Role of Black Sesame Seeds in Improving Sperm Quality in Men

Sesame seeds for a part of the staple diet in many parts of the world including South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries. It’s one of the best fertility boosting foods in fertility diet. Sesame seeds are natural fertility boosters.

They improve the quality of the sperm and prove useful for couples who want to conceive. Sperm develops in 100 days and about 22 days to mature. 

How do sesame seeds improve sperm quality

Pregnancy and sperm quality

You get a baby when the sperm fertilizes an egg. Only healthy sperm can fertilize an egg. So, you need to make sure that the sperm is healthy. Healthy sperm has the following: 

Sperm Count: The number of sperm in each ejaculation must be good. The normal count is 20 million sperm in one millimetre of ejaculation. 

Morphology: There must be a lower number of abnormalities in the sperm (such as two heads or two tails). If you have a good number of normal-looking sperm, the chances of fertilizing the egg are better. Also, the integrity of the DNA fragments should be good. 

Motility: The sperm must be fast and swim in a straight line. 

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Nutrition content of sesame seeds to increase fertility

Sesame seeds have plenty of minerals, vitamins, protein, natural oils, organic compounds, and dietary fibre which makes it one of the best fertility foods for men. Here is a breakdown of the contents.

Minerals: Zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, molybdenum.

Vitamins: vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin B12.

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How do sesame seeds improve sperm quality?

First, the action of vitamin B6 is double fold. It helps in the absorption of zinc. Zinc and vitamin B6 helps make the male sex hormone, testosterone in the body. Vitamins help increase the sperm count. That is why sesame seed is one of the best male fertility foods to increase sperm motility.

A major part of the sperm gets destroyed due to free radical damage. Among the sesame seeds have the black variety has more antioxidants in the form of lignans.

Lignans are water-soluble antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals that have formed and prevent the further formation of free radicals. The lignans are sesamolinol, sesaminol, and sesamolin. By preventing the destruction, sesame seeds help preserve the health of the sperm. 

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Increase in the motility

In a study conducted on infertile men, they chose a study group of 25 men. They got fed sesame seeds daily according to their body weight. If a man weighed 150 pounds, he would get 50 mg of sesame seeds, and if another person weighed 120 pounds, he would have to eat 40 mg of sesame seeds.

At the end of the study period of 3 months, the motility of the sperm underwent testing. Every one of the men showed development in the motility. The sperm count had doubled from 92.8 million sperm per millimetre to 202.5 million sperm per millimetre. This led to two men impregnating their wives in a natural way after eating the sesame seeds at regular intervals.

The first action of the sesame seeds was in reducing the oxidative stress that destroyed sperm. The second way was to increase the level of tocopherols. The tocopherols are vitamin E compounds that act as antioxidants.

Also, sesame seeds have lots of an amino acid called arginine. In combination with nitric oxide synthase, it produces nitric oxide. We call this as laughing gas. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, and this leads to greater blood flow. If your groin region gets more blood flow, it leads to erections. This is why sesame seeds are one fo the best foods to increase male fertility.

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Sesame seeds reduces cholesterol level

There are indications that the lignansesamin helps to lower cholesterol. But, these studies proved inconclusive in rats. In humans, the combination of vitamin E with sesamin did lower the cholesterol levels.

In real life, one does not eat sesamin alone. One has sesame seeds that have sesamin, vitamin E, and other micronutrients. From this, we can say that eating sesame seeds helps reduce the cholesterol level. The decrease in cholesterol levels helps improve sperm health and motility.

Vitamin E and selenium are essential for male fertility and reproduction. Vitamin E is essential for the production of sperms, and it also increases their motility. Selenium helps protect the cell membrane of the sperm cells from oxidative damage.

It works together with vitamin A and vitamin E. You must get your vitamin A from other food items such as fish oil and liver. You also get it from leafy green vegetables and fruits.

The zinc content helps boost testosterone. 1 cup of sesame seeds contains 10 mg of zinc which is just under the recommended limit of 11 mg per day for adults. Get your daily dose of sesame seeds and have a great time in bed.

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