Jatamansi medicinal uses and health benefits (Nardostachys Jatamansi)

Jatamansi is a perennial herb that grows about 10-60 cm in height. The roots are long, rhizomes and the leaves remain elongated. It remains spatula-ted with some of them sessile, oblong, or sub-ovate. The flowers are bell-shaped and pink in color, with lots of hair. The many roots and the hair give rise to the name Jatamansi.

Jatamansi plant medicinal uses and benefits (Spikenard)

Common name

The common name of this plant is Jatamansi and the English name is Spikenard.

Botanical name and Family

The botanical name is Nardostachys Jatamansi. It belongs to Valerianaeae family.

Common geological places where Jatamansi plant grows

It grows Alpine regions of the Himalayas at elevations of 11,000 – 15,000 feet. This extends from Kumaon through Sikkim and Bhutan at levels of 17,000 feet. You see it in the upper regions of Nepal and China.

Jatamansi medicinal uses and benefits

This wonderful medicinal herb has found use since medicinal times. The main part used are the roots and the dried rhizomes. You get thick, aromatic oil by crushing and distilling the Spikenard rhizomes. This oil finds use as an incense, perfume, herbal medicine, and sedative.

Used for birth difficulties

It finds a use for all aspect of the birth beginning from the conception stage to the actual birthing process. It acts by strengthening the internal reproductive organs in women.

Spikenard takes part in the fertilization process of the ova by the sperm. It supports the development of the offspring during pregnancy and infancy.

A cure for insomnia

The chemicals that put you to sleep are present in this herb. They act in synergy with the sleep cycle as distinguished from the circadian cycle to make you get a deep and restful sleep.

The sleep cycle oscillates between sleep and sleep-dream while the circadian cycle moves between sleep and wakefulness. In humans, this sleep-dream cycle takes 1-2 hours. Find insomnia natural treatment.

Calm overactive children

You can control aggressiveness and hyperactivity in children by giving them infusions of the herb daily. It is also good for alleviating symptoms of restlessness in children.

Hepatoprotective nature

This is the ability of the herb to give protection against damage to the liver. You can take the infusion every day to keep the liver in top condition. It prevents jaundice and enlargement of the liver.

Cardiac health

It enhances the health of the heart by reducing the stress and inducing better nerve function. The health of the heart improves due to the stable metabolic activity. If you suffer from heart palpitations and nervousness, take the infusion of the powder 2-3 times a day.

Spikenard flowers and root

Helps digestive health

Taking an infusion of the powdered root twice a day will clear your intestines. This augments the digestive health and adds strength to the body. You must take one-fourth of the powder in one cup.

It helps relieve stress

You can see the Jatamansi balances the biochemical reactions inside the body. This removes stress and anxiety and makes the person calm. It cures hypertension when you take 1 teaspoon of the powder with milk every night before going to sleep. It serves as a cure for BP. Applying the oil to the head will relieve headaches and migraines. Find how to relieve stress and anxiety.

Cures epilepsy

It has a curative action against convulsions and seizures. It relaxes the nerves and strengthens the nervous system. By having the infusion of the powdered root, one can make the mind calm. About 80-85 % of the seizures come under control by the use of the medicinal herb.

It has anti-fungal nature

The antifungal property of Jatamasi helps it fight against fungi such as Aspergillus Niger and Aspergillusflavus. It helps you get rid of intestinal worms. The diuretic nature of the Jatamansi helps to flush out the toxins.

Treatment for schizophrenia

It proves to be helpful in the treatment of mental diseases. This Ayurvedic root helps control all the three humours – Vata, pitta, and kapha – making it possible to bring the action of the humors under full control. Thus, you can cure the doshas easily.

Hair treatment

You can use the extract of the Jatamasi to augment the hair growth. It makes the hair glow with health. It adds strength to the hair and makes it black. People who have premature graying will benefit by using the oil of Jatamasi on their scalp.

Apply it in the morning every day to get the best results. When you use it for medicinal purposes, take one part of the powder with 6-7 parts of coconut oil. Mix and apply on the scalp.

Memory enhancer

It enhances the brain functioning and improves the memory. It makes the mind calm and peaceful. Students use this to improve their concentration when they study. It helps them keep what they studied for a longer time. But, it is equally effective for older people also.

Nervine tonic

It helps strengthen the nerves and nervous system. Jatamasi augments the vitality and vigor of the person. It adds strength to the body and so proves to be useful in invigorating the person.

The person becomes calm when he or she takes this medicine for an extended period.

Cures depression

People who suffer from bouts of depression will get relief from this condition by using the infusion of Jatamansi.  Take 1 teaspoon of the powder and mix it with boiling water. Filter it and have it twice a day. There is no addiction if you take this medicine continuously. You will see the results within a week.

Good for the skin

Used in powder form, make a paste with water and apply it to the skin to get a youthful skin. It helps relieve burning sensation and pain. You can apply the preparation as oil or paste externally. One can apply the oil regularly to remove hyperpigmentation of the skin.


You can get this in oil or powder form. It contains several active chemicals such as photocatechuic acid, syringic acid, ursolie acid, octocosonal acid, aritolen-9 beta-ol acid, nardasinone, and beta-sitosterol among others.

Jatamansi is a wonderful mind rejuvenator tonic. People who lead a stressful life can get more peace by using this regularly. It increases menstrual flow so you must avoid it during your periods.

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