Effective ways to boost energy instantly (energy giving food)

Most of us recognize the feeling, the ‘cannot do anything more’ feeling that comes at the end of the day or after a power workout. Low energy levels signal the end of the road and often the quality of life suffers because we just don’t want to do anything.  Well, you can change that and become energetic immediately so you can chip in and make the day brighter.

Boost the good side with energy giving food and exercise

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Quickly

Exercise: This streamlines the body energy and keeps you moving smoothly. So, when you are tired, you do not just give up. You begin to flow again and pick up the threads to become active.

Take a break: Whatever you are doing, just leave it and go for a walk for ten minutes. Do this two to three times a day if possible.

Be sure to get your Vitamin D: Rather than depending on the supplements to do the trick, go and soak up some sun. Have your tea on the balcony so you get at least ten minutes of sunshine on your face and hands. And, that is enough for one day.

Eat all your meals: It may sound fancy – skip breakfast, skip lunch…what is it? In essence, you are depriving your body of the energy to go on.

Have fruit juice: Keep juices bottled and drink them during the day. Oranges, mangoes, lemon, watermelon, and any other fruit you like will do. They boost your energy instantly. Watch out if you have a sugar problem though.

Have a power snack: This comes highly recommended especially if you work non-stop right through the day. Keep some snacks handy so that when you feel your energy ebb, just bite into the whole wheat sandwich or a handful of nuts. You can try yogurt too, enriched or plain.

Eat healthy and energy boosting food items

Get the glycaemic load down: Eat only foods with a low glycaemic load such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, nuts, bran cereal, and so on. Avoid white rice, potatoes, cornflakes, and sugary drinks.

Have a whiff of rosemary: Crush some rosemary and have a whiff. This smell stimulates at once and makes you ready to go again.

Drink water: The first sign of dehydration is fatigue. Drink water, two glasses if you must. Keep a bottle beside you on your study table.

Get enough iron: This mineral helps you boost the blood and get oxygen to all the organs in the body. Eat red meat, green leafy vegetables, or take a supplement after consulting your doctor.

Increase your magnesium intake: This vital mineral takes part in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. And, that includes breaking down of glucose into energy. When you have low levels of magnesium, you need more oxygen and more energy to do physical work. Cashews, almonds, and bran cereal have good amounts of magnesium. If you like fish, try halibut.

Herbs for health: The best energy boosting herb is Ashwagandha. This is an adaptogen which means that it helps your body to cope with stress.  It reduces the usage of adrenaline that makes us tense. It stabilizes blood sugar and fights inflammation. Oil of Oregano is one thing you need to fight viruses and achy joints. It detoxifies the liver. Find Ashwagandha powder health benefits.

Instant energy boosters: The best energy boosters are banana, milk, Indian Gooseberry, Ginseng, licorice, and fruits. Banana has potassium, the mineral you need to convert sugar into energy. The Vitamin B in milk helps reduce weakness. Iron, phosphorus, Vitamin C, proteins, and carbohydrates in the Indian Gooseberry help raise your energy instantly. find Indian Gooseberry medicinal uses.

Ginseng is an antioxidant that has a calming effect. Licorice helps you fight the symptoms of weakness. It enhances metabolism and boosts the energy levels. Mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They have sugar that gives you instant energy. Strawberries have lots of Vitamin C and fibre. The Kiwi fruit has more potassium than a banana and more Vitamin C than an orange.

Check the bad side of energy

Control stress: Some people can make stress work for them. They become more energetic and get more things done when they are stressed. They can act cool too and so you don’t know that they are stressed. But, this is bad. You cannot go on for long periods without snapping – sometimes it may be disastrous.

Lessen the load: When you still have something to do and do not have the energy to do it, you simply economize. You do only those things you absolutely must do. Leave the rest for tomorrow, if you really have to do them.

Do not rush through your coffee: There are people who must have their double espresso to get their eyelids open. But, this habit can wreck your health. If you must drink coffee, limit it to one per day.

Restrict daytime napping: This takes time and does not add so much to the energy levels either. So, it is better to keep it under control.

Get rid of clutter: This is one of the biggest energy sappers. Take one look at the clutter on the table and you get all mixed up. The way around it is to get a big box and dump everything into it. Keep it by the table or on the table for a few days. You will remove only those things you need…throw the rest away.

Avoid smoking: Smoking relaxes but drains the energy. Excessive smoking kills, but you know that anyway. Throw the cigarette and get a good book or an orange. They cost about the same, anyway. Read effective ways to  quit smoking naturally.

Have a medical check-up: The problem may be anemia or a sluggish thyroid. Do the test and repeat it regularly.  You will have the energy to work all day long.

Getting through the day with a song on your lips is admirable and doable when you have the energy inside you. Stick to the healthy diet and reject the bad side. You can have a lovely life full of energy and happiness.


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