Does marijuana use affect fertility in men and women?

The health of people is important as it allows them to enjoy a peaceful life. One of the most important aspects of health is fertility. In this article, we will talk about marijuana affects on fertility in men and women.

This is the capacity of a person to produce an offspring. In the normal course, everyone is able to produce an offspring by mating with a member of the opposite sex. The effect of marijuana on the fertility of men and women has undergone study. Here are some of the findings.

Does marijuana use affect fertility in men and women?

What is marijuana?

Cannabis, otherwise called marijuana, is a Schedule 1 controlled substance that has mood-altering properties. There is evidence to show that the use of marijuana can relieve pain and nausea.

It also helps relieve a variety of other chronic medical conditions. It contains over 400 chemicals with the dominant one being THC. THC is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive substance.

Marijuana is the dried top that includes stems, flower, leaves, and seeds of the hemp (cannabis sativa) plant.

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Effects of marijuana on human body

Though possessing medically useful properties, marijuana also possesses some dangerous side-effects. You see some of them here below:

  • Might affect the sex drive and reproductive process.
  • Produces psychosis.
  • The user develops dependency.
  • It changes the mood.
  • May disrupt normal learning ability.
  • Leads to suicidal thinking.

On the positive side, you see these effects when one uses marijuana recreationally. It is also administered as a drug to enhance the healing of patients undergoing treatment for a variety of ailments.

  1. Affects the sex drive of the person.
  2. Patients undergoing chemotherapy use it to counter the effects of nausea. (Benefits of cinnamon tea to stop nausea)
  3. Helps treat chronic pain.
  4. Gives good sleep.
  5. Rectifies anorexia.
  6. Helps people with muscle spasticity.

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Marijuana effect on male fertility

Marijuana is known to have several fertility issues with males and females. If you wish to conceive, you need to stop smoking marijuana. When you consume the product, it enters your blood and quickly goes to the brain.

Effects on sperm: –

Some people observed that the continued use of marijuana is likely to lead to male function dysfunction.The hyperactivity of the sperms makes them high so that they are too fast.

They burn out before they meet the egg. So, the fertilization does not occur. Though there are many instances of marijuana smokers fathering children, there is evidence to show that they have lower volumes of overall semen.

Sperms have receptors which are CB1 and CB2 that are found in marijuana. This shows that when these receptors are activated, there is a decrease in the motility of the sperm.

It is basically the capacity of the sperm to swim fast enough to find the egg. There are a series of reactions that can happen to the sperm when marijuana is consumed.

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Marijuana effect on female fertility

Studies suggest that women who smoke marijuana can have abnormal ovulation and delayed patterns too. This delays your process of conceiving and also effects your anovulatory cycles.

Sometimes women who excessively consume marijuana can have a disruption in the menstrual cycle that brings them to a stage where they do not ovulate at all.

Marijuana lowers the luteinizing hormone production. Luteinizing hormone, LH is, basically, responsible for the testosterone production when it comes to men, and for women, it helps in stimulating ovulation.

Females who intake marijuana when trying to conceive can have a case of low LH that can cause infertility. Find about long term side effects of marijuanas and long term effects of marijuanas.

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