10 amazing benefits of having lukewarm lemon water in the morning

Right from the super models to the teenagers, every woman dreams to have a flat stomach and zero extra inches. Well, fitness mantra or the most common home remedy to shed down your extra inches is lukewarm lemon water. Having a glass of it every morning on an empty stomach effectively tones down your body.

That’s not it lukewarm lemon water has a number of benefits of which adding a natural radiance to your skin is one. Well, why exactly warm lemon water and not the chilled lemonade? Warm water is processed quite faster as there is no requirement of energy inputs from the body.

lukewarm lemon water benefits

The long list of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, citric acid, limonene, calcium, pectin, magnesium, and the bioflavonoids, packed in lemon justifies the rest of it. While you sip in the lukewarm lemon water every morning, instead of sulking at your extra inches, here’s a positive thought, about all the good things that lemon water brings along, to start off your day with.

Lemon water health benefits for skin, liver & weight loss

Easy Digestion

Acid reflux, abdominal bloating, and burping- do you face these symptoms? Well, in the case, you face these; you are inflicted by acute indigestion. Lemon water has a much similar atomic composition as that of chloric acid and saliva- two of the major digestive juices.

Also, it helps in the bile production in the liver, another major digestive juice. Lemon contains a group of vitamins and minerals that help in loosening the toxins in your digestive tract, thereby acting as a simulator of intestinal movements. Hence, it quite effectively helps in combating indigestion.

A cleanser for your system – as diuretic

Looking for a detoxifying health juice? Well, lukewarm lemon water is the easiest homemade detox option owing to its high content of citric acid. Citric acid maximizes the enzyme function stimulating the liver. Also, consuming lukewarm lemon water makes way for a faster rate of toxin release by increasing the rate of urination, hence serving as a perfect detox for your body.

Natural purifier for your skin

Pigmentation or dark spots are one of the major skin issues these days. Apart from the sun tan, the free radicals within our bodies play a role in this, and the lemon water, being packed with antioxidants effectively combats the free radicals.

Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants our body gets from the lukewarm lemon water. Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C cleanses our blood, rendering it devoid of various toxins; this accounts for the natural radiance that is evident after consuming lemon water for a few days.

The alkaline nature of Vitamin C is potent enough to put a stop to acne issues, owing to its alkalinity, that hinders the growth of acne causing bacteria. While consumption of lemon water purifies your skin from within, external application of lemon juice efficiently reduces skin problems like sun tan, pigmentation and dark spots.

An essential healer

Amongst the various advantages of consuming lukewarm lemon water on empty stomach, faster recovery from injuries and stress is one. Ascorbic acid is an essential for healthy connective tissue, bones, and cartilage. The component of lemon water that works as the healing enhancer is ascorbic acid or vitamin C. It is due to the anti-inflammatory attributes of vitamin C that boosts healing. Hence having lemon water is a good practice for your immunity as well.

Immunity booster

With every sip of lukewarm lemon water, your body gets a bag full of essential nutrients. To start off with, saponins are good enough. These saponins have antimicrobial effects that help combat flu and common cold, thereby reducing the phlegm.

Another component of lemon water Vitamin C rich in anti-inflammatory effects acts as an inhibitor for several respiratory issues like asthma. Consumption of lemon water also brings in a dosage of potassium which in turn regulates blood pressure levels and stimulates our brain and the nervous system.

Last but definitely not the least it boosts Iron absorption in the body, thereby boosting the immune system as well. Find asthma medication by natural ingredient.

Regulates pH levels

One of the most important elements for good health is the pH level. Once the pH level turns to acidic, our body becomes prone to diseases. Drinking lukewarm lemon water helps to maintain the pH level to alkaline. Well, it’s true that lemon is rich in acids like ascorbic acid and citric acid, but these being weak acids are readily metabolized when consumed.

Therefore, the minerals in lemon help in alkalizing our blood. The most common issues with the elderly people being joint pains and inflammation are readily solved out by lemon water- by neutralizing the uric acid content in the joints.

Mood booster

Owing to its nutrient content, lemons are quite effective mood boosters. To start with the scent of lemon freshens up your mood as well. Coming to the nutritional aspect, the nutrients packed in lemons energizes our body as soon as they enter our digestive tracts. Also, drinking lemon water works well for the depression and anxiety.

Lymphatic system hydrator

Consuming lukewarm lemon water compensates the lack of fluids in our bodies. It hydrates the lymphatic system and keeps away various health issues like blood pressure fluctuations, constipation, fatigue, etc. Find natural constipation medicine.

Freshens up your breath

Once a glass of lukewarm lemon water is down your stomach, the freshness in breath is all evident. There is one thing that has to be considered for your tooth enamel, and that is an overdose of citric acid is potent enough for the decay of your enamel.

So the best habit is to keep a time gap between drinking lemon water and brushing your teeth. Keeping the cons apart, lemon water is an effective reliever in case of gingivitis and toothaches, as well.

Weight control

More effective than going on a rigorous diet is drinking lukewarm lemon water, on an empty stomach, every morning as people having alkaline overdose lose weight more readily. This is due to the pectin fibre present in lemons. This fibre keeps the sudden food cravings away.

Start with this practice of having warm lemon water on an empty stomach as much like an apple, a glass of lukewarm lemon water a day keeps the doctor away as well.

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