Piper cubeba medicinal uses and health benefits (kabab chini)

Piper cubeba is a perennial, climbing plant having a woody stem. It roots at the joints. It has dark coloured cardiac shaped leaves 4-7 inches long and 1-2 inches broad. They are broad, ovate-oblong, smooth, and long-pointed.

Piper cubeba medicinal uses and health benefits (kabab chini)

The unisexual flowers form in clusters or spikes arranged at the end of the branch. Flowering occurs during the winter. You must gather the fruits before they ripen and dry them.

When dry, the pericarp remains wrinkled with grayish brown to blackish color. It has hard, white, and oily seeds.

Common name

Common names for this plant are Kankola, kabab chini plant and cubeb.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name for this plant is Piper cubeba. It belongs to the Piperaceae family.

Geological places where Piper cubeba herb grows

It grows natively in Java, Sumatra, and Malay. You also find it cultivated in India and Singapore. In India, you find it in the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala.

kankola flower fruit and leaves

Piper cubeba medicinal use for curing disease

Kankola has found use since the olden days for curing many ailments. People use it as an ingredient in cooking. Here are the medicinal uses listed below.

  • Good for constipation: In its leha form, it is used for the treatment of constipation.
  • Help improve stomach condition: Cure for indigestion is to take 3-5 drops of oil extracted from the plant of Kankola and mix with a glass of warm water and consumed to treat indigestion and improve the appetite.
  • Helpful in treating Irritable bowel syndrome: You get relief from the symptoms of IBS if you have Piper cubeba. Have the juice of the leaves twice a day for a week to get the best results.
  • Relief for asthma: It helps relieve the symptoms of asthma and many other respiratory conditions.
  • Treatment for inflammation and pain: Use the paste to apply on the parts of the body where you have pain and swelling.
  • Good for treating mouth ulcer: Use the powder of the fruit with honey. Apply this to the mouth ulcer, and it will disappear in a week. It will help reduce the inflammation of the gums.
  • Relief for a cough: Take 1 teaspoon of honey and mix the powder of the fruit of Kankola with it. Have it in doses of 4-5 grams to treat a cough and sinusitis.
  • The cure for erectile dysfunction: For treating erectile dysfunction, take the fruit powder with milk and sugar candy.
  • Help relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea: Have the cold infusion prepared from the fruit of Piper cubeba. Use doses of 30-40 ml for treating dysmenorrhea and difficulty in micturition.
  • Sexual aid: Mix the powder of the fruit of Kankola with water to get a paste. They apply the paste on the male genital organ so that the sexual pleasure gets increased.
  • Treat vaginitis: You can treat many types of vaginitis using the paste made from the fruit of the Piper cubeba. You can cure senile vaginitis also with this paste. It is good for treating Trichomonas vaginitis, and it helps treat chronic vaginitis. You may also use the preparation to get relief from Gonococcal infection and other associated vaginal discharges. By using the suitable extract or preparation of the Piper cubeba, you can help those who have leucorrhoea.
  • Relief for people with pelvic girdle pain: You can use a decoction made using the peppercorns to get relief from girdle pain.
  • Help treat liver and intestinal disorders: The Piper cubeba flushes out the toxins from the system. It keeps the liver functioning well and removes the food left in the intestines. This helps get rid of gas and promote digestion.
  • Helpful for treating fevers: It is also used as an anti-pyretic since it can reduce fevers. Prepare a tea with the crushed peppercorns, ginger, and rock candy and have it morning and evening. This will give you relief from fevers fast.
  • Works as a blood purifier: By removing the toxins and decreasing the cholesterol, the pepper helps to make the blood pure. It augments the metabolic activity and promotes good health.
  • Treat genitourinary tract infections: Women having recurrent infections of the bladder should wash their vagina with a preparation of Piper cubeba after having sexual contact. They must do this until all the symptoms disappear.
  • Alleviate symptoms of cystitis: Cystitis or urinary tract infection can get relief by taking the preparation of Kabab chini plant. If you ignore it, this will become a serious problem.
  • Good treatment for an enlarged prostate: Enlarged prostate is a problem that comes with old age. To get relief from frequent trips to the bathroom at night, you can have a glass of the decoction made from Piper cubeba daily with your meals. This will solve your problems with ease.
  • Treat renal calculi: People who have high mineral content in their urine are at risk of forming kidney stones. They are painful, and you must take treatment fast. Have the decoction prepared from Kankola and you will get fast relief.
  • Good for curing retention of urine: Kankola helps the passing of urine. For people suffering from urine retention, taking the tea made with Kankola is the best cure.
  • Useful in cardiac disorders: Kabab chini promotes good heart health. It acts on the LDL cholesterol and removes it from the body. It helps the metabolic activity by improving the digestion and promoting appetite. All this helps the heart to become healthy.
  • Relief for those who have haemorrhoids: The action of Kankola in softening the stools helps ease the symptoms of haemorrhoids. Take the juice of the peppercorns twice a day to get the best results.
  • Good for oral problems: You can treat bad breath and diseases of the teeth such as oral ulcers. Do not swallow the tablet made from Kankola plant but chew pieces and swallow.
  • Cures fistula: Fistula is an abnormal connection between two hollow spaces in our body such as between blood vessels or parts of the intestine. It might happen due to infection or injury. The use of Piper cubeba helps ease the problem.
  • Help for curing bleeding diseases: When you suffer from diseases that cause excessive loss of blood, you will have fatigue and other symptoms. To get relief from the bleeding, you can have the Piper cubeba in powder or as a decoction.



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