Best newborn baby care tips for new moms for good health

The greatest art of life is the care of a newborn baby. The young infant is very gentle. A slight negligence can be harmful to them. Therefore, it’s necessary to take proper care of the child like the cotton. If a mother is skilled at child care, then becoming a mother is called a successful one. Here, we will talk about best newborn baby care tips for new moms for good health of their kid.

To keep children safe and sound, by focusing on small things, they can be saved from every trouble. Especially their massage and bathing requirements should be taken care carefully. At the same time, the immunity power of the new baby is very low. By nurturing child properly makes him stronger.

Best newborn baby care tips for new moms

Best newborn baby care tips for new moms

1. Massage makes new baby strong

Since the child is a bit tied to the mother’s womb, so the massage is most important for opening his joints and for the strengthening of the bones. Often people are dependent on other persons to massage their baby.

Try to do that the child’s massage should be done by a relative like grandmother, aunt or mother. The loving touch of the mother’s hands gives the child a sense of security. Before the child is bathed daily, his massage must be done. Massage not only provides the necessary nourishment to the body of the child, but also the body’s workout.

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How to massage your newborn baby

Choose baby oil, mustard or olive oil for baby massage. The best way to massage is to close the windows and doors of the room where you are going to massage the baby so that the outside air does not affect the child.

Then stretch your legs and spread the baby between your legs and start greasing the baby by putting oil in your hands. Always start the massage with the feet of the child.

Then massage her stomach and chest with light hands. After that, massage the back and waist by placing the child in the back of the abdomen, and massage the child’s head at the end.

Massage makes new baby strong

Benefits of massage to newborn baby

Massage provides exercise and relaxation to the child’s muscles, and the child sleeps comfortably by becoming stress-free. Take care while doing massage that the hands should move smoothly and do not shock the delicate organs of the children.

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2. Know the reason, why baby cry

Babies do not have any means except to cry to explain their point of view. This is the way to express his hunger, thirst, loneliness, chills, fatigue and … restlessness.

Many times newborn babies cry for no reason. Many times this crying takes even serious forms in the evening. As the infant grows up especially in the art of communication, its cry will decrease and it will not be so difficult to handle it for you. At the moment you will have to learn the meaning of their crying.

  • I am hungry: Gradually crying softly, it means that he is hungry. He licks the lips, finger sucks and watches with a pity.
  • I’m having pain: This cry is sudden and very fast, which can be for a long time. The baby’s breath begins to rattle. Then, after restraining the breath, he starts crying again.
  • I am getting bored: Such a child expresses anger after crying loudly after light oh-oh. And he asks why does not he pay attention to me? As you raises his lap, his tears stop.
  • I am tired or uneasy: Many times, a child teasing by the surrounding environment shows anger by crying, like the anger of changing nappies repeatedly, the anger of being wet with nappies or the anger of sitting in a small chair for a long time.
  • I’m sick: There is no more enthusiasm in this kind of crying, because the baby is diminished. Along with this, you can also see the symptoms and behavior of the disease in it. The sound of the crying of a sick child is such that the litter of the parents comes to the mouth. They can never forget to recognize it.

comfortable baby career

3. Use comfortable baby career

Baby carrier and sling made of cloths have always been in use. Now these are going to become a modern kind of variety, which is a good solution for parents. In this, the child feels the warmth of your body while keep in touch with chest and feel himself more secure.

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Because of this you can easily do your work. If you are out of the house somewhere then the child also gets an opportunity to see the world around and he feels happy. Keep the following things in mind while using a baby career.

  • Overheat: If you are taking your baby out in baby career in hot weather then keep seeing again n again that he is not sweating or he is not feeling restless? If he is feeling hot, then take him off for a while.
  • Change your carrier if needs: Any career for a small child will work because he does not have a feeling of the surrounding world, but when he gets older, the child should have such a career that he can look back and forth easily. Apart from this, use the habit of rotating him in the push chair or gag.
  • Baby Sleep More In Carrier: Often children living in a career get more sleep than normal children. These children cannot sleep well, because their sleep breaks down when they get off the carrier. They relax so much in the day that they do not sleep at night and awaken everyone. If the child is sleeping in a career, then do not let him sleep more in the rest of the day.
  • Fear of injury: It is also important to keep certain precautions with the careers. If you think that you can jog with a career then do not take this risk. The neck of the baby is very fragile. A shock can hurt him. If you have to jog, then take him to the push chair.

4. Baby skin care tips for new moms

It is also extremely important to take care of the health of your child’s skin. If you have become a new mother, then you will take care of your baby day and night. In this situation, it is natural to be tensed.

Neither you can sleep properly nor you can go out. In such a situation, the face seems to be tired, sleepy all the time. You also do not understand how to look after the child’s skin.

Sometimes it becomes rashes and scratches on skin of your baby. We have solution to all your problems which we will discuss here one by one.

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How to take care skin of newborn baby

Like children their skin is as gentle as they are. Therefore, their skin gets allergies very soon. Do their massage with such oil, which is made for their skin only. Massage with the oil that your doctor advises.

Children’s skin is completely different. It takes 10 years to fully develop the lowest layer of skin of the children’s skin. At the same time, their oil secreting glands, the cradle is not fully active at this age.

Cradle Cap

Every newborn child has the cradle cap. Under it, the skin of the head is also dry. It does not recover immediately. It takes several months to recover. When the oil-bearing Sebaceous Glands secrete a lot of oil, then it becomes the first oily patch and after drying it starts flying like a scab.

The safest way to fix this is to wash your child’s hair with a light shampoo. Before shampooing, turn the soft baby brush over his head so that flex can get out. Immediately after bath, massage their head with your fingers. It gradually cures itself.

How to take care of the umbilical cord

The child’s cord is attached to you and your baby’s navel. It is very important to make it clean and dry, otherwise it can cause infection. It itself falls within 20 days.

In such a way, it is important to pay attention while wearing a diaper. It is better to have umbilical cord outside the diaper, so that it remains dry and does not come in contact with urine.

Avoid wearing a diaper until the placenta falls. Give him a sponge bath while bathing. If the doctor gives medicines for the placard, do not forget to apply it.

If you do not take proper care of your loved ones at this time then there is a possibility of getting inflammation, redness, infection and fever.

Take care of inner organs of new baby

If you have a son then do not try to touch his private parts. Clean the outer space on such a place, as you do in other parts of the body.

If you find swelling here, talk to a doctor instead of doing something for yourself. Slowly clean this place with wet and clean soft cloth carefully.

How to manage acne of baby

It is very common to have acne in the newborn. Acne can be red or white. It usually appears on the cheeks, forehead, chin and back. It would be more appropriate to call it Blemishes.

Small white acne is called milia, which gets cured automatically within a few weeks. They have nothing to do with acne. If this is not curing automatically then it is important to consult a doctor.

Never rub the acne. Avoid oily lotions at this time. It worsens the situation of acne. Clean your child’s face with mild baby soap and dry it. Do this only once a day.

Taking care of spots on baby skin

Consult the doctor for any type of fungal infection to protect the child. If there is a spot on the face or body of the child, then do not tamper with them. There are some such marks in them, who end up with increasing age itself.

But after tampering this marks become scars. Children’s skin is so fragile, that the bites of insects or mosquitoes are swollen immediately.

Therefore, always sleep between mosquito nets and avoid using mosquito repellent machines available in the market, as it harms children.

What to do if child has eczema?

It gets to see on the cheek and head of the child. But also spreads in the arms, legs, chest and other parts of the body. Many times, it is seen in the wrist, ankle and behind the knee.

Avoid bathing in very hot water because hot water makes the skin rigid. Use only a light soap or soap free cleanser. Dry her skin only with a soft towel. Apply the lotion given by the doctor on the skin of the baby. Do not wear warm clothes.

If a woman follow these newborn baby care tips for new moms, then we are sure that her new baby will be healthy and strong.

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