Important points before starting Yoga asanas, benefits and precautions

Yoga asanas: Of all the complementary or alternative therapies yoga is the most cost-effective, holistic, curative, hassle-free and easy to perform.

It not only purifies body, mind, and intellect but, apart from that, it strives to improve digestive, respiratory, cardiac and circulatory, endocrine glands functioning, mobility and sleeplessness of joints and muscles.

Yoga renders body slim and trim by helping it to shed extra fat from the body, activates sebaceous glands to keep the skin glazed and sparkling, improves the health of ovaries, control senses. I have mentioned only some of the benefits.

Important points before starting Yoga asanas

Yoga asanas are not aerobic or physical exercises or work-up for sportsmen and athletes, but much more than that.

There is hardly any mental and physical disorder (Dosha or Roga) which is cannot cure, of course, it has to be coupled with Pranayama kriyas to derive optimum and near complete mileage.

Readers are advised to go through the following points carefully so that no room is left for confusion.

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Yoga and Food

Yoga Food and Diet
Yoga lays great stress on pure non-irritant, spice free, anti-toxicant and fresh seasonal vegetable and fruits. Hence, pure vegetarian diet is an integral part of this unique system.

Try to avoid fried, saucy, fat-enriched diet which interferes not only with the normal functioning of body organs but also disturbs our mental faculties, thinking secretions from endocrine glands – in a way all these factors are health hazards.

It has been rightly said that ‘we are what we eat’ which clearly implies that our food patterns and dietary habits not only govern our body but also our thinking process.

When our body is ailing, the mind is bound to get disturbed, as healthy mind stays only in a healthy body and, in order to keep our body in a healthy state, our diet must be ‘Satvik’.

For instance, if a person consumes much of spicy and fat-enriched food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, his digestive system is bound to get disturbed, resulting in many digestion related disorders.

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Yoga asanas and Mind

Mind is the driving force of all our actions. If mind is vitiated, polluted and disturbed, our endocrine glands won’t function normally – there will be lesser or more secretion from such glands which will adversely affect our body chemistry.

Yoga strives to pacify agitated mental process, thereby imparting it peace, tranquility, and satiation.

Yoga postures assist the brain to put in better performance, by nurturing its nerves with the requisite blood supply to sustain and fortify its various activities.

Mind is an abstract form of brain and whatever thoughts arise therein are expresses by emotions, sensations, physical actions/reactions.

Yoga and Pranayama

Pranayama means suspension or withholding of breath or regulation of breath through inhalation, suspensions (withholding) and exhalation, and these three phases are part and parcel of all the yoga poses (Asanas).

There is life as long as we breathe and death ensues only when last breath comes out of our body.

If one is able to retain breath, the time saved through retention, adds to the longevity of life. Prana is nothing other than a breath; hence in order to add to years, one must learn how to preserve expense of breath.

Yoga asanas and Pranayama

Yoga asanas are designed in such a way that entire body’s functions get normalized, breathing process regulated, quality of life improved and general well-being of body, mind, and intellect ensured.

A person who practices Yoga asanas and Pranayama with punctual regularity can be rest assured to lead a healthy, physical and mental life.

All yoga poses cannot and must not be performed by all. Due to variable disorders and an individual’s physical capacity, but pranayama can be practiced by all persons, irrespective of age, sex and physical condition.

Multiple benefits of Yoga asanas

Yoga Asanas have multiple benefits, as detailed here under:

  1. With certain safeguards and cautions, all man, women, and children can perform yoga asanas, depending upon an individual’s age, health status or particular diseases from which a person is suffering.
  2. They are easy, cost-effective, preventive, corrective and curative of almost all the disorders, mental or physical or both and no extra material is required to perform them.
  3. They help in muscle and tissue build-up and repair thereof, apart from calming down agitated nerves, dispelling fatigue, and making up for the lost energy. They help to keep body and mind in good humor.
  4. They energize the endocrine glands so that the body receives requisite sections which are vital and necessary for proper functioning of the body.
  5. Digestion system is rejuvenated, appetite improved, digestion related diseases are cured.
  6. It is the best method to keep and sustain flexibility of the spine and remove curvature if any. In addition, it also rectifies posture-related diseases like back pain, shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, joint pains, stiffness of joints etc.
  7. Yoga asanas help to reduce weight, by naturally shedding extra flash from the body.
  8. Yoga asanas sharpen intellect, enhance memory and agility, provide suppleness and strength to mind, enabling it to concentrate/meditate. All the mental faculties and systems get renewed energy, vigor. Higher values of mind are also aroused.
  9. They tone up the body, from top to bottom, regulate respiration, control cardiac, pulmonary, urinary and digestive systems in such a perfect way that hardly any room is left for malfunctioning. They also purify and regulate circulation of blood, by fortifying lungs and heart.
  10. Each and every organ of the body is recharged and activated. The nervous system is toned up and diseases like hypertension, cardiac, complications, mental tensions, stress, anger, agitation, approach to life are dispelled. In a way, where other therapies miserly fail and raise their hand up in digest and despair, yoga solves then in the shortest time and, above all, the sufferer feels without any trace of side-effective.
  11. Those who practice the yoga poses regularly improve their eyesight and, in certain cases, one may give up the use of spects even or else his number may, at least, fall.
  12. Skin becomes soft, glossy, tender and strong enough to withstand thermic changes. Sudden weather changes have no or very little impact on the practice of yoga poses.
  13. Facial wrinkles vanish, complexion, improves, signs of old age disappears and one feels to have gained a renewed vigor, vitality and glow. Rigid joints attain flexibility and mobility, especially flexibility of the spine, which is necessary to retain and sustain youth. An old man even attains innocence and agility of a child.
  14. Asanas provide immunity against disease and also arouse prophylaxis.
  15. Other systems merely aim at toning up the body whereas yoga asanas provide multi-fold benefits due to the fact that there are specific yoga poses for each and every disorder, whether physical or mental.

Importance of yogic exercises as compared to other games/exercises

  1. Yogic exercises are very good for the internal organs of the body; like liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, heart, kidneys, spine and joints etc. In other exercises – the internal organs are not exercises up to that level, as in yogic exercises.
  2. In yoga the muscles are relaxed, heart beats are in perfect rhythm and the mind calm and peaceful as there is no completion while performing yoga, where as in sports, there is anxiety and stress due to competition.
  3. Yoga can be discontinued due to illness or certain other reasons with no side effects or weight gain, where as if games/other exercises are discontinued; there are chances of weight gain and lethargy.

Importance of yoga exercises

Precautions before doing yoga

  1. These exercises should not be performed by severely ill persons or who are bed ridden or suffering from acute slip disc pain or having a fracture.
  2. Female during pregnancy and menstruation should avoid and if required, perform only under supervision of an experienced yoga teacher.
  3. Children below the age of five years should not perform yogic exercises, as their internal organs are very tender.
  4. If you are suffering from chronic ailment like arthritis, migraine, diabetes, renal failure, slip disc, cirrhosis of liver etc., perform these exercises only under supervision of a good yoga teacher.
  5. If you feel any pain during a particular exercise, stop doing that.
  6. If you feel exhausted, do ‘Shavasana’ at once, as this asana can be performed after any yoga poses. Otherwise this particular asana is advised to be performed in last.
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