How to lower high blood pressure in pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Vouching for an experience, which cannot be expressed in words, it is truly a magical period. However, it does bring about its share of side effects and discomfort with high blood pressure in pregnancy being one of the major concerns.

How to lower high blood pressure in pregnancy?

It creates serious health issues, and also, is not good for the mother as well as the baby. Here, we will talk about how to lower high blood pressure in pregnancy natural remedies.

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Various kinds of blood pressures during pregnancy can occur like the gestation high blood pressure, which generally occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy or chronic hypertension, which is in someone owing to their genes or hereditary effects.

Then, there is again a situation which is rare – preeclampsia where a certain kind of complication occurs in some of the organs causing high blood pressure. Whatever may be the case, it is imperative to keep the pressure in check so that the body is healthy as well as there is no problem in the growth of the baby.

Reports also point to the fact when high blood pressure is felt during pregnancy, there is a chance that it puts a lot of stress on the heart, and so, heart or kidney disease might occur. It further increases the risk of preterm delivery or foetal disorder.

Though in serious situations, it is best to consult a doctor; there are certain natural ways, which can be adapted to ensure that the pressure is kept in check, enabling a healthy and happy body.

Enlisted are some of the natural remedies which are hundred percent natural with no side effects and can be safely done to get rid of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

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Natural remedies to lower high blood pressure in pregnancy

1. Deep breaths for normal bp for pregnant mother

Breathing technique has been reported as the best way to keep stress as well as high blood pressure in check. Basically, through this process, one gets to inhale more of oxygen and pump in to various cells in the body, including the growing foetus.

The oxygenated cells get in the required energy content, and also, ease the stress, which lowers the blood pressure.

The best way to perform the breathing exercise is as follows:

  • Lie down on the back or sit straight with folded legs.
  • Keep your hands on the lower part of the abdomen, just below the stomach so as to support the foetus.
  • Keep the hand position same even when lying.
  • Inhale deeply with your nose and then exhale out with your mouth.
  • While inhaling, focus on the movement of the air and how it inflates the stomach area.
  • This makes you aware of the presence of oxygen.

Repeat this process for at least 2- 3 times in a day. Ensure that it is done comfortably, and in case, feeling tired or dizzy, stop immediately.

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2. Light exercise for increased blood pressure during Pregnancy

Science has proved that a sedentary lifestyle or inactiveness is a major factor for high blood pressure. Hence, a light exercise is always recommended for the same. And in case of pregnancy, the best light exercise is brisk walking.

It ensures leg movement, and also, is very safe to be practiced for the entire nine months of pregnancy. Walking helps to keep the body active and also lowers hypertension.

For beginners, walking for about 20 minutes should be good enough, which can be slowly increased to 50-60 minutes. An additional benefit of walking is that it helps to build stamina, making the body ready for the delivery.

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3. Include potassium rich food in diet to lower bp during pregnancy

Another natural and easy way to control high blood pressure during pregnancy is to include potassium in your diet. A portion of about 2000 to 4000 mg is suggested to be included, which helps in increasing transmission of the nerves of electrolytes and fluid flows.

Further potassium is an important nutrient for releasing energy from the intake of carbohydrates and proteins. Some of the vegetables and fruits, which are rich in potassium content, are tomatoes, sweet potatoes, banana, kidney beans, peas, and raisins. Include one portion of any of these at least once in your meal and you are good to go.

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4. Manage your weight to manage bp during pregnancy

While gaining a little is essential at the time of conceiving, it is important to control chances of being overweight as this may be one of the factors for hypertension.

Make sure you are eating healthy and say no-no to caffeine and aerated drinks as they have high sugar content and extra calories which are harmful to the body.

Also, eat lots of fruits, fibres and green vegetables that regulates proper metabolism, ensuring a healthy foetus. Another important point to remember is to check on the intake of salt. Salt should be minimized and the only desirable amount should be consumed during this phase, which has a dual benefit of keeping the weight in check as well as reducing hypertension

5. Replace chocolates with dark chocolates

Having temptation is very common during pregnancy. However, in the interest of health, it is advisable to replace chocolates with dark chocolates. Dark chocolates have cocoa and other flavonoids that are found to keep hypertension in check.

Basically, flavonoids in dark chocolate aids in the release of nitric oxide content in the body which in turn helps in pumping blood to the various organs, thus controlling its pressure.

Having an ounce of dark chocolate which has approximately about 70% of cocoa in it is safe for pregnant women. Ensure that the quantity is controlled else the calorie intake may increase.

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6. Switch to low-fat milk

Consuming milk in pregnancy is very important;however, in case, you are trying to control your blood pressure it is advisable to consume low-fat milk.

Low-fat milk has a host of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which aid in controlling blood pressure flow, and hence, its level and at the same time also aids in controlling weight. Lactose intolerant ones can opt for hemp, almond or coconut milk, which is equally good.


High blood pressure in pregnancy is a common health issue. With these natural remedies, one can easily lower high blood pressure during pregnancy and enjoy pregnancy with a healthy mind and body.


How to Lower Your High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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