Lady Fern medicinal uses, health benefits and images

Lady fern is a native, perennial, upright plant that prefers a little shaded or spotted sunlight and moist soil. It grows well in acidic soils. The foliage is lacy and light green and colonies through rhizomes. The plant spreads 3-7 feet in diameter. Since this is deciduous, it will drop its leaves with the onset of winter. The leaves are 20-80 cm in length and 5-20 cm broad. Every pinnule has 1-6 sori on the underside. Fronds remain dissected and 3-pinnate.

Lady fern plant uses, health benefits and images (Athyrium filix-femina)

Common name

The common name of this herb is lady fern. It is also known as eagle fern or shuttlecock fern. Another name is fiddle head ferns.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name is Athyrium filix-femina. It belongs to the Polypodiaceae family.

Geological places where lady fern plant grows

You find it in North Western Ontario, Canada, northern United States, and Alaska. It grows well in central and northern Europe in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It grows well in the west to central Yukon and some places of Western Australia.

Lady Ferns Medicinal uses

The leaves and the roots of the lady fern find use in medicinal treatments. People use them in the form of powder, as fresh leaves, or as a decoction with boiling water.

Useful for mothers: The lady fern helps cure intestinal fevers in nursing mothers. It also helps prevent the breaking of water. Prepare a tea by boiling the leaves of the lady fern in water. Filter and add honey and pepper. Drink this once in every two hours to get relief from the fever.

Cure for vomiting of blood: You can use the lady fern for treating people who vomit blood. They eat the young unfurled fronds of the lady fern. This is useful for treating certain types of cancers too.

Helps relieve labour pains: If you have a cupful of the tea made boiling the leaves of the lady fern, it will help ease the symptoms of labour pain. The infusion of the leaves will help the flow of milk in caked breasts. For this, one has to crush the leaves and boil them in water or milk. Give this to the new mother and the milk will begin to flow.

Anthelmintic nature: The leaves of the lady fern find use in removing parasitic worms from the intestine. The worms remain stunned or killed by the action of the lady fern, and then they move out of the body. You can use the liquid extraction from the roots, but this has a weaker action. Examples of this type of infection include flatworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and so on. Find intestinal worms home remedies.

Treat general body pain: The infusion of the leaves of the shuttlecock fern helps to relieve general body pain. Take the decoction of the leaves morning and evening and get good relief. New mothers who have breast pain due to childbirth can take the decoction of the eagle fern and get relief.

Diuretic action: The people who have problems with their bladder such as urinary tract infection or urine incontinence will benefit by taking the lady fern preparation.

Cure sores: To cure the sores, we apply the powdered form of the root after mixing with water to form a paste. The antiseptic action will prevent the bacteria from growing and cures the wounds.

Relieve breathing problems: The fern helps open the airways and relieve congestion. Have the tea of the leaves both morning and night to get good relief.

Cure digestive tract illnesses: We cure many infections of the digestive tract by taking the lady fern preparation.

Good for coughs and colds: Have a glass of tea prepared either from the roots or the leaves and get immediate relief. The effect of the leaves in opening the air passages is useful for people with asthmatic conditions too.

Research is going on about the plant. If you want to use the herb to treat any conditions, be sure to consult a doctor or herbalist before using it.

The herb contains an enzyme thiaminase that depletes the body of the Vitamin B complex reserves. Though we can tolerate small amounts of thiaminase because of our reserves of Vitamin B complex, large amounts will cause severe health problems. Heating will destroy this enzyme so cooking will remove any thiaminase. A few ferns also contain carcinogens so one must take care when eating Lady Fern. Be sure to eat or drink only the cooked parts of the plant.


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