Medicinal plant sea buckthorn benefits and medicinal uses

The sea buckthorn a spiny, deciduous, flowering bush. It grows 2-4 meters in height and has a rough, brown-black bark. It has a thick greyish-green crown. Leaves are lanceolate, alternate and narrow with silvery upper faces. In this post, we will talk about sea buckthorn benefits and medicinal uses.

Medicinal plant sea buckthorn benefits and medicinal uses

It is dioecious and the sex of the seedlings is revealed at the first flowering. Male inflorescence had 4-6 apetalous flowers while the female inflorescence has only one flower. Pollination is only by wind and so you must plant the male tree near to the female tree. 

Common name of sea buckthorn plant

The common name of the plant is sea buckthorn. Other names are seaberry, sandthorn, and sallowthorn. 

Botanical name and family

It has the botanical name Hippophae rhamnoides. It belongs to the elaeagnaceae family. 

Geological places where Hippophae rhamnoides grows

Hippophae rhamnoides grows in the cold temperate regions of Europe and Asia. It is mostly found in Russia, Mongolia, China, Canada, and northern Europe. 

Sea buckthorn benefits and medicinal uses

Hippophae rhamnoides fruits and flowers

The sea buckthorn is an important plant that man has used since historic times for curing diseases and relieving ailments. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and phytosterols. This is why it is a useful substance for curing many medical conditions. 

Stomach malfunctioning: It helps improve the stomach functioning and prevent the problems to the gastrointestinal tract like reflux and ulcer. It is used in the folklore treatment of slow digestion because it augments the appetite and working of the digestive system. Have the fruit of the Hippophae rhamnoides plant to reduce the incidence of stomach infections. 

Help with cardiovascular problems: This is due to the positive action on the lipids. Have the infusion of the plant twice a day to improve the cardiovascular conditions. 

Help improve night vision: Many people remain affected by nyctalopia or loss of vision in dim light. If you have the extract of this plant often, you get better vision. You can also prevent nyctalopia. 

Good for treating cardiovascular disease: Action of the plant extract suggests that it is good for curing cardiovascular diseases. Taken over six week period, it helps reduce the blood cholesterol levels and blank out angina. Patients with ischemic heart disease showed improvement in the heart health. There were no side effects on the liver or kidney. It helps alleviate myocardial stress through its action of reducing inflammation.

Immunoprotective action: The plant extract shows protective action against the action of an antigen. Take the extract from the leaves and flowers of the plant twice a day with meals for best protective action. 

Liver injury: You can treat liver injuries by taking the infusion of the leaves and flowers of sea buckthorn. It promotes healing and helps the patient recover fast. 

Cure for tendon and ligament injuries: By taking the infusion of the flowers and leaves, you get relief from internal injuries. You can apply the paste of the leaves on the joints and get relief due to their anti-inflammatory nature. It reduces the swelling and thereby reduces the pain. 

Skin diseases and ulcers: It has good healing properties for the skin. We can use it for getting relief from gastrointestinal ulcers and skin rashes. The fruit finds use in helping prevent infections and it boosts immunity functions. Because of its skin-loving nature, you can use it for skin ulcers, burns, and even acne. It removes the blemishes and makes the skin healthy again. It heals eczema skin lesions by topical application on the affected area. You can use this on the skin wounds and bruises to promote the healing action. It will help stop dermatitis symptoms. 

Cytoprotective action: The extract of the sea buckthorn shows a protective action for the body cells. This prevents the attack of foreign elements such as free radicals. 

Delays onset of dementia in aged people: Many of the older people develop dementia as they age. By having the extract of Hippophae rhamnoides daily, you can delay the onset of this disease. You need to have only one glass of the juice made from the extract of the leaves and flowers of the plant. 

Anti-diabetic nature: People with diabetes who took the extract of the plant for six weeks showed significant improvement in the control of blood sugar levels. 

Anti-stress: We can get good stress relief by having the infusion of the plant. Take one glass of the infusion twice a day for good relief. 

Hepatoprotective nature: It helps reduce the inflammation of the liver. Take the infusion of the leaves for six weeks to get the benefit of the protective action of this plant. 

Radio-protective: This nature helps prevent the degradation of the cells exposed to the anticancer treatment. You can apply the paste to the skin to get protection against radioactive rays, UV rays, and X-rays. It enhances the body functions against these rays. 

Anti-atherogenic: Due to its high antioxidant nature, we use the plant extract to correct lipids and improve blood pressure. This helps us regulate the cardiovascular symptoms by lowering the level of free radicals. It helps prevent atheroma. 

Anti-tumour and anticancer: Studies did show how the Hippophae rhamnoides has anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. It reduces cancer morbidity and the toxicity due to the chemotherapy. 

Antimicrobial property: It has good antimicrobial nature. Due to this, people use it for treating coughs and colds. You can also use it to treat asthma to clear the airways. Have an infusion of the leaves if you suffer from pneumonia and you will get cured fast. 

Anti-arthritic nature: Both the leaves and the flowers of the sea buckthorn is used to treat arthritic patients. It helps prevent swelling, and so people with gout can use the extract on the joints to get relief. 

Side effects of Hippophae rhamnoides

It is completely safe for use with no evidence of toxicity. But, this is when you take it according to the doctor’s advice. Overdoses could lead to problems. You can use sea buckthorn benefits for 90 days safely. 

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