Top 8 ways to prevent pregnancy stretch marks

Getting stretch marks is a common problem during pregnancy. A lot of to-be mothers get pregnancy stretch marks, but not even one would probably be proud to have them. Out of all the pregnancy symptoms that continue to exist after the delivery of the baby, this one is probably the most prominent. In this post, we will talk about how to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks naturally

If you get stretch marks, it is difficult for you to get completely rid of them. But, with certain remedies, you can lighten them. But as they say, prevention is always better than cure.

So, instead of getting your stretch marks and then doing things to fade them away, you should try to not get them in the first place.

For that, you must know what exactly causes stretch marks during pregnancy. Have a look here for details-

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are basically depressed marks on the skin of a pregnant woman that look like a mesh of small streaks. This is a condition that women suffer from during their later pregnancy phases.

The reason why stretch marks appear is that the elastic fibers present underneath the skin undergo breakage as the body begins to grow at a rate faster than what the skin can adapt to.

Stretch marks can appear on the buttocks, the thighs, the tummy and the breasts. They may appear in one of these colors- brown, reddish brown, purple and pink. It is your complexion that actually determines the color of your stretch marks.

Although with time, some stretch marks fade away, they don’t go away entirely. These marks also have a genetic element to them. That means, if your mother had them during her pregnancy, it is highly likely that you might get them too when you get pregnant.

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Causes of stretch marks during pregnancy

  • Although it is very common to put on some weight during pregnancy, you might get stretch marks if you are putting in weight pretty fast. And that is why if you are aiming at gaining some weight, then make sure you do it in a slow-paced manner.
  • Pregnant women having excessive amniotic fluid are also prone to getting stretch marks.
  • Even pregnant women carrying multiple babies inside there womb might get these marks.
  • A lot of women get stretch marks when their baby weighs more than average.
  • As mentioned above, stretch marks can also be genetic.
  • If you are too young, then you might get stretch marks upon getting pregnant.
  • If you got stretch marks when you were a teenager, you could have them during pregnancy too.

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Home remedies for pregnancy stretch marks

1. Maintain your weight at a reasonable measure

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that an overweight body could make you extremely prone to getting stretch marks.

So, try to maintain your weight at a reasonable measure for preventing stretch marks while pregnant. Just like bodybuilders get these marks when their muscles grow rapidly and teenagers get them when their body experiences a spurt in growth, pregnant women can experience them from rapid weight gain.

So, it is important that you put in efforts to keep your weight healthy. Eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to avoid gaining weight rapidly.

2. Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water. When you are pregnant, you might feel lazy to fill your bottle multiple times a day only to keep yourself hydrated. But that is something extremely important to do.

When you drink water in plenty, your skin remains soft and hydrated. As a result of which it doesn’t develop stretch marks when it stretches.

Dry skin is more susceptible to developing stretch marks. But when we say you should drink water, make sure you drink only water and stay away from caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee.

If you don’t like to take plain water all the time, then you can probably go for fruit juices and other caffeine-free fluids like herbal tea.

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3. Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet

If you want to avoid stretch marks, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Healthy skin is not as prone to stretch marks as unhealthy skin is. And that is why you should take in nutrients during pregnancy that make your skin healthy.

Have food that contains proteins, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin C. The best way to make sure your body is getting what it needs is to have a lot of colorful food items.

But make sure these colors are natural. There are many colorful vegetables and fruits available out there. Go for them to boost your skin health.

4. Take a lot of vitamin C

Although almost all vitamins are important for your health, vitamin C is the major reason why your skin is good or bad. Your skin gets its elasticity and strength from the collagen it contains.

Collagen is the reason why some faces don’t wrinkle as much as others. And a healthy collagen level is the reason why some women don’t get bad stretch marks during pregnancy.

It will be valuable for you to know that vitamin c boosts collagen health in your body. There are many fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, but the most beneficial are citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. So, have them in plenty if you don’t want to make your skin appear ugly with stretch marks. This remedy is the best answer for how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

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5. Treat your stretch marks asap

You should treat your stretch marks as soon as they begin to appear. Fresh stretch marks respond better to treatment as compared to old marks.

There are numerous health remedies that you can try out to make your stretch marks go away. These remedies don’t have side effects, and they are a really cost-effective way to address this problem. Make an appointment with your doctor or a dermatologist to discuss your options if you have fresh stretch marks.

6. Take a lot of vitamin D

A lot of studies point at the importance of vitamin D in the prevention of stretch marks. If these studies are to be believed, a low level of vitamin D in the body can make you prone to developing these marks.

The best way to get vitamin d is by giving yourself some exposure to the sun. You can also eat food items loaded with this vitamin.

7. Balance your fatty acids

Balance the ratio of your omega 3 to 6 by reducing the amount of omega 6s you eat and have more cod liver oil to increase omega 3.

Cod liver oil is not only high in healthy omega 3 fatty acid, but also contains vitamin A and D. Omega 3 fatty acids help to strengthen the skin cell’s membrane, improving elasticity.

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8. Coconut oil massage

Coconut oil is a very effective natural moisturizer and works as a vegan, natural massage oil! Coconut oil is the main ingredient in many skin creams and soaps, so it’s best to use it neat.

Your skin absorbs it deeply, quickly and eliminates dead cells. Coconut oil contains, vitamin E and fatty acids which can contribute to your skin’s health.

Massage your skin with coconut oil after bath for 10 minutes. As this massage is not harmful, you can do this two times a day. You can continue using it after you have had your baby too. Virgin coconut oil is the best choice which you can buy here.

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Now, that you know what causes stretch marks and how to prevent pregnancy stretch marks naturally, there is no reason why you should get them during your pregnancy. But prevention is better than cure in this case. And you must always remember that!


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