Indian hemp (Bhang): Uses, health benefits and side effects

Indian hemp or Bhang is an erect, annual herb which is robust and grows to 100 – 500 cm in height. In this post, we will talk about bhang benefits and side effects.

The angular stems bear palmately leaves and have greenish flowers. It is slightly branched with grayish green hair. Leaves are stipulate, present alternatively. The petiole is long serrate, singly present, lanceolate, 3- 11 in number acuminate leaflets.

These are 10 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. They have basal leaves present oppositely, and leaflets have stipules at the base with tapering edges. Flowers are small and uni-sexual. In this article, we will talk about Indian hemp medicinal uses and Bhang health benefits.

Indian hemp medicinal uses, benefits and side effects (Bhang)

Common names of indian hemp

The common name of this plant in Hindi is ganja or Bhang or Charas.

Botanical name and family

The botanical name of this plant is Cannabis Sativa. It belongs to the Cannabaceae family.

Geological places where Bhang plant grows

Ganja or Bhang is a native of central Asia. The man has cultivated it since ancient times in Asia and Europe. In India, you have the controlled cultivation of the plant. You have permission to grow it in the districts of Almora, Garhwal, and Nainital. We also see a little cultivation in Travancore and Kashmir.

Indian hemp medical uses for treating diseases

In Atharvaveda, the Indian hemp has a marking as a useful herb that controls anxiety. The chief components of the Indian hemp are pseudocannabinol, cannabinin, and cannabinol.

The other constituent is cannin, a resin. The biological activity of the hemp is due to the alcoholic and phenolic compounds. People use Indian hemp seeds, leaves, and flowers.

1. Bhang relieves insomnia and cures digestive disorders

You can use the hemp to induce sleep when you cannot use opium. The effective drug in hemp is charas as it is in ganja, is effective in inducing deep sleep. It is a useful sedative.

You can treat many bowel complaints as well as cure dyspepsia by using hemp. Taken in small doses, it is a good appetizer. Taken in moderation, Cannabis sativa stimulates the digestive process. Find best yoga poses for insomnia.

2. Indian hemp has Good anti-inflammatory property and Anodyne nature

It has good anti-inflammatory nature, so you can use it for treating inflammatory conditions such as gout and arthritis. Apply the paste of the leaves on the joints where you have pain or swelling.

The leaves of the plant and crushed and applied on the places where you have injuries, scratches, and cuts. It helps preserve the integrity of the skin.

3. Cannabis Used as narcotic & neuralgic

Hemp has pain relieving properties due to which it finds use as a narcotic. It leads to addiction with continuous use. Due to its sense-blunting property, it finds extensive use as a recreational drug.

Neuralgia means severe spasmodic pain following the damage to a nerve. The hemp finds use in treating the neuralgia.

Cannabis leaves, seeds and flower

4. Good anti-rheumatism medicine

Due to its property of fighting inflammation, the Bhang is a popular medicine for fighting gout and rheumatism. They apply the paste of the leaves on the joints. This brings the pain and inflammation down.

5. Bhang leaves have Astringent and Antispasmodic property

Due to its astringent property, ganja is often applied on the wounds to control the bleeding. In less demanding circumstances, they find use as a cosmetic to improve the look of the skin.

One type of anti-spasmodic drug finds use in smooth muscle relaxation. This is especially so in the tubular organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Thereby, they prevent spasms in the stomach, urinary bladder, or intestine.

6. Aphrodisiac nature

The aphrodisiac is a substance that increases the libido when consumed. The main action of the aphrodisiac is to lower the inhibition of the mind and promoting the desire to have sex.

When you have limited amounts of bhang, it helps the person become freer, and it makes him more promiscuous. Read How to increase sex drive and libido in men.

7. Diuretic properties of hemp

The hemp can make a person lose water. One of the ways is to inhibit the ability of the kidney to absorb sodium which results in the loss of sodium and the water associated with it. This is useful for people who have a problem with water retention in their body.

8. Calming effect on the mind

It helps in treating nervous disorders as the Cannabis Sativa soothes the mind. If they suffer from nervous vomiting or nervous exhaustion, then the ganja will help to stabilize them and make them peaceful.

As a cure for insomnia, the hemp is second to none. It helps the patient develop calmness of the mind and fall asleep.

9. Treat Infantile convulsions

This is a neurological genetic disorder of which the characteristic syndrome is an association with benign familial infantile epilepsy. The most common occurrence is after the child wakes up and lasts for only a couple of seconds. Use of hemp helps cure and deal with infantile convulsions.

10. Cure Gonorrhea and Urinary infections

You can use the Indian hemp to treat gonorrhea. This is a sexually transmitted disease and very contagious. The use of hemp helps control the spread of the disease. The Cannabis helps to control the spread of infections especially those affecting the bladder.

11. Chronic cystitis treatment using Cannabis

This condition is an infection of the bladder that affects women more than men. When affected, the person has a pain in the bladder and experiences a constant urge to go to the bathroom. You can use hemp to treat this bacterial infection though it may not treat the underlying disease.

12. It can treat diarrhea and dysentery

Use of cannabis helps when the person suffers from diarrhea or dysentery. Take 2 grams of ganja (dried leaves) with sugar and black pepper.

13. Relief for itchy skin

You can apply the paste of the Indian hemp to get relief from itchy skin.

14. An antidote to poisoning

People smoke the ganja as an antidote to poisoning especially due to orpiment. Orpiment is an arsenic mineral used as a yellow dye.

15. It increases the talking capacity

By removing inhibitions of the mind and acting on the senses of the person, the bhang helps to make the person talkative.

16. Helps remove dandruff

If you have a problem with dandruff, you can use hemp to get relief. Apply the paste on the scalp and wash with warm water and conditioner. Do this twice a week, and you will soon be free of dandruff.

Parts Used

  • Leaves
  • Seeds
  • Resins (Charas)
  • Flowers (Ganja)


  • Bhang leaves powder – 125 to 250 mg
  • Ganja – 50 to 125 mg
  • Charas – 30 mg

Precautions when you take Cannabis

  • One should not consume it during pregnancy and lactation.
  • You should avoid this herb in case of high blood pressure.
  • It should not be taken for a long time and in high doses as it cause depression, anxiety, decreases immunity and testosterone, sperm quality and number.


The Indian hemp medicinal uses are countless, and people use it during festivals in India. It helps loosen the inhibitions and bring the people together. Excessive consumption of Bhang can lead to physical and mental problems.

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