Santulan Asana (Yoga Balance Poses) – Method and Benefits

Santulan Asana (Balancing Yoga Poses): Put a cover or yoga mat or tangle on the floor. Stand up on the covered floor. Make the body straight and firm. Look straight forward. Give the hands a chance to hold tight the sides. This is the position of preparation.

Note : For doing this asana you need to remain on one leg at once. It is difficult for everybody to remain on one leg on the floor. In this way, the individuals who may have any trouble in remaining on one leg on the floor, ought to remain close to a pillar or a divider for supporting the body weight.

Santulan Asana (Yoga Balance Poses) - Method and Benefits


  • Stand up on the correct leg and overlap the left leg at the knee. Bring the heel of the left leg close to the hip. In the event that the heel can’t be conveyed closer the hip because of pain in the knee, fold the leg in backward as much as possible.
  • Get the toes of the left leg with the left hand in a manner that both the toes are held with the palm. Convey heel of the folded leg to the hip or closer to it.
  • Fix the right hand. Keep every one of the fingers together and gradually raise the right hand up towards the sky. Do not try to be fast in lifting the hand. Keep the palm confronting downwards while raising the hand. At the point when the hand is completely raised the palm ought to stay in the straight forward position.
  • Remain in that position for six to eight seconds. Keep the lifted hand tight and firm. The right leg on which you are standing need to be tight and straight. Continue looking straight. There is no exceptional breathing prerequisite in this asana. Continue breathing normally while doing this asana.
  • After staying in this position for six to eight seconds, come back to the position of readiness with the accompanying procedure. Gradually bring the lifted hand down. Keeping it in a tight condition. Try not to drop the hand. At the point when the raised hand has reached the side, release the left leg to come on the floor. Your are presently in the position of preparation again in the wake of finishing one round of Santulan Asana (Yoga Balance Poses).
  • After resting for six seconds on the left leg and bend the right leg and bring the left hand up in the same way as you did the first time. Make additional rounds alternately by following the same process.


Do it only four times daily during the first week. After practicing for a week, increase to six times a day.

Santulan Asana

Santulan Asana Benefits

Santulan Asana is primarily a kriya of the big joints of the body. It removes rigidity and brings flexibility to them. It standardizes the blood circulation in the influenced areas and tones up the muscles. As a result of enhanced blood circulation, flexibility and muscular conditioning, pain in the joints is corrected.

This asana has healing impact upon the knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists, palms and fingers. It is a simple asana and any individual can perform it either remaining on the floor or with the assistance of the wall. For the general performer it is a good asana for their body activation and flexibility of the joints.

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