15 embarrassing problems that women face during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the extraordinary times in your life. It is quite natural to be very excited during this phase, but certain factors could cause a few hiccups during the process. But, the good news is that most of the problems that people face are very common.

15 problems every women face during pregnancy

15 embarrassing problems during pregnancy and their solutions

It is always better to consult a doctor to be aware of some of the uncomfortable experiences that you might encounter during your pregnancy. In order to make this easier for you, we have laid down 15 embarrassing problems that women go through during their pregnancy.

1. Stretch Marks

Yes, stretch marks are real. Out of every ten women, nine have to deal with the stretch marks when they are pregnant. It occurs because the elastic present in the skin stretches as you keep gaining weight during the different stages of pregnancy.

There is no real cure for this problem. If you wish to avoid this problem as much as possible, you need to watch your weight so that it doesn’t increase drastically. You can keep exercising as it does help. You can get rid of stretch marks after your pregnancy. There are laser treatments available in the market that provides good results.

2. Unwanted Hair Growth

Unwanted hair growth does not imply that you will be growing hair on your chest. But, the androgen levels increase during pregnancy which can increase the amount of fuzz on your face.

The best way to deal with this issue is by using hair removal cream. They are kinder than shaving and waxing. You also do not have to worry about excessive hair growth after using these creams. It is a complete myth, as reported by doctors. The change we notice is more psychological than physical.

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3. Belly Button Protrudes

As your uterus will be expanding every month, it is natural for your tummy button to be pushed forward in the process. It may seem bad during your pregnancy, but it is quite natural and familiar.

You have nothing to worry about in this case. In most cases, it returns to normal after the delivery.

4. Varicose Veins

During the pregnancy, your valves need to work twice as hard as it used to earlier. It could lead to swelling. It is quite common because of the placenta, growing baby, and the uterus altogether weighs down your veins.

After labor, it will most probably disappear. But, it is essential to get measured. You also need to keep moving, as it helps in decreasing the pressure build up on the valves.

5. Breasts Leak

Yes, breasts do leak during pregnancy. As your breasts are preparing itself for feeding, colostrumis produced. In the early pregnancy stages, some women may encounter leakage.

It isn’t that bad. It is more like a trial run, and a useful one. In most cases, it is not noticeable. But if you are uncomfortable, you can try wearing nursing pads in the bra to feel comfortable.

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6. Discharge Increases

As your body has more blood flowing through it, especially near the cervix, you are very likely to encounter vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

It is incredibly normal and happens to most pregnant ladies. Therefore, wearing cotton panties or using panty lines are helpful in keeping the area dry and clean. Avoid scented soaps and wipe front to back whenever you use the washroom. If you see blood in your discharge, it could mean labor.  However, you must consult your doctor if the discharge is grey or green in color.

7. Weird Dreams

The blood flow and oestrogen levels are high during pregnancy. It could mean scary nightmares or lusty dreams when you are asleep. It could also be because of disrupted sleep patterns as you need to use the washroom at night frequently.

Try ignoring the nightmares and enjoying the sexy dreams. You do not require dream reading.

8. Acne

Acne is another major problem that may have to deal with during pregnancy. As hormonal changes are bound to happen during pregnancy, the first and second trimesters could be bad for your skin.

Do not scrub your face, but gently massage daily using a face wash. Go for the ones that have salicylic acid.

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9. Hemorrhoids

Bleeding, itchy, or swollen veins near the rectum area are common during pregnancy. It is because the veins are way more relaxed.

Once you deliver the baby, it will go away. But during the pregnancy, it is better to consume high-fiber foods and plenty of water. Also, do not stand for too long.

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10. Leaky Bladder

During pregnancy, you may have to deal with an unexpected leak. A cough or sneeze is enough to trigger it. When you are carrying the extra load, it is bound to pressure your bladder. Therefore, a leak is quite natural.

You could avoid this as much as possible by strengthening the pelvic floor. Pulling the right muscles that could prevent you from leaking will be a great start. Exercising is also very helpful.

11. Sore or Itchy Nipples

Your breasts could be very itchy and painful during pregnancy. In order to reduce the impact, you can try using substitutes of soap as well as shower cream instead of gel. Creamy products can do a better job at reducing this symptom.

Get rid of the old bras as well and get new ones that are comfortable. Your breasts will also grow during pregnancy, so you might want to ditch the ones that do not fit.

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12. Sweating

As your body will be dealing with excess blood flow and hormonal changes, your body will increase temperature. To avoid this, you can take a lot of showers and drink more fluids.

13. Linea Nigra

It is the darkening stripe that you see between the pelvis and belly button. The line is always there, but we usually do not notice. It usually fades away with labor. If you are conscious, you can use foundation or moisturizer to reduce its visibility.

14. Constipation

Progesterone in the body leads to constipation during pregnancy. You can ask the pharmacist for any liquid iron solution to help with the condition.

15. Burping and Gas

Progesterone is the reason you will have to deal with slow digestion which ultimately ends up pressuring the abdomen to produce more gas. Eating small meals and wearing loose clothing can be of really great help. Identify your triggers and avoid them.

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Pregnancy brings a host of problems, and most of them are manageable or familiar. But, some can be unique. Therefore, consulting a medical practitioner is extremely important. Get all the information in detail from your doctor.

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