Onion health benefits, nutrition facts and side effects

You might have eaten onion in your life, right? Whether it is about scrumptious dishes, curries, or salad, we all have eaten onions. These onions not just cater a flavor, but they also offer significant nutrients and health-endorsing phytochemicals. Where onions look absolutely delicious in dishes, they too cater a rich taste when eaten raw with food.

Onion health benefits, nutrition facts and side effects

Are Onions Nutritious?

These humble onions are found in every kitchen, but you know the curative powers of onion make it a significant remedial plant too. Just like garlic, onion is a member of the lily family. You cannot doubt the power of the different juices, which prevail in onions. It prepares the basis of so many recipes. Whether you talk about raw, baked, sautéed, boiled, or steamed, onion has its charisma in all of them. You can find an onion in the cuisines of all the countries!

You know onions are rich in vitamin C and are a wonderful source of fibre. With just forty-five calories per serving, these onions can add plentiful flavour to a huge variety of food. Onions are fat, sodium, and cholesterol free, and cater numerous of other chief nutrients. So, if all these years, you were thinking that onions were just adding a pinch of spice and flavours in your food, you were wrong. More than only a delicious culinary plant, onion possesses natural sugar, different vitamins A, B6, C and E, minerals like potassium, sodium, and iron, and it also has dietary fibre.

Onion benefits / Benefits of Onions

There are numerous benefits of onions. So, let us go through them and find out the unknown talents of these onions.

Prevent Your Diabetes with Onions

You know a single portion of onions possesses twenty-seven percent of the biotin DRI. Biotin possesses numerous positive impacts on health. One of the various impacts is that it fights symptoms linked with type 2 diabetes. As per an early research, a combination of chromium and biotin may help control blood sugar and even lessen insulin resistance.

Actually, chromium in onions helps in controlling blood sugar. Moreover, the sulphur in onions is helpful in lowering blood sugar by activating surged insulin production. Such a thing might be helpful especially to people having diabetes. People having Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes when consume red onions show lesser glucose degrees for around four hours. So, indeed onions can be your friends if you are in the same boat of diabetes.

Onion is linked with Cancer

Quercetin, which is found in onions, might be a very powerful anticancer agent. It may mainly hinder cancer cells in the breast, prostate, colon, ovarian, lung and endometrial tumours. Various servings of onion every single week are adequate to diminish statistically the risk of different kinds of cancer. For laryngeal, colorectal and ovarian cancer, between one to seven servings of onion have been proved to be helpful in risk reduction. But kindly note that to lower down the danger of oesophageal and oral cancer, one shall need to have one onion serving every day. It means around one to two cups.

Traditional healing

Onions were archaeologically as a preventive medicine during the epidemics of plague and cholera. You know these were eaten by the great Roman Emperor Nero as a treatment for colds. Perhaps it is the reputation of this onion that has made onions a famous component in the diets of various countries.

Healthy for Your Heart

It has been believed that onions lead to a healthy heart in numerous ways. They lower down the blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks. According to research, sulphur works as a natural blood thinner and averts blood platelets from combining. With the clustering of these platelets, the danger of heart attack or stroke increases.

The amount of quercetin in onions might also prove helpful in the formation of plaque in the arteries. It diminishes the danger of heart attack and stroke. However,many researchers do have mixed feelings about this aspect.

It Improves Immunity

You know onion possesses both the vitamin C and phytochemicals, which increase the efficacy of vitamin C in the body. It just means you get a healthier, much effective immune system. Actually, these onions also diminish allergic reactions by ceasing your body from generating histamines. Histamines make a person cry, sneeze, and itch if one has an allergic reaction.

Raw Onions are Power House for you!

  • These raw onions are popular for lowering the production of LDL, which means bad cholesterol, and thus, they keep the heart healthy.
  • It too possesses a lot of Quercetin, which is a powerful compound and plays a crucial role in preventing cancer, mainly colorectal and stomach cancers.
  • Does your nose bleed quite often? Do you want to get rid of it? No need to worry. Just place a tiny piece of onion under your nostrils and inhale it to slow down or cease a nose bleed.
  • Then you know a combination of onion juice and honey is believed to be very effective as a remedy for common cold, fever, allergies and so on. Honey is mingled in the juice of onion to make lessen its firmness.
  • Vitamin Cthat remains whole while onions are in the raw form, coupled with the phytochemicals existing in onions helps form immunity.
  • Raw Onions too possess chromium, which may prove very helpful in regulating blood sugar.
  • Are you finding it really difficult to fight your depression? Then just try out onions because folate in onions helps in diminishing depression.


Thus, there is no doubt that onions are full of rich qualities. From taste to flavour, the remedy to medicinal cures, diabetes to heart ailments, everything can come under the huge umbrella of onions. Of course, if you have never used onions to cure an ailment, you can do it now. Why should onion be just limited to your pallet when it can kick of so many of your headaches? So, cherish the existence of onions by sprinkling them in your dishes and making their use for different cures.

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