Natarajasana (Dancer pose yoga) – How to do and benefits

How to do Natarajasana

Natarajasana: Stand up on the left leg. Fold back the right leg at the knee. Grab the toe of the right leg with the palm of the right hand. At this stage your right leg is just folded backwards and it is held by the palm. Keep the leg in the same position.

Then bring  all the fingers of the left hand together and tighten the left hand. When the left hand has been tightened, slowly raise this hand up and at the same time slowly push the right leg backwards. In this process you are doing two things simultaneously. You are raising the left hand in front pushing the right foot backwards. While doing this, you should give a maximum backwards push with the right leg. But do not raise the left hand straight up towards the sky, keep it slanting, pointed towards the horizon so that the whole hand is visible to you.

Natarajasana (Dancer pose yoga) - How to do and benefits

Now bend the body above the waist slightly forward and try to see the top of the finger of the left hand and keep looking there. Keep the right foot fully pushed back and tight. Make the left leg quite firm and tight. Do not loosen the left leg when you bend the body slightly forward. Stay in this position for about eight seconds, as shown in fig. Keep breathing normally, all through Natarajasana. In case you have difficulty in doing this Natarajasana on the floor, stand with the support of either a wall or a pillar. After you have become used to practicing it, do it standing on the floor, without any support.

After remaining in this position for about eight seconds, gradually bring the left hand tightly down and bring the right leg back to the folded position and then release it. You are now standing on both legs. Rest in that position for a while. After resting for a few seconds, repeat the asana. This time stand up on the right leg, hold the left leg and raise the right hand. You have to do it alternately by following the same process as done in the first round.

Daily Practice

Make four rounds daily during the first week. During the second week and afterwards make six round daily. Practise it alternately. Do not make more than six rounds of Natarajasana in a single day.

Natarajasana Benefits

Natarajasana activates all the major and minor joints of the body in a single process. For the arthritis it  has a great curative effect upon all the joints. It brings proper activation upon the shoulder joints, hip joints, the knees, the ankles, the palms and the fingers. Because of this conditioning, the muscles, nerves and tissues of these areas get normalized and their functioning is restored.

Natarajasana yoga pose

Natraj Asana has also a good effect upon the spine. It removes spinal rigidity and pain . It removes backache, stiffness and other disorders of the spine.

To the general practitioners it provides flexibility to the limbs. Strengthens the major bones, enhances the digestive power, improves eyesight, and generates vitality, potency and the quality of determination. A significant aspect of Natraj Asana is that it symbolizes action. In other words, it breaks the condition of stand stillness in the individual and creates a feeling to act. Because of these benefits. It is a highly recommended asana for the arthritis as well as for the general practitioners of yogas.

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