Michelia champaca tree benefits, uses and images (Golden Champa)

Michelia champaca or Golden Champa is a large evergreen tree with a straight bole up to 18-21 metres in height. The branches are dense and spreading. The leaves are alternate, stipules convolute, simple, deciduous, tips acute, unicostate, reticulate, margins entire, bases obtuse to rounded. The inflorescence is in solitary cymes, axillary, greyish yellow, pubescent, enclosing floral bud, bisexual, polymerous, andhypogynous. Calyx and corolla are undifferentiated arranged in whorls of 3, perianth segments 15, apophyllous, very fragrant. In this article, we will talk about Michelia champaca medicinal uses and champa health benefits.

Michelia champaca health benefits, medicinal uses and images

Common name

Its common name is Champa. Other names include Frangipani and Joy Perfume Tree.

Botanical name or family

Its botanical name is Michelia champaca. It belongs to the Magnoliaceae family.

Geological places where Michelia champaca tree grows

It is native to India, Indonesia, Burma, and nearby regions. It grows in the wild in the Eastern Himalayas.

Golden Champa flower fruit and leaves

Golden Champa Medicinal uses for curing diseases

  • Cure haematemesis: This is a condition where you have irritation of the lining of the stomach or the oesophagus. At times, this happens due to the destruction of the lining. By having the extract of the plant, you can cure the condition and restore normalcy to the stomach.
  • Treat Dysuria: People who have trouble or pain while passing urine will get relief by having the flower and its juice twice a day. Michelia Champaca helps promote the flow of urine.
  • Treat Pruritis: When you have this ailment, you get the urge to scratch. The skin irritation is not serious, and you can get relief by the use of frangipani juice on the skin. The moisturizing effect gives relief.
  • Remove Boils: To deal with boils on the skin, use the crushed leaves on the site of the boils. Do this daily until the boils disappear.
  • Provide relief from Carbuncles: You see carbuncles as red, painful boils connected together under the skin. This occurs due to the infection of the hair follicle and the resultant collection of pus under the skin results in the carbuncle. You can get relief for the carbuncle by the use of Golden Champa extract on the site of the carbuncle.
  • Treat Infections: The antibacterial nature of the Michelia Champaca helps prevent the incidence of infections. The Hindus revere them for this and their wonderful fragrance.
  • Promote spermatogenesis: Meiosis is the process for the creation of gametes. Meiosis that results in sperm formation is spermatogenesis. The Golden Champa tree helps the cell division process involved in the spermatogenesis. Having the extract of the leaves once a week helps to improve the sperm count.
  • Good for heart: Michelia champaca acts on the LDL cholesterol and removes them from the blood. It makes the blood healthy and improves the working of the heart.
  • Kill wasps: Get rid of wasps by placing some champa flowers on the window sill. The wasps cannot stand the fragrance of the flowers.
  • Antidote for poisons: You can make a drink out the crushed flowers and have it as an antidote for poisoning.
  • Anti-toxic agent: The extract of the flower acts on the toxins in the body and removes them. It helps promote good health by keeping the liver healthy.
  • Expels worms: Use the juice of the flowers to get rid of the worms in your intestine. Drink the juice daily in the morning three times a week for two weeks. This will remove all the worms in your intestines and stomach.
  • Gives tone to the stomach: Soak some flowers of the Michelia champaca plant in water. Drink one glass of this before each meal and your digestion will improve leaps and bounds. The digestion system will become strong, and your health will improve.
  • Check the overproduction of bile: Bile produced in the liver remains stored in the gallbladder. This is essential for the digestion of fats and worn out red blood cells. It also acts on certain toxins and removes them. But, the overproduction of the bile creates an imbalance in the digestive system such as bile acid diarrhea. You can use the Champa flower and leaves decoction to prevent the over production of bile.
  • Cures leprosy, skin diseases, and ulcers: The action of Michelia champaca helps deal with the problems of skin disorders. Apply the extract of the Champa tree on the skin and wash it off with some warm water after ten minutes.
  • Remove phlegm, good remedy for cough and rheumatism: It helps remove the phlegm from the system and improve the breathing. Take one cup of the warm water and put two to three flowers in it. Let it soak for a while and then drink it. Find home remedies for cough.
  • Promote menstrual flow: The frangipani flowers have a good action for women in that it helps improve the menstrual flow.
  • Good laxative: It improves the bowel movement and relieves the symptoms of constipation. Have a glass of the decoction prepared from the leaves of the champaca tree daily. You can see the improvement in a couple of days.
  • Good to relieve stomach and intestinal cramps: All parts of the frangipani tree including the bark and roots help to relieve cramps. Make a decoction from the parts of the tree and drink it in the morning and evening. This will cure your cramps and prevent their recurrence.
  • In the treatment of indigestion, nausea, and fever: If you suffer from fever due to any infection or ailment, you can get relief by taking the tea prepared from the flowers of the Joy Perfume Tree tree. For nausea, keep the Joy Perfume Tree flower in the room of the sick patient.
  • Vertigo or dizziness: For those who suffer from dizziness, the use of the flowers and juice prepared from the leaves of the frangipani tree helps. Drink the extract mixed in a glass of water, and you will soon become normal.
  • Headache, eye infections and gout: For mild headaches, take the juice of the Golden Champa flowers. If you have an eye infection, place some crushed leaves on the eyes. Keep this poultice for ten minutes, both in the morning and the evening. The use of frangipani tea will also help. Keep the paste of the leaves on the bones of your joint affected by gout. This will get rid of the pain, and the swelling will come down.
  • Chapped feet: Put some water in which you soaked the leaves of the Michelia champaca plant on your chapped feet. This will make the skin tone better for the feet.


The Michelia champaca tree has plenty, varied uses. Take the best care of your health with the use of Golden Champa plant.


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