Medicinal plant khus khus (Vetiver) benefits and uses

Khus khus is a perennial grass grows in tuft up to 2 metres in height. New shoots sprout from underground crowns and form wide clumps. The leaves of the plant can grow up to 120 cm; the width is 0.8 cm.

The inflorescence panicles are purple-brown and grow up to 15-30 cm in length. The small kidney shaped seeds of Khus Khus are popularly known as Poppy seeds.

It has whorl branches that are 2.5-5 cm long. The spikelets form in pairs and are purple, green, or grey with three stamens. In this article, we will talk about khus khus benefits.

They are 3-6 cm long. Unlike most grasses that form horizontal spreading roots, the Vetiver forms vertical roots reaching 2-3 metres in depth. They can resist deep water flow. The roots of the plant are used for making medicines.

Medicinal plant khus khus (Vetiver) benefits and uses

Geographical places where Khus khus (poppy seeds) grows

Native to India, this plant grows in most of the tropical regions of the world. The major cultivators of Vetiver are Reunion, Indonesia, and Haiti besides India.

Common name

The common name for this plant is Ushira or Vetiver. Another common name is khus or khus khus.

Botanical name and family of Vetiver

The botanical name is Vetiveria zizanioides. It belongs to the Poaceae family.

Medicinal uses of khus khus

We find mention in the Hindi Tika book that the Vetiver possesses several properties of medicinal nature. Vetiveria zizanioides helps cure kapha pitta disorders and rectify blood impurities. People use it to make ayurvedic medicines from ancient time. It has high nutritional value.

Reduces hypertension: The extract from the root of Vetiver blocks, dries up channels thus gets rid of excess water. In its role as blood purifier, it reduces extra water from the blood and plays a cardioprotective role.

Reduces the sensitivity: It helps decrease the sensitivity to burning feeling. This is common in neuropathy and gastritis. By having the decoction of Vetiver, the burning sensation eases. You can also get relief from the burning sensation of the eyes by applying a cold infusion of the root to your eyes.

Helps relieve intoxication: If you have the feeling of intoxication and want relief, then you can drink the juice of the Vetiveria zizanioides. This will make you sober by reducing the alcohol content in your blood very fast.

Antipyretic property: It is useful for fever control. You can apply the paste of the root to the forehead and rest in the shade. The antipyretic property of Vetiver will bring the fever down fast.

khus khus seeds and root
Seeds and root

Quenches thirst: It has an intrinsic nature to relieve thirst. You can have a drink to which you add an infusion of the root of the poppy seeds plant. This adds to the flavour and helps you quench your thirst.

Treat abscesses: You can treat blood disorders such as abscess with Vetiveria zizanioides. If the abscess is left untreated, it can damage nearby blood vessels and organs. Make a poultice with the crushed roots of Vetiver and apply it on the area where the pus is collected. This will help reduce the pus collection and prevent any further damage.

Anti-toxic nature of Vetiver: You can add the poppy seeds plant root to your drinking water to get rid of the toxins. You can also add it to fruit juices and cool drinks to enhance the taste and remove toxins.

Fragrance of Vetiver: Khus khus has a natural aroma. This helps relieves bad odour wherever you use it. You can use it in the form of a mat in the cooling system of your car. Or, you can use a bath scrub to improve the quality of your bath. You can hang curtains of Vetiver inside the rooms to improve the fragrance.

Promotes bladder health: It enhances the health of the bladder. You get relief from dysuria and urinary retention. The diuretic nature of the root helps to give you relief fast.

Skin care agent: Poppy seeds possesses useful ingredients that enhance the health of the skin. In addition, it has antiseptic properties that make it useful in curing skin diseases. Vetiveria zizanioides stops the growth of Staphylococcus Aureus that is responsible for causing sepsis and kills them. You can protect internal and external wounds with poppy seeds.

Anti-emetic property: People who feel nauseous can use the infusion of Vetiver to get relief from vomiting. You can have a cool drink prepared by adding the decoction of the Vetiver root. This will get rid of the nauseous feeling immediately.

Refreshes and rejuvenates: Poppy seeds plant helps relieve tiredness, fatigue, listlessness, and makes the person energetic. Drink a glass of water infused with the poppy seeds plant root, and you will instantly become refreshed.

Cures Vata disorders: It finds use in treating disorders of Vata Dosha imbalance such as neuralgia, stomach bloating treatment, paralysis, constipation, and much more.

Useful for diabetics: Diabetics can use the infusion of the root in their daily drink to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Helps stabilize the system: The nature of poppy seeds in keeping the system balanced is helpful in treating disorders like epistaxis and diaphoresis.

Useful for digestion: It relieves the AmaDosha and stokes the digestive fires. Further, it controls the production of acid in the stomach and other gastric secretions. This makes the stomach strong. It gets rid of digestive problems like indigestion, loss of appetite and hyper-acidity.

Rectifies eating disorders: By aiding the digestion, poppy seeds helps you overcome anorexia.

Cures asthma: Take the juice of the Vetiver root to get relief from asthma and cough. You can use the infusion of Vetiver for your hiccups also.

Good for the brain: Vetiver is a nerve relaxant that is helpful in strengthening the brain and calming the nerves. Due to this, it proves useful for curing brain disorders and unconsciousness vertigo.

Helpful antidote: You can use the poppy seeds to overcome the effects of snake poison. Make a paste and apply it to the bite. This will counter the poison.

Helps fight tuberculosis: Poppy seeds infusion and juice counters the effect of the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Use as a tonic: Use the poppy seeds to tone up all the body systems including the digestive, excretory, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, and immune systems. It rejuvenates the body, adds strength, and keeps everything functioning normally.

Sedative action: The vetiver oil has a pronounced sedative action on nervous system. It soothes afflictions, nervous irritations, anxiety, anger, restlessness, and convulsions. 

You can use benefits of khus khus for a wide of other things as well. It does not have any side effects, and people of all ages can use it.


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