pain and corrects disorders of the shoulder joints, neck, arms and the palms. Since it is a simple asana, arthritis in any condition and of any age can practice it.

For the general specialists, it is a decent asana for making flexibility in the spine, for evacuating wind and gastric troubles and for correcting respiratory disorders.

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