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Mango: A healthy diet simply means creating a sensible decision. Rather than walking through so many of juices or juice cleanses, it is better to consume something that you trust, something that is with a controllable number of calories, various vitamins, and minerals. Every bite you consume should give you the feeling of having something nutritious. Your consumption has to be a treat for your health and not an unnecessary item.

Mango fruit health benefits and nutrition facts

While talking about so many things, we all know that fruit is always a wonderful place, to begin with. Maybe throughout your childhood, you developed the habits of having junk food or other snacks but do you remember which your favorite fruit is? For example, you might have a crush on mango? Don’t you? Talking about flavor, mangoes are sweet and give a rich experience. And if you think mangoes are just good for your pallet only, then you are mistaken, they have much to offer!

Mango nutrition

Apart from the delicious tropical flavour, mango cater a host of nutrients and make healthy eating a pleasant sensory experience. According to the studies, an adult can consume five to thirteen servings of fruits every day. Talking about mangoes, they are so versatile in nature and remain available throughout the year.

A single cup of Mango will cater you the following things:

  • Hundred calories
  • Twenty-eight grams of carbohydrates
  • Around 0. 8 grams of protein
  • Twenty-three point one micrograms of folate
  • Three grams of fibre
  • Forty-six milligrams of vitamin C
  • 1262 IU of the vitamin A
  • Zero point two milligrams of vitamin B6
  • One point eight milligrams of vitamin E

And the streak of its nutritious elements doesn’t end here. Moreover, Mango also cater iron, calcium, magnesium and strong antioxidants like quercetin, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and astragalin.

Mango benefits

Mangoes are not just the king of fruits, but they do have a good place in terms of their benefits. The scrumptious, juicy and finger licking fruit has some benefits, which will leave your jaws dropped. Let us quickly walk through them:

Regulates diabetes

Not just the mango fruit, but its leaves are also healthy. If you are suffering from diabetes, all you need to do is, just boil five to six mango leaves in a container, soak it throughout the night and consume the filtered decoction in the morning. It would help in regulating the insulin levels. Also, these mangoes have a dim glycaemic index, which means even if you go a little overboard; it would not increase the sugar levels. It is one of the best home remedy for diabetes.

yellow mango

An Eye on cholesterol

Mango possesses a high degree of Vitamin C, fibres, and pectin, which help to lower down the levels of serum cholesterol. A fresh mango is an extensive source of potassium, that is a vital constituent of body and cell fluids, which prove very helpful in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.

Fights cancer

Many antioxidants such as isoquercitrin, quercetin, astragalin, Gallic acid, fisetin and methylgallat exist in mango guard the body against leukemia, breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Helps in weight loss

Mango possesses a lot of nutrients and vitamins that help the body feel full. Additionally, the fibrous fruit enhances the digestive function of the body by burning extra calories, and thus, helps in weight loss.

Solve digestion issues

Mango possesses enzymes, which help in crushing down protein. The fibrous characteristics of mango are helpful in elimination and digestion. Mangos are filled with pre-biotic dietary fibre, minerals, and vitamins. So, if you develop a relation with mangoes, you can easily say goodbye to your digestion issues.

Kick off Your Skin Worries

Mangos are not just delicious and healthy, but they are also friends for your skin. These fruits help you in unclogging the pores and add freshness to face. Mangoes are absolutely appropriate to any skin kind. They are very helpful in clearing clogged pores, which cause acne. If you want to try them, just take a mango and cut it into slices. Then, keep these thin pieces on your face for around ten to fifteen minutes. Once you are done, just wash your face or take a bath and see the magic.

mango juice

Moreover, you can do skin scrubbing with mangos. Just prepare a paste of some mashed mango, milk, and honey. Then, use them as a body scrub. This way you can feel that your skin is a lot smoother and tender. It will make your skin alive and shiny too!

Keep Your Eyes Healthy with Mangos

Do you have any idea how good these mangos are for your eyes? This fruit is very rich in Vitamin A. In the case, you consume a cup of sliced mangoes, it would be equal to twenty-five percent intake of your regular need of Vitamin A. Mangoes promote fine eyesight, battle dry eyes, and also, avert night blindness.

Alkalizes body

As per the studies, mango is extremely rich in malic acid, tartaric acid, and traces of citric acid. These primarily help in managing the alkali reserve of a body.

Boost Your Immune System

Mangos are brimming with so many vitamins and minerals. This harmless combination of vitamin A, vitamin C and twenty-five different types of carotenoids keep the immune system healthy and strong.

A Good Source of Anti-aging

Nobody wants to show signs of ageing — mainly before their age. Here, mangos can play a crucial role in slowing down the procedure of natural ageing because of their high quantities of vitamins A and C. These vitamins result in Collagen, which is popular in slowing down the natural ageing process of your skin by guarding bodily connective tissue and blood vessels.

Good for your Brain Health

Mangos are considered to be one of the wonderful brain foods. The fruit is full of vitamin B6. It is must for upholding brain function. Mangos can actually result in a good overall working of your brain.


Thus, if you have always been falling for these scrumptious mangoes because of their sweet taste and gorgeous flavour, now you have more reasons to fall in love with them. Once you embrace the fruit of mango, you can relish both taste and health.

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