If my wife goes into labor, what should I have packed and ready to go?

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Here’s a list of things to pack when you are going to labor room.

  • Insurance card and picture ID proof and hospital paperwork like previous reports and slips.
  • Pack your Toiletries like your own towel, new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face soap, face lotion, and lip balm (lip balm is a life-saver during labor). (For both wife and husband)
  • Hair care products and Eyeglasses – if you have long hair. (For both wife and husband)
  • Comfortable Pillow, nightgowns and slippers – Hospitals will provide their own gown and pillow but some women like to have their own pillows. Trust me. You will not like the flat hard pillow they give you at the hospital.
  • A water bottle. (For both wife and husband)
  • A warm sweatshirt to put over your shirt. Because the room will be freezing. Consider a hoodie. (For husband)
  • Socks, Underwear, Slippers, or Flip-flops – socks to wear during labor and then slippers or flip-flops to wear afterwards. (For both wife and husband)
  • Sleepwear – if you want to wear your own stuff after delivery (otherwise, you will be in a hospital gown during labor). husband should take his own sleepwears.
  • Super giant monster maxi pads (Yes bring them, the hospital never gives you enough. (For wife)
  • Food and drinks – check with your doctor about the hospital policy; some allow eating and drinking during labor but some don’t. (For both wife and husband).
  • iPod or music player – if it’s allowed in the hospital (For husband).
  • A phone charger.
  • Tablet or laptop if you have any important work (For husband).
  • Camera or video camera – to capture important moments and memories (For husband).
  • Cash or credit or debit card for payment (For husband).
  • Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras after delivery (For wife).
  • Going Home outfit – Pick some loose after maternity outfit because your baby bump won’t disappear for a few weeks (For wife).
  • Going Home baby outfit – a two-piece outfit is better than a one piece, one-piece outfits will be uncomfortable since your baby will have his umbilical stump for a couple of weeks.
  • A receiving blanket for your kid when you are going to home.

Plus, make sure to install a baby seat in your car properly before labor. The hospital will only release the baby home in a vehicle that has an infant car seat installed correctly.

Do not bring your Jewelry or any valuable thing to hospital.


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